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Laura Carrick


Flow Consultant
Business Mentor & Strategic Advisor


, United Kingdom

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Laura’s experience ranges from operations to sales management as well as project and development on a national level in both South Africa as well as the UK. Throughout her roles, Laura’s primary objective to ensure growth of the businesses she was leading was through the empowerment of her teams.

Laura has always believed that everyone has the unique ability to leave a legacy and is passionate about helping others uncover and develop their talent in order to reach this potential. As a Business Mentor and Strategic Advisor to small businesses, their teams and entrepreneurs primarily in the Health, Beauty & Wellness Industry, Laura utilizes the strengths of the Talent Dynamic profile tool to show these businesses where their personal strategy lies and how to leverage their current potential value in order to increase the trust and flow in each person and the organization.

Laura focuses on 4 types of businesses: Individuals with big ambition for growth, Multi- Site Teams to become more cohesive and work to achieve growth together as one organization, Businesses whose turnover is stagnating and need to turn it around to achieve growth and Businesses who have seen rapid growth who need to regroup to work on one vision and further achievement and maintenance of growth.

“Achieving growth and leading productive teams in your business is simply about uncovering the natural and untapped potential and ensuring that you are all working with one vision and goal in mind”, says Laura.

Laura currently leads the Milton Keynes Region of the Athena Network alongside her work as a Business Mentor and Strategic Advisor to Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. She also volunteers with the Princes Trust in a mentoring capacity. All these roles ensure that Laura is adaptable and can work with a variety of organisations and sectors.

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