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Terri Billington


Accreditation Consultant


Western Australia, Australia

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This bio is written in the first person. It has often struck me as odd that most people write biographies in the third person – but you’re here because you want to get to know me better so let me fill you in.

I was born with a wacky belief system that one should be able to do what they love for a living and get rewarded abundantly for it. I can never understand why people tolerate things that they don’t like. The only person who can change something in your life is you and in my case, me, and that is what I live by.

My life consists of amazing amounts of fun and wealth being an Entrepreneur and Business Owner of multiple businesses. These consist of a private campus (RTO), Business Mentoring, partner with Google’s biggest partner, and corporate trainer and profiler. I am also the current State President of the Local Chambers of Commerce and Industry. My purpose and passion is to bring the best business solutions and opportunities to business owners, and I am providing that through the businesses I own and partner with.

I am a multi award winner, winning 2009 WA Franchise woman of the year, and very proud to say I was a state finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year awards in the same year… a milestone considering my competition was Georgina Rinehart. For over 12 months I also held the title of number one female business coach for the Global number one business-coaching firm – ActionCOACH.

My family (husband, three beautiful daughters) are absolutely paramount to my success, in particular my relationship with my beautiful husband who supports me with all that I do. One of our businesses is a mechanical repair and restoration business in the South West of Western Australia. I am very proud to say that he has been operating it with outstanding success for over twenty-five years now, an absolute milestone. He is a prime example of a business owner who took his passion and created success from it.

I am also an avid property investor with investment properties spanning Australia. It was a passion I followed nine years ago, which lead me to a past life as a property investment coach, coaching property enthusiasts throughout Australia.

I love to teach so I am often found on a stage somewhere around Australia and even around the world. I love to share my stories and experiences, whilst adding in a strategy or two so others can take some well tested action to improve their business and life positions. I also love to write and am a co-author of 3 books.

Basically, I love life and believe my difference is ‘me’, there is only one ‘me’ and although you can duplicate a system you cannot duplicate an individual and their passion to deliver.

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