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Victoria Aase


Flow Consultant License Holder, Step One Performance Consultant


, Norway

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Victoria Aase is partner of Nagare DA and a certified Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant working with companies to create high performing teams.

Her background is as Project Manager in the Theatre Houses of Oslo including the National Theatre, Det Norske Teatret and the Norwegian National Ballet. In every performance the ensemble on and behind the stage, has to be at their best and use maximum of their potential. Since 2008, Victoria has used this knowledge as a high performing theatre professional to help businesses, teams and individuals to expand their potential and reach new goals. She is a trained coach (NLP and solution focused coaching), Life Success Consultant and professional speaker, educated at the University of Oslo and in the US in the areas of Speech, Communication and Theatre Art.

As a Star profile, Victoria thrives on stage and has a great impact on her audience.

In Nagare DA the driving force is to assist committed managers in reaching profitable and ambitious goals through empowered teams and successful implementation. With our clients, we develop tailor-made business development programs accelerating TRUST and FLOW. We use leading-edge research, our broad experience, as well as our creative abilities in everything we do.

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