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710 people confirmed to attend the Trust Conference!

Yes, it’s true.

There is now just over a week to go until the Trust Conference and we have a massive 710 people registered to attend!

It really does promise to be the event of the year, with some of the UK’s leading CEO’s, HR Directors, Business Leaders, and Entrepreneurs in attendance.

See who is on the ‘guest list’ here

If you’ve already registered, you’ll be receiving an email in the next 48 hours with all the information you need about the event… plus 3 important questions to get you in ‘Trust Conference mode’ before you attend next Tuesday!

And if you haven’t already registered… this is your last chance to do so!

In fact, registration closes at 5pm on Friday, so be sure to book your place before that time.

Click here to register now.

The Trust Conference is a one day training, designed to help business leaders to explore the meaning and measure of trust. It draws together people who wish to understand and improve their levels of trust in business, and ultimately use trust as a tool to improve bottom-line profits.

When you attend, you’ll be learning from some of the world’s leading authorities on the subject of Trust in organisations, and for small businesses, including: Stephen M R Covey, Daniel Priestley, Roger James Hamilton, Richard Barrett, Helen Urwin, Mike Southon, Shaa Wasmund, Paul Dunn, and Sue Swanborough.

Plus, you’ll leave with specific actions that you can implement in your business or organisation immediately to both measure and increase levels of trust, as quickly as possible.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to use trust to create and sustain high performing teams who love coming to work
  • How to turn trust from a soft idea into a hard business measure.
  • How it can accelerate business performance
  • Case studies of the effects of a lack of trust in organisations and markets.
  • Examples of businesses that are using the concept to achieve phenomenal success.

Remember – The Trust Conference is THE PLACE where the UK’s top business leaders congregate.

If you haven’t already, remember to register here before registration closes at 5pm on Friday:

The Trust Conference



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