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Nicci’s Call: Are you an Annoyer, an Avoider or a Trusted Advisor?

By Nicola Bonfanti – Talent Dynamics for Sales

When it comes to promoting your business, are you an Annoyer, an Avoider or a Trusted Advisor?


An Annoyer is a “typical” sales person; always focused on selling and promoting, talks far more than he or she listens, will have a sale in mind when they talk to you and won’t let up until you cave in.


They may mean well and genuinely think they have a good offer for you but are not putting your needs first so you feel used and abused.

They have been taught to put their sales targets before your needs and you can sense it, can’t you?  That’s what gives salespeople a bad name and could turn good people into becoming Annoyers.


An Avoider is typically someone who has been forced into a sales position and is not comfortable. They would much rather do what they love than promote and sell their services.

They don’t want to spoil any relationships they may have built up through networking or marketing by actually asking for the sale.

They are actually putting their own fear of rejection and bruised ego ahead of genuinely serving their client as they too are not putting the needs of their client first but being self-centred!

Trusted Advisors

A Trusted Advisor is someone who listens, who has a genuinely good product or service and takes the time to find out their prospect’s needs and desires to see if their service is a good fit.

It’s a collaboration, a dialogue rather than a monologue, a graceful conversation that ends in 2 people deciding if, when, where and how to do business together that will work for both parties.

Talent Dynamics for Sales

Any Talent Dynamics profile type can be a Trusted Advisor, it’s knowing not only where your value and trust lie but also knowing the predominant energy of your prospect.

Advising Dynamo prospects on the benefits of your product will involve sharing with them the big picture of introducing ‘it’ into their company and their role in it.

Their significance and the recognition for their “wins” are what drives Dynamos so help them visualise what that will mean for them personally and for their teams.
Blaze prospects will always be aware of the impact of implementing anything new on others so work with them to find a plan to introduce it to their teams.

Blaze prospects will appreciate being listened to and their stories will tell you who are the key decision makers and instigators of change in the organization.

Tempo prospects need proof that this has worked successfully before.

Make full use of the testimonials and case studies that you have amassed, particularly in similar industries to that of your Tempo prospect.

Steel prospects will be focused on the results you have had and will need reassuring that this is not a risky project.

Find out what measures and KPIs are important to the Steel prospect and show them how implementing your product can help them measure and improve the team performance in those areas.

Which sales type are you?

Nicola heads up the Talent Dynamics for Sales Training and has a simple free test on her website if you are not sure if you are an Annoyer, an Avoider or a Trusted Advisor.

Nicola’s clients describe her as having something “special” that makes them feel they can conquer the world! Her training and coaching programmes build on developing self knowledge and self confidence so that every client is able to achieve more in terms of building their business, managing their team and achieving their goals.

Email: niccibonfanti(at)btinternet(dot)com
Mobile: +44 77 34361923
Follow Nicci on Twitter: @NicciBonf

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