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Jan Polak


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England, Czech Republic

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Jan is an executive and business catalyst, trainer and coach as well as an entrepreneur and passionate adventurer. A native of Slovakia, Jan has spent the last twelve years living, studying, working and venturing across Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Jan has a business consulting background with five years at McKinsey & Company. As a partner in Strategy Dynamics Solutions, Jan designed and delivered management and professional development programmes for three years teaching and applying Strategy Dynamics – a novel, holistic approach to strategy – to managers, consultants, and professionals worldwide as well as MBA students and executives at London Business School.

He often jokes that with his three business-related master’s degrees from different parts of the world (including an MBA from London Business School and a Professional Masters in Organisational Behaviour from Cornell University) he is overqualified for most jobs.

Jan trained directly with the creator of Talent Dynamics and is one of the few experts on Talent Dynamics Pathway, and certified Master Practitioners of Wealth Dynamics, globally.

It was a great pleasure working with Jan for some years. Not only does he have a sharp mind and great intellect, but he is also hard-working and persistent, not letting tough conditions hold him back. He works very well with groups of all kinds, whether students or executives, and delivers quite complex ideas clearly. In addition, Jan is always upbeat and cheerful, which makes him a wonderful partner in business.

Kim Warren
Adjunct Professor, London Business School and Director, Strategy Dynamics Solution Ltd

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