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Poonam Kanwar


Flow Consultant


Thames Valley, United Kingdom

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With her high energy, focused and engaging style, Poonam inspires entrepreneurs, business owners and company directors, across a range of industries, to significantly shift gears to take their striving businesses into thriving enterprises.

After a highly successful corporate career Poonam started, grew and still runs her successful business so knows & understands the challenges that business leaders will and can experience.

Using Talent Dynamics as an integral part of her business programs, Poonam specialises in achieving business growth, sustainable profitability and team development, for each of her clients, whether large or small.

“I had the great new business idea, I had taken the first steps to getting started and things were rocking. I was so excited about the fact that things were really taking off. However I had the feeling of being stuck, not sure how to grow my business to the next level or who I may need in my team to make that happen. During the profiling debriefing more and more became clear about the roles I should be playing in my business and the support I needed to grow to the next level of success. I now feel free to use my vision and skills to their best and confident of my next important steps.”

Clare Cichoki - Company Director, Manzilian

Clare Cichoki
Company Director, Manzilian

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