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Louise Mosley


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England, United Kingdom

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I specialise in supporting people to identify their life purpose and to transition into careers which fulfil these ambitions.

We are often experts in what we don’t want from life, yet exactly what we do want may be less clear.

You may be unfulfilled in your present career or have generally feeling of dissatisfaction which you can’t quite pinpoint.

Career and Life Direction Coaching can help you explore what is really important to you, your core values and support you to make changes in your life and or your career which align with these values.

The starting point for any coaching programme is you.  We will start by understanding your unique personality, your strengths and achievements, where you are now and importantly where you want to be.

As an accredited Talent Dynamics Flow Consultant I can use this powerful profiling techniques to  assess your personality, strengths, productivity, values and behaviour.

Before deciding to make a fundamental life change of my own I worked for 12 years in sales and marketing for one of the UK’s leading FTSE 100 companies.

In 2008, unfulfilled with a corporate career and feeling that there was more to life, I left the UK for the warmer climate of the Caribbean where myself and my partner established Neutral Buoyancy.

Why Neutral Buoyancy? – divers aim to be neutrally buoyant when diving, a state of balance where you are floating in mid water, neither bobbing to the surface or sinking down, it should be the most relaxed state, using the least energy and air and one in which to enjoy the dive to its full.

The aim of Neutral Buoyancy is to provide bespoke dive training and holidays, allowing guests to regain balance in life, whilst providing an opportunity to refresh, recharge and make changes which last beyond the normal holiday experience.

Taking a step off the career treadmill allowed me to reconsider what I really wanted out of life. The opportunity to meet and work with a diverse range of people also highlighted my ability to support and encourage people to be the best that they could be and to realise their ambitions in life.

To consolidate the practical coaching experience, I also enrolled with the Coaching Academy to attain a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching and I am now supporting individuals and businesses all over the world to make significant life changes of their own.

The principles and essence of neutral buoyancy are now at the heart of the coaching practice too, NB Coaching aims to support individuals to find this balance throughout their lives and careers.

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