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6 weeks to go (and why trust is the new global currency)

This is a quick heads-up to let you know there’s just 6 weeks to go to the 2014 Trust Conference in London on September 11th

At this unique conference you’ll find out why trust is the new global currency, more than yen, pounds or even dollars….

So if you’re planning to go, then I recommend booking your tickets now to secure your seat.  (a lot of people tend to book last minute so to avoid disappointment I suggest you get in early as we are already over 50% sold out)

Click here to reserve your seat
Stephen M R Covey

Today, I wanted to spend a little bit of time focussing on another one of our fabulous keynote speakers and that’s Stephen MR Covey, author of ‘The Speed of Trust’ and son of the late Stephen Covey, author of ‘Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.’

People still rave on about Stephen’s amazing, value-packed speech from last year so I’m so pleased he’s joining us again!

Stephen has real synergy with The Trust Conference and recognises this is the only conference in the world which focuses on creating a business model based totally on trust…. 

This year Stephen will be linking in via a live stream and during his 1hr presentation on “Leadership At The Speed of Trust” Stephen will explain how trust is more than a nice-to-have, soft, social virtue, it is a hard-edged economic driver. 

He’ll share how trust:

  • Drives employee engagement
  • Enables success in the midst of change
  • Is the greatest leverage for executing your top priorities.
  • Is the currency – more than Euros, Yen, or dollars – of the new, global economy.

In his own words, Stephen says: “High trust increases value – value to shareholders and value to customers. 

In a Watson Wyatt 2002 study, high-trust organizations outperformed low-trust organizations in total return to shareholders by 286 percent.” 

To find out how trust is impacting your organisation (and your bottom-line!) and to hear the amazing Stephen MR Covey talk about trust in a lot more detail, I highly recommend reserving your seat for The Trust Conference today. 

Believe me – and the 800 attendees – from last year, you won’t regret it!

Book your tickets now!

CPD AffiliateWith best wishes, 

PS. Stephen Covey will be joined by other top speakers such as Sir Bob Geldof, Roger James Hamilton and Hollie Delaney, Head of HR at Zappos. 

Sir Bob, Roger & Hollie


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