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Nathalie Baron


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Geneva, Switzerland

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Hi, I’m Nathalie, I live in Switzerland, between Geneva and Lausanne and I work here and abroad as a Business Coach and Trainer since more than a decade. I’ve developed my expertise and activities in 2 main fields to support managers, teams and entrepreneurs on their professional pathways: career transitions and reinvention, and leadership skills. Through one-to-one coaching, team coaching and workshops/trainings I’ve worked in a variety of industries and sectors, and it is this diversity that is one of my strengths I like to share with my clients.

Passionate about life, enthusiastic about what people can achieve when they are aware of their potential, when they are focused and that they act on the appropriate pathway for them, I create and deliver coaching programs that help remove the blocks, bring clarity and provide useful tools to make the needed shift and take action. It can be with professionals struggling with their career path and looking for career reinvention, or with managers, teams and entrepreneurs who are challenged in their daily work with relationships and cooperation.

I like to work hands in hands alongside with my clients to share with them tools, methods and best practices so they can develop what really suits them to become the professionals they want to be. Because I deeply trust that they have the potential to achieve their goals, I support them in finding the appropriate options for success. I’ve associated Talent Dynamics to my work because I share the belief that “everyone has the right to experiment flow and to know how to create it”. Both in career reinvention and in team empowerment I experiment amazing results with it.

In the background, I studied Economics and Social Sciences at university, as well as International Management, before gaining professional experience as Purchasing and Sales Manager at different levels of responsibilities in Retail companies in France and Switzerland. I made a first shift when I decided to become a consultant in training institute and an outplacement company. The second shift was when I started my own business as a trainer and coach. Trained in Transactional Analysis and systemic of organizations, I am also certified as a MBTI® (Myer-Briggs Type Indicator) practitioner, and as a Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant.

I would be very happy to discuss with you your challenges and goals, and see how I can support you in your professional projects. For that you just have to contact me using the “Get in Touch” details on this page.

I work in French and English, and across borders.

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