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Lynne Pomeroy


Flow Consultant for Young People


, United Kingdom

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I have known for a long time that my role in life was to help and support others, I just didn’t know what to do or how.

After years of being in and out of my flow and trying various careers I took the bull by the horns and finished my day job in October 2012. This is when I started the most incredible journey of my life.

Within four months I had set up two businesses, I was networking with the most amazing and inspiring people but something was still missing, I knew I was happier than I had been before but it didn’t feel quite right. There was still doubt and confusion in my life and about the decision I was making.

Then I was introduced to Talent Dynamics last month, this experience changed everything there wasn’t missing a link I just didn’t understand or value my self. I was asking the wrong questions and putting myself into roles that I went against my flow.

The opportunity presented itself for me to become a Talent Dynamics for Young People Flow Consultant, which I took and I have already witness some amazing break thoughts in such a short time. This system can offer so much to so many and I am privilege to be part of the team that can help delivery it.

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