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Accumulating some time and saving some money

Missing the train wasn't an option!

I love the precise and detailed nature of an Accumulator.  I always feel that the detail is taken care of when they are around and that all bases are covered…

A good friend of mine, an Accumulator, called me up. He knew I was heading to the train station and offered to save me some money – rather than get a taxi, he would give me a lift (while Stars are quick to spend, Accumulators are quick to save!) .

He asked me what time my train was and I replied ‘lunchtime’. He asked again, ‘what time is your train’ and this time I said ‘lunchtimeish’. He then asked ‘What time is your train? Lunchtime can be anywhere between 12 and 2 and I need to know what time to leave to come and get you and make sure you arrive on time’.

For Accumulators, timing is crucial and being able to plan in detail, whilst avoiding risk, is one of their greatest strengths.

I checked my times and my train was 11.58, so I said 12.00. He checked again, ‘Exactly 12.00?’ knowing my normal style of planning… I confessed it was 11.58. It helps to  be precise with an Accumulator.

They appreciate having the detail. Oftentimes, when they ask a question, they have a good understanding of the answer themselves already.  Research and information are crucial for Accumulators to make the best, risk-free decision, so ensure you provide all the information to help them do this.

It usually takes 20 minutes from my office to the station and he suggested we leave 30 minutes ‘just in case of roadworks’ – always well prepared: with an Accumulator, you can feel safe that the detail has been taken care of and the risks minimised.

He arrived to collect me, a few minutes early and got me to the station 15 minutes early – more than enough time for me to get a glossy mag (a rare treat) and to write this blog!

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