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Helen Williamson


Flow Consultant License Holder, Step One Performance Consultant, Step Two Performance Consultant


England, United Kingdom
Scotland, United Kingdom

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I’m Helen and I’m passionate about bringing together the deeper understanding of the individual & team dynamics, and aligning that with the strategic aims of the organisation, so all are at their best. I work with leaders & theirs teams, particularly those going through organisational change. As you know the rate of the change has significantly increased; unsettling even to those normally used to it!

I bring with me the wealth of over 27 years of experience of dealing with the challenges of change & having to deliver through these and I understand the environment that you as leaders and those of you within teams find yourselves.

My experiences are primarily pharmaceutical industry, specifically GlaxoSmithKline, & have recently gained wider experience with Britvic & the NHS. I have lead and worked at, & with different levels; locally, globally (incl. overseas manufacturing sites/functions) & corporate level. Changes include mergers & acquisitions, site network changes, divestments & the impact from regulatory inspections.

Additionally, I was a member of a successful Round the World yacht Race crew, which GSK gave me a 13month sabbatical. This brought an added depth to my understanding of the leadership and team dynamics in a very challenging environment.

During transitions it can be difficult to stay motivated & focussed. It can distract from the strategic activities to the day to day concerns that should just be happening. This limits & even prevents the benefits of the changes from being realised, & stops you from being at your best.

Bringing together the benefits of Talent Dynamics™, with the use of tools such as Williams Transition Model, Complexity Theory, & Polarity Thinking alongside the experience I bring; means that I am able to partner with you to handle the transitions better & achieve the organisation needs.

Together we can see how you can combine both your business & personal processes to support each other to:

  • Achieve the right things at the right time
  • Provide the ability to deal with changes in your stride in a dynamic world
  • Lead the way for others to be able to the same.

You will experience a collaborative partnership with me & my style is supportive with an edge. I’m passionate that if you focus on the people & relationships, alongside the required processes, that people will lead themselves & the organisation to success.

As well as using Talent Dynamics™ for myself, and knowing first hand how it has significantly helped me be at my best and in flow, I have recently used Talent Dynamics™, both with a team within Public Health and within Britvic. Both discovered immediate better understanding of each other, which has led to practical solutions which they put into action to accelerate the trust and flow to help them achieve success.

What I love the most about using Talent Dynamics™ is that:

  • individuals just “get it”
  • they understand the value that they bring
  • they understand the different value that others bring and
  • instead of there being friction due to the differences, they can see how together they achieve an even better solution
  • it aligns with and compliments business processes and

Fundamentally it drives a conversation that takes you all forward!

If you would like to have a conversation with me to know more, please see the “Get in Touch” details.

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