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“Everyone has a fundamental right to experience flow”

Talent Dynamics is an international business development training company based in the UK. Our company is built upon the principles and tools of the Talent Dynamics Pathway becoming its own case study for the tangible success that the Pathway can deliver. It has rapidly grown to cover more than 5 countries, accelerating trust and flow across the world.

We have worked with some incredible businesses and individuals. We have helped them to unlock the potential that exists within their team and business, adding hundreds of thousands to their bottom line.

Take a look at how we’ve helped them in their own words

Our Team

Success is built upon the team you have around you. Michelle Clarke founded Talent Dynamics in 2009 after recognising the application of Wealth Dynamics to the corporate environment where team work is critical to a high performing business. The only way that we have grown so quickly is because of the people we work with regularly as clients, partners and team members.

We’d love to introduce you to our team and let you see what our partners have to say about working with us.

Performance Consultants

At the heart of Talent Dynamics are the Performance Consultants who wake up every day asking themselves “who can we help today to get more into flow?” They are the ones who deliver the Talent Dynamics Pathway to people, teams and organisations. They are also the ones to ensure we constantly evolve with the needs of business and our clients.

You can find your closest Performance Consultant here.

I thought Michelle was excellent. She is very charismatic and obviously knows her subject inside out. You can tell she is definitely in her flow!

Jan Peters, MD
USP Creative

My time here has made changes in the way I look at our business that will obviously make a huge impact.

Darren Godbert
Senior Manager, UK Carline

A good insight into the whole process of Talent Dynamics was key for me in facilitating effective profile debriefs for the clients that didn't get it.

Sarah Shafi
Associate Director, PDG

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