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Yvonne Goold


Step One Performance Consultant, Flow Consultant


Western Australia, Australia


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Skills Summary:

  • Business analysis: discussions with the client to determine current situation and an optimal process to attain desired objectives.
  • Communication: excellent listening skills and the provision of feedback or asking questions to create inductive learning.
  • Facilitator: workshops, discussions, meetings.
  • Problem solving: investigation and determination of what’s working compared with what’s not working, using a process of elimination to determine areas of focus. This approach is used in facilitating, coaching, testing, technical writing and life.
  • Profiling: Talent Dynamics tools.
  • Project management: for IT/Engineering company for Commercial Ready Grant and many smaller projects.
  • Public speaking: presentations, workshops, training.
  • Software and Hardware Testing: Development of test plans, test procedures and test scripts created from product design, specifications and related documentation followed by testing to ensure meets quality assurance standards.
  • Working with individuals: highlighting strengths, assisting with improvements in challenging areas or situations.
  • Working with teams: team development, communications, management and leadership.

Employment Experience:

Yvonne has a diverse background and desire to share her skills and knowledge.

In summary, she has worked in many industries in Sales, Marketing, Planning, Scheduling, Accounts, Systems and Processing roles each requiring the improvement of processes using brainstorming, information gathering and other techniques.

Having worked full-time for a number of years, Yvonne then enrolled in engineering, steering her career in a new direction. The subsequent testing and validation roles created a wealth of experience in engineering, testing, quality assurance and technical writing.

Over the course of the years Yvonne developed a desire to assist individuals and small businesses to grow and subsequently launched Proven Strategies in 2007. Proven Strategies was created to help business owners to improve work environments by streamlining operations, systems and procedures, as well as incorporating other business performance improvement techniques gained from her years of experience.

As well as the creation of Proven Strategies, Yvonne has been on a personal and professional development path most of her life, Yvonne’s skills in these areas have been passed on directly and indirectly through coaching and mentoring. Areas worked with when coaching and mentoring: personal, Retail, Outdoor Living, O&G services, Landscaping, Beauty Salons, Electronic/Engineering.

This has now led Yvonne to a business development pathway utilising Talent Dynamics by ensuring that teams work to their strengths and abilities so they LOVE their work! Yvonne developed this business model further and in 2012 created Transforming Workplaces to reshape roles in the workplace through Talent Dynamics.

Companies that benefit the most from the Talent Dynamics tools and methodologies are those experiencing absenteeism, presenteeism, high staff turnover, low productivity or low motivation. After a Business Analysis is performed, and the team complete a Talent Dynamics profile test, a Team Building workshop is conducted which reverses this process.

Ongoing consultation utilises the Talent Dynamics tools and methodologies in areas of recruitment, training, job descriptions, appraisals, KPI’s, company culture, etc.

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