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Helen Thomas


Flow Consultant


London, United Kingdom

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Hi I’m Helen and am delighted to meet you virtually.

My career spans over  25 years of international experience in the IT and banking sectors where my roles ranged from Programme Management, Business Development, Operations and Strategy. I was introduced to Talent Dynamics via futurist Roger Hamilton’s Entrepreneurs Institute where I had the pleasure of attending his immersion Entrepreneur Resort iLAB in Bali.

I now assist Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs maximise their and their teams potential. Within my coaching business  I use this amazing set of resources, to help clients identify their different values, achieve a better understanding of each other, enabling them to achieve remarkable results and solutions, whether it be in their personal  or business environment. As they say “When you follow your flow, you find yourself”

Through my international experience and revolutionary tool sets I am able to assist organisations and individuals developing a strategy and deliver success across multiple disciplines such as selling and go to market strategy . I am passionate about creating partnerships and alliances identifying win-win situations for multiple parties, which has been the strategy for my career success.

I am also passionate about Giving Back so I am delighted to be a partner with BUY1GIVE1

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