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A Supporter’s Story (inspired by a Lord)

Inspired as I was last month by David’s guest blog – a Lord’s Story, I decided to write a Supporters Story (or at least some of it anyway, as us Supporters always have a lot to say!)

To Create or Support?

I remember when I first discovered I was a Supporter profile after taking the Wealth Dynamics test – our sister company – back in 2006 (before Talent Dynamics was even a twinkle in my eye!) I was disappointed… Yes, I wanted to be a Creator! I thought they had all the fun. Of course that was before I understood Flow or anything much about the profiles at all in fact.

At the time, I was running my then new management development training company, trying to be a Creator. I was trying to create new and innovative trainings and programmes for an abundance of clients who had heard about how forward thinking my content was…

I’m not sure who I was trying to fool the most. Myself or my clients. Most of my ‘original ideas’ had come from my experiences working in a highly creative training team at Marks and Spencer during the 5 years previous.

Supporters are great at taking things that are innovative, that already work, to new markets.

As I started to get to grips with the Supporter profile. I saw more and more of who I was and who I wasn’t. I could see that I was running out of ‘original ideas’ for my clients who, by now, had high expectations of the creative content, that I was struggling to keep up with offering to them. In fact, I found the whole creative process really challenging.

It could take me a full week to design a one day programme and I still wasn’t happy with it and yet I could meet with a potential client and in the space of 30 minutes they were asking me to work with them… That work was so much more fun for me too!

Supporting the Supporter…

So the first thing I did was find a mentor, who could help me understand my profile. (My now good friend) Daniel Priestley who I had just met, was perfect for that role.

Did I mention how Supporters just love to talk about and promote other people?

He shared some strategies with me as a Supporter that I could try. He suggested I attend Roger James Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Weekend. This was a pivotal weekend in my life that explained so much! Little did I know that 4 years later Roger and I would be business partners in Talent Dynamics (that can be another story for another day).

One of the strategies included finding a Creator in my industry who loved Creating but didn’t enjoy meeting the clients, networking and selling (all the bits as a Supporter, I just love).

This was brilliant!

A Supporter’s Team

Now I had a Creator who was able to quickly and easily create the amazing programmes I was promising the clients.  I also found a Trader who did a brilliant job at delivering the programmes over and over to the larger clients (Traders are great when they can learn content that they can deliver over again with grace).

That was the first time I experienced Flow consciously.  Business was booming and my team were having lots of fun and feeling valued!

Looking back I can see there were other times in my life I had experienced Flow but I hadn’t realised it was something you could create and that there was an easy strategy to making it happen.

I also was able to see the times when I was so far out of Flow, struggling to get a result and feeling like a failure. They were just times when I was focusing my energies at tasks that were the opposite of my natural profile.

Like the time when I was an assistant HR Manager in my early twenties. That role was all about the numbers, productivity, efficiencies, measures and adhering to policies. How I got through that role looking back now I do not know!

Even today, I’m still not good with the numbers. I can do them and I do them but even basic arithmetic in my head I find challenging.  I have a calculator on every desk and an Accumulator that does the numbers for me in my team!

I couldn’t understand how one of my colleagues was so good with the numbers and the details and she remembered every last policy in that massive HR manual… (of course she was an Accumulator)


Today I get to co-create Flow with my team. We know how to do it and can quickly and easily measure who is most in and out of Flow and take actions accordingly. I get to line manage the team, which I love to do as a Supporter, to see them grow and reach their potential.

I get to connect with the 200 TD Consultants globally and Support them in finding their flow, whilst building the community. I meet amazing people to build partnerships with and I get invited to lots of parties…

Those that enjoyed David’s blog last month will be pleased to know, we have persuaded him to do some more guest blogs from a Lord’s perspective!

Are you a Supporter?  Do you work with any Supporters (or suspect you do)?  What’s your view?

7 Responses to A Supporter’s Story (inspired by a Lord)

  1. Debbie Evran says:

    Lovely article Michelle. Even though I am Creator being able to look at how you identified with what was working and what was not and the direct impact that has had on your success has given me a lot of clarity about my own flow patterns and current progress – everyday and week that a let go of something that is not my flow I am move up a gear.

    Have always appreciated your words of encouragement. Debbie 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    Thats great to hear Debbie 🙂 Thanks for letting me know and keep in that Flow M x

  3. Rose Evans says:

    Thank you for sharing this Michelle, I read this and thought wow – THIS IS MY STORY!,
    I did the Wealth Dymanics test back in 2009 I had tried to go it alone and create my own products and got myself stressed.
    and you have summed up exactly what I struggled with…I remember the success when I had a big team of delivery staff and could win new business easily and they would service it and we all felt valued – when everyone’s contribution is valued, that is when I am in flow and feel most successful plus I now know I was in flow as I much prefer to make other people shine.
    When my team got promoted I glowed inside as I knew I contributed to their success.
    When I tied to create my own products it left me feeling dispirited and alone and like I was trying to reinvent the wheel. That is why I like to represent a trusted ‘brand’
    To my fellow supporters I say find the best brand you can and go represent them, no point in reinventing the wheel. Oh and get yourself a mentor, its difficult to see it when you are IN it/living it and an experienced mentor will steer you right and see your blind spots.
    Love & Smiles Rose x ☆¨¯`♥ ¸.☆¨¯`♥ ¸.☆¨¯`♥

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks for sharing your story too Rose. Im glad it resonated with you. Life is so much easier once you know your path of least resistance huh? 🙂 x

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for sharing your Supporter story. And isn’t it so obvious when you are not in it? I can resonate with the numbers thing (a Lord accountant on my team and a calculator if he isn’t handy are my best financial tools). Just having my accountant as a sounding board to run ideas past and to verify my gut feeling on the numbers is such a comfort to me in my business. It gives me confidence that the decisions I am making are right financially as well as for the business, and frees me up to focus on what I am good at – building trust with the people.


    • Michelle says:

      Excellent Gaelene. I know what you mean. Its great to have those fabulous Steels on the team that love the details and the measures and the numbers 🙂 Keep building that trust! x

  5. Where do you find your Traders?!

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