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Joanna Smith


Flow Consultant for Young People


, United Kingdom

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I started my career within the Career Service itself and gained a wealth of experience in working and connecting with young people within education and the work place. I discovered I had natural warmth and rapport and an ability to put young people at ease and allow them to be open and expressive.

I left the Careers Service to concentrate on family life and bring up my two daughters, revealing in the process that the role of “mother” was probably my greatest teacher, offering invaluable insight into the challenges young people are confronted with as they evolve through life , particularly in relation to the educational system.

Drawn back to education, I worked for ten years in a secondary school supporting pupils with a wide range of learning difficulties. Again my natural ease, listening skills and intuitive sense of personal needs enhanced my role and verified my talents.

I passionately believe that there is an enormous opening and need, particularly within schools, for young people to recognise their strengths and abilities. Combined with my own skills and experience, Talent Dynamics for Young People offers an exciting doorway to transform young lives in a powerful and positive way and to unlock the potential that lies within each individual giving them self knowledge and awareness to propel them forward and allow them to flourish.

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