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Linden Booth


Step One Performance Consultant


, South Africa

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Linden is known as The Quiet Coach – behind the scenes, creating magic, and making things happen.  Even when he is leading a process, the focus is all on you.  Your challenges, your ideas, your success.

Linden quietly, and yet with intense attention, stalks breakthrough experiences – living for that moment when you see something new, source that great idea or find breathtaking clarity. In that moment new possibilities open up, and you create the life you want.  Flow happens.

More often watching from the back and only intervening to enable those magic moments, Linden is a master facilitator, strategist and ideas generator.  He is in flow when quietly and constantly looking to support you through connecting the dots, seeing patterns and figuring out a better way.

Linden has created and is involved in a variety of businesses and organisations that all share his passion for building communities we want to live, love, work and grow in. Talent Dynamics is his passion as it links all aspects of his personal purpose and skills into an incredibly powerful tool and business resource.

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