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Bernadette Willems


Flow Consultant License Holder, Step One Performance Consultant


England, United Kingdom

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I help clients find fair, practical and legally compliant solutions to Commercial, Family, and Workplace disputes, freeing them from negative and debilitating disputes.
With over 20 years experience, as a Family Solicitor, Mediator, Trainer and Coach, I head a team of lawyer mediators.
Using communication skills I ensure fragile clients feel heard and empowered, addressing their issues sensitively.
My coaching and training background helps leaders and teams address conflict, non-confrontationally, to identify an individual’s strengths, challenges, thinking and action dynamics.
Disputes are compounded or aggravated when clients fail to listen or understand each other.  I use Talent Dynamics, an amazing set of resources, to help clients identify their different values, achieve a better understanding of each other, to achieve solutions.
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