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Teejay Dowe


Master License Holder, Flow Consultant License Holder, Step One Performance Consultant, Step Two Performance Consultant


England, United Kingdom

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An experienced, energetic and enthusiastic motivational speaker, published author, international coach, Master Neurostrategist and NLP Trainer, TeeJay not only has the right qualifications and credentials to make a difference in your people and your business, she will captivate you with her style and leave you feeling inspired and ready to take action for yourselves as individuals and the teams that you work within.

A journey from Pharmacist to NeuroStrategist and NLP Trainer has been an amazing adventure over the last decade and testimony to the fact that you can not only dream bigger dreams but they can come true! With a mission to “inspire you to find the best within yourself in order to give the best of yourself”, for TeeJay it’s always been about empowering people to find their passion, reach their full potential and support others to do the same – Exactly what the Talent Dynamics Business Development system does too. A perfect fit!

TeeJay is also Chair of Trustees and Head Coach and Trainer for a Youth Charity, Inner Flame working with 14 to 25 year old to ignite their potential, build their confidence and self-esteem and empower them to lead happy and fulfilled lives through a variety of residential and non-residential courses throughout the year. It’s this involvement that has led TeeJay to realise exactly where her heart and passion lies and in 2012 she decided to follow her passion to dedicate the bulk of her Talent Dynamics work to increase the confidence and self-esteem of young people around the world especially in teenage girls.

By becoming a Flow Consultant License Holder for Teen Dynamics TeeJay now trains and accredits Teen Dynamics Flow Consultants so that they can deliver the Teen Profiles and debriefs to our young people.

We can no longer ignore the impact that poor self-worth is having on a generation who will be our next role models and leaders. It’s time to use Teen Dynamics to transform teen lives from the consequences of teen pregnancies, teen suicides, cutting, self-harming, alcohol abuse, drug use, crime, poor career choices and the results of settling for less than, into the empowered mentors, leaders and roles models of the future standing strong in who they really are. TeeJay is creating partnerships with parents, youth coaches and organisations of all sorts around the globe who already work with teens to really maximise the transformation of a generation.

If you are ready to add Teen Dynamics to your toolkit and want to become a partner in this exciting, pioneering and powerful pathway of personal transformation for teens contact TeeJay to book into the next training and let’s change the world one teen heart at a time!

Author of ‘PerfectShun – Permission to be Human’
Momentum People Ltd
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“Inspiring you to find the Best within Yourselves in order to give the Best of Yourselves”

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