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Kevin O’Loughlin


Step One Performance Consultant


Queensland, Australia


With over twenty years experience in senior executive roles in Australia and internationally, Kevin now brings the power of Talent Dynamics to his work with leaders, teams and organizations. He is passionate about leadership development, high performance teams, and increased productivity with reduced stress.

Originally trained as a meteorologist, Kevin has held a number of senior executive positions in the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, including State Director positions and a deputy CEO role in the Bureau’s national office. Leaving the Bureau and government service in 2003 to take up a role as inaugural CEO of a newly established multi-agency Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre, he successfully steered it to become a high profile, internationally recognized centre of excellence.

Kevin has substantial international experience. He has undertaken numerous consultancies for the UN, and is currently involved in running a series of people development workshops for representatives from over 60 countries.

Kevin undertook his coach training with Results Coaching Systems under David Rock, author of “Your Brain at Work”. He is also a member of the newly formed Neuroleadership Institute and runs his own coaching and consulting company Altius Growth Strategies.

Kevin believes strongly in the power of Talent Dynamics to integrate key issues related to individual, team and organizational performance. “There’s also a nice connection between Talent Dynamics language and my weather background”, Kevin says: “We use weather terms in everyday language, even in business, so, using the seasons in Talent Dynamics as analogies for energy and business cycles is brilliant, because people just get it!”

I have worked with Kevin O’Loughlin in various capacities for a number of years now. Through discussions about planning the future of the business, Kevin introduced me to Talent Dynamics. I was initially hesitant about yet another personality and profiling test, however I am so glad we went through it. The Talent Dynamics process is different to others. It not only gave me a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses – as an individual and a team member – but the post test debrief session with Kevin enabled greater perception for the areas of lack in the business and has already formed a foundation on which to build the business’ growth and direction strategies.

Brett Dashwood
Managing Director, Dashwood Consulting, Melbourne, Australia

The Talent Dynamic Profile was a fantastic tool to really drill down where my skills lay and what I can do to improve my results by partnering with people who complement my strengths. Kevin is a very knowledgable and approachable business coach who was able to not only help me get the best out of myself but also from my team. Thanks Kevin.

Russell Pearson
Director, Crimson Fox, Creative Studios

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