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A Star Without A Stage

“Roll out the red carpet, bring on the crowd, set up the lights and lead the way to my stage.”

My name is Janine Clark and I’ve just spent a week learning that I’m a Star! To understand the relevance of that you need to go back to why I decided to learn about Talent Dynamics.

About Me

I’ve been working in the field of organisational development for over 20 years. I love people and I’ve committed my professional and personal life to learning how to support people to achieve their full potential and deliver fantastic results.

I was still loving what I do, making people the best that they can be but somehow a flame had gone out in my spirit.

As much as I looked I couldn’t find a light to lead me home, to reignite my inner flame and passion.


So what did I discover? In a nutshell I learnt that I’m a Star, with massive Dynamo and Blaze energy who had been trying to live and work like a Deal Maker. At some level I had come to believe that is what was needed to be successful in my role. The more I tried to be what I’m not, the less everything worked.

I stopped laughing and adding my bit of flair, drama and fun into each interaction. The more I gave up my stage, the more I gave up me and quietly died inside.

Talent Dynamics has supported me to know what I need, where I can shine again and how I can bring my magic to all the people I’m committed to both personally and professional.

The inner me has transformed from Pierrot the sad clown to Organisational Development’s answer to Patsy from Ab Fab, a bit outrageous but compelling. I now have a massive sense of being able to get back into my Flow, doing it my way, which is when I know it works.

Watch out world.

Thank you Talent Dynamics.

Does anybody know if they throw in a make-up artist and lighting crew for free?

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