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Just 2 weeks to go to The Trust Conference!

There’s just 2 weeks to go to the Trust Conference on 11th September!

The Global Trust Conference 2014

If you haven’t yet got your tickets yet…

…why not?

Is your company or organisation already using the Trust paradigm to enviable financial success?

Or, are you unsure what an increase in Trust can actually deliver?

Either way, I urge you to rethink…

When I talk about The Trust Conference and what it can deliver, I’m not talking woolly, abstract ideas.

You should know me better by now!

I’m talking about measurable, hard-edged results in all areas of your organisation.

Don’t just take my word for it either…

Here’s what Karen Gregson, the Learning & Development Manager at BAE Systems, said about last year’s Trust Conference:

“I attended the Trust Conference last year and have recommended this to business colleagues. The highlight for me was Stephen MR Covey whose insights to this subject are second to none. Trust is a fundamental part of organisational effectiveness and it is great to see that we finally have a conference dedicated to this. I would encourage all organisations to attend and learn more about this imperative”

With just 2 weeks to go, tickets are almost all sold out. Already, this year is shaping up to be bigger and better than last year – and that’s saying something!

There are a lot of major companies out there who have already booked their tickets, either to attend in person or via an online stream.

So why not be one of them?

See you in just 2 weeks!


PS. Remember if you or your team can’t make it in person, you can still listen in via an online stream.

Check out the various ticket options here >

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Today really is your last chance to win!

Do you want to enable productive, happy flow filled lives both personally and professionally?

Make a huge positive impact, whilst massively increasing revenues for yourself and your clients?

You can do ALL  of this and so much more simply by delivering incredible life-changing 1-hour consultations either on line or in person!

Enter this competition and you could win the opportunity to learn exactly how to do that. CLICK HERE >

With prizes worth over £50,000 to win including a sponsorship pack worth over £7,000… this is the competition of the year not to be missed!

Good luck!

PS. By entering you really have nothing to lose and everything to win… the competition ends TODAY! CLICK HERE NOW!


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6 weeks to go (and why trust is the new global currency)

This is a quick heads-up to let you know there’s just 6 weeks to go to the 2014 Trust Conference in London on September 11th

At this unique conference you’ll find out why trust is the new global currency, more than yen, pounds or even dollars….

So if you’re planning to go, then I recommend booking your tickets now to secure your seat.  (a lot of people tend to book last minute so to avoid disappointment I suggest you get in early as we are already over 50% sold out)

Click here to reserve your seat
Stephen M R Covey

Today, I wanted to spend a little bit of time focussing on another one of our fabulous keynote speakers and that’s Stephen MR Covey, author of ‘The Speed of Trust’ and son of the late Stephen Covey, author of ‘Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.’

People still rave on about Stephen’s amazing, value-packed speech from last year so I’m so pleased he’s joining us again!

Stephen has real synergy with The Trust Conference and recognises this is the only conference in the world which focuses on creating a business model based totally on trust…. 

This year Stephen will be linking in via a live stream and during his 1hr presentation on “Leadership At The Speed of Trust” Stephen will explain how trust is more than a nice-to-have, soft, social virtue, it is a hard-edged economic driver. 

He’ll share how trust:

  • Drives employee engagement
  • Enables success in the midst of change
  • Is the greatest leverage for executing your top priorities.
  • Is the currency – more than Euros, Yen, or dollars – of the new, global economy.

In his own words, Stephen says: “High trust increases value – value to shareholders and value to customers. 

In a Watson Wyatt 2002 study, high-trust organizations outperformed low-trust organizations in total return to shareholders by 286 percent.” 

To find out how trust is impacting your organisation (and your bottom-line!) and to hear the amazing Stephen MR Covey talk about trust in a lot more detail, I highly recommend reserving your seat for The Trust Conference today. 

Believe me – and the 800 attendees – from last year, you won’t regret it!

Book your tickets now!

CPD AffiliateWith best wishes, 

PS. Stephen Covey will be joined by other top speakers such as Sir Bob Geldof, Roger James Hamilton and Hollie Delaney, Head of HR at Zappos. 

Sir Bob, Roger & Hollie


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Sir Bob Geldof to give keynote speech at second annual Global Trust Conference in London

London, UK (24 July, 2014) – The second annual Global Trust Conference takes place at The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London on Thursday 11th of September, 2014, featuring Sir Bob Geldof as keynote speaker. Pioneers and thought leaders of various disciplines such as HR, Talent Management and Recruitment are invited to share their findings and strategies at the event, with an aim to explore the meaning and measure of trust in a business context. At the heart lies the notion that trust is a principle economic driver that can be measured and improved.

Building on the success of last year, the 2014 Global Trust Conference provides a collaboration zone for vendors and spotlights the importance for businesses to build trust in order to achieve financial success. In addition to Sir Bob, other high-profile speakers will include the author of New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 bestseller The Speed of Trust, Stephen MR Covey; Brain Researcher and award-winning UCLA professor, Dario Nardi; Futurist, Social Entrepreneur, creator of Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics, Roger James Hamilton; Director of People Experiences for, Hollie Delaney; Social Digital Entrepreneur, author and Founder of Digital Youth Academy, Penny Power OBE; Chairman of Buy1GIVE1, Paul Dunn; and bestselling business author and world renowned business speaker Mike Southon as MC.

Spearheading the ‘Trust Movement’, Michelle Clarke previously served as Head of Leadership Development at Marks & Spencer PLC for 15 years before starting her business, ‘Talent Dynamics,’ which operates in 20 countries around the world. Clarke, who is hosting this year’s Global Trust Conference, explains:

“High Trust is a measure that you are delivering value consistently to your market or team. There is a direct correlation between the success of an organisation and the level of trust they hold in the eyes of their employees and customers. We know firsthand that trust can be measured, improved and mended, if broken, as long as the same set of principles are followed. It’s no wonder that high-trust companies are outperforming their competitors ten to one.”

Drawing upon her own documented experience in using trust within a business in order to increase revenues, Clarke started ‘Talent Dynamics’ in 2009 with an aim to adapt the principles of Roger James Hamilton’s ‘Wealth Dynamics’ strategy and apply them to teams in the corporate sector. In less than five years she has grown ‘Talent Dynamics’ to operate with over 300 license holders across the globe.

Clarke continues: “We are thrilled to bring the Global Trust Conference back to London for a second year running and honoured to have Sir Bob as keynote speaker. With banks and entire economies collapsing around us, and governments exposed in cover-up scandals, it’s not difficult to see why consumers are left wondering who they can put their trust in and to what extent.”

In conjunction with the Global Trust Conference, the platform B1G1: Business for Good will release its brand new ‘Shake the World’ app, which allows users to donate pure, life-saving water to someone in need with a simple ‘water shake’ of their mobile device, sponsored by a host of B1G1’s small business clients around the world.

Shake the World is available in the App Store and on Google Play now:

The Global Trust Conference takes place at The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London on Thursday 11th of September from 8 am to 6 pm. For more information, please visit

# # #

For media queries and press passes, please contact:

Sofie Haag
From Sweden Productions
Tel. + 44 (0)79 7210 4125

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How trust can improve your email click-through rate (and other tips).

What’s Trust got to do for you and your email click-through rate?

Isn’t Trust one of those woolly, self-help words which doesn’t really mean anything?


I’m going to show you exactly how trust and engagement can produce very tangible results for your business in an exclusive one hour interview with world renowned futurist, social entrepreneur and off the scale “creator” profile, Roger James Hamilton.

Interview with Roger James Hamilton Wed 16th July at 17.30 BST

The call will take place on Wednesday 16th July at 17.30 BST so pop that in your schedule planner now.

Click here to register >

It’s trust that enabled Roger James Hamilton to produce the following very tangible results:

  • The trust he has with his database in the quality of his work meant he had advance sales of over 5000 copies before his book was even launched!
  • The trust world leaders have in his brand means he’s created partnerships with some of the best connected people in the US, like Jack Canfield, the bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Janet and Chris Attwood from the Passion Test, and Mari Smith, the world’s leading Social Media strategist as well as many others
  • The trust he has with his team means they often work virtually, all sharing the same visions and goals and all consistently exceeding their targets
  • The trust people have built in his ability to create means he has over 1000 people a day taking his genius test every day and then he tells them to go get other people to sign up too!
  • The trust his clients have in him to deliver consistently high value material means his email open and click-through rates are 50% and above – way way higher than the industry average…

So if you’ve been questioning how trust can actually affect your bottom-line and real-world results, think again!

On a more personal note, I’ve been working with Roger for over 7 years and he’s the number one person I turn to for sustainable, scalable and yet out of the box mentoring.

And he never fails to deliver.

Roger knows the value of building trust in business, he delivers incredible value and creates amazing Flow. He’s a serially successful multi-millionaire with a great purpose and a very big heart.

In short, a true Change-Maker.

And if you are one of the staggering 250,000 worldwide who have taken either the Talent Dynamics or Wealth Dynamics profile test, then you’ll probably know something about how his creations have impacted your work too.

And that’s why I want to give you the opportunity to ask him any question you want! When you register for the call you will be given the chance to submit a question for him and you never know, yours might just be the one I end up asking him!

Pinning Roger down is like finding a needle in a haystack so this interview is a huge coup for us all. He has this extraordinary schedule, from creating with Richard Branson on Necker Island, to being interviewed by Deepak Chopra and filming an entire documentary about The Wealth Gap and right now he’s in New York for the launch of his new book, The Millionaire Masterplan,

On the call we’re going to look at:

  • Why Trust is crucial for building a sustainable and scalable business
  • Why some people and companies seem to find building trust so much harder than others (and how to avoid that being you)
  • How to measure how much Trust you have right now
  • What you can you do to increase Trust quickly and authentically
  • How to rebuild trust in your business after losing it…

Click here to register >

Whether you are an Entrepreneur or a leader in a large organisation, what Roger will be sharing is current and relevant for you and I really do recommend you make sure you are on this call.

I shall look forward to seeing you there!


PS. Remember, in this interview I’m going to be asking Roger the real questions you want answers to! So when you register, do also submit your question for Roger and I’ll be taking a look at them and you never know, I might just be asking your question directly!

PPS. On the call, I’m going to be sharing a really extra special opportunity which includes a whole stack of goodies that Roger has promised me I can share with you, so when you register, please put the date and time straight in your diary!

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“Bob Geldof on the Exponential Business Result of Trust” (watch the short video)

I wanted to give you something extra special today which I think you’re going to love…

The other day I donned my dark glasses and went on a top-secret mission to Chelsea Wharf to interview none other than Sir Bob Geldof!

As you can imagine, it was an enlightening, educational, eye-opening conversation with someone who has a lot of really cool things to say on many subjects.

Specifically, we chatted about Trust in business – something I’m hugely passionate about – and why there has to be a shift from a 20th Century society built on competition, to a 21st Century built on co-operation.

We also talked about why NGO’s are going to have to play a bigger role in the future, the importance of checking your supply chain at every level, and how ONE small error can destroy your trusted brand…

In fact, there’s so much value in this 4-minute video that I do urge you to take 4 minutes out and listen for yourself.  

After all, it’s not often you get to hear Sir Bob Geldof giving you business advice!

“Bob Geldof on the Exponential Business Result of Trust”

Bob Geldof on the Exponential Business Results of Tr

“2014 Trust Conference Keynote Speaker, Bob Geldof explains how businesses can benefit from high trust (and be quickly damaged by low trust) in conversation with Michelle Clarke”

Hopefully see you soon and enjoy the video!


PS. Remember, Sir Bob is going to be our Keynote Speaker at this year’s Trust Conference on September 11th.  As you can imagine tickets are going fast (40% of the tickets are booked already)

Click here to get your early bird priced tickets!

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What question would you ask a billion dollar business director?

Today I’m super excited to announce that I will be hosting a live online call on Monday 23rd June at 6:00pm (BST) where I’ll be interviewing the incredible Hollie Delaney.

Hollie is the Director of People Experiences at the billion dollar online shoe retailer – a company which has taken the business rule book and ripped it to shreds.

Now I don’t know about you, but it’s not often I get to pick the brains of a billion dollar business owner and get to quiz them on all their top secrets!

And if you had the opportunity to ask her one question, what would it be?

And that’s why I really don’t want you to miss this conversation…

Not only is Hollie an engaging, warm and beautiful individual, she’s going to share some of her top performing strategies on how you too can you achieve phenomenal results.

And by the way, whether you are a business owner, a team leader or you run your own organization, there will be something valuable in this call for you.

During the live call you will discover:

  • The 3 key values that enabled Zappos to become such a global giant in the market-place
  • Why they are the first major organization to implement a Holacracy (the opposite of a hierarchy) and what you can learn from this
  • What key element is central to their business mindset & why this, more than anything else, delivers them world class results
  • How making Trust as a foundation for your workplace can deliver you exceptional revenue and profits for your business

Sound good to you?

Hollie is right at the heart of creating and nurturing this wonderful new way of working and doing business and quite honestly, she’s one of the most enlightening women I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

So if you want to learn even a fraction of what she can teach you, then I’m sure you’ll agree this is a live event you will definitely not want to miss!

The call will be on Monday 23rd June at 6.00pm (BST) so make sure you register your place right now.

Look forward to seeing you there!


PS. When you do register today you’ll be given the opportunity to ask any question you want about Trust – and you never know, this could be the one we answer live on the call!

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The Rise of Superman.

Wow! I am super excited to announce that I have just arranged to host a webinar with the one and only Steven Kotler.

Steven has not only appeared in top publications like Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, Wired and Forbes, but is also a New York Times Best Seller and co-founder and director of research for the Flow Genome Project. Quite a catch I’m sure you’ll agree. 

In Steven’s new book ‘The Rise Of Superman’, he explores how over the past three decades, an unlikely collection of men and women have pushed human performance farther and faster than at any other point the 150,000 year of our species. This amazing read examines how a radical mental state has enabled these people to redefine the limits of the possible.Steven Kotler. The Rise of Superman

This fantastic book isn’t just relevant to those hoping to achieve amazing physical feats, but also has huge implications on the world of business, as Steven probes into the state known to researchers as ‘flow’. Most of us have had some familiarity with flow, especially in the business world. If you’ve ever got so deeply involved in a project, so much so that everything else seems to just disappear and time just flies by, then you’ve most certainly tasted this experience. In flow, we are so focused on the task at hand that everything else falls away, action and awareness merge, self vanishes and performance goes through the roof.

And this is why I am so excited at having the honour of hosting a webinar with Steven Kotler and learning much more on this pivotal subject. If you’re in flow, then you’re going to do great things, that’s just a fact! 

So, on Friday 11th April at 3pm, I personally invite you to join Steven and I for 60 minutes, where you’ll discover more about the amazing effects flow can have on you, your business and your life. 

Click here to register >  

Look forward to seeing you there.  


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Why I booked Hollie Delaney…

I am super excited to announce that Hollie Delaney, HR manager, or actually her new title “Head of People Happiness” at Zappos, will be speaking at this year’s Global Trust Conference.

“Keeping employees at takes a little weirdness and willingness to make work fun”

Hollie Delaney is responsible for ‘people happiness’ at one of the largest online shoe companies in the world. That means the happiness of all its staff and of course their loyal customers is on Hollie’s shoulders, and boy does she carry it well.

This particular role didn’t come all that naturally to Hollie and required her to completely adapt her way of thinking. You see although Hollie had been in HR for many years for some highly successful companies, things at Zappos were completely different. There was a different feel to the place, it wasn’t the kind of corporate environment she had cut her teeth in. People jumping up on tables in the middle of a meeting and dancing are not things you usually hear of in the corporate world, but at Zappos this is almost the norm!

Having such an important role at this intense, high-energy company with their unique brand of HR, I think you’ll agree that Hollie has some amazing skills from which we can all learn a great deal.

In order to ensure the happiness of its staff, Zappos really does go the extra mile. In fact, when moving to their new headquarters in downtown Las Vegas, which bought Zappos closer to the famous Strip than their previous location, CEO Tony Hsieh spent $350 million to develop the entire neighbourhood so his employees would have access to great places to live and socialise too. This truly is a company that values its workforce just as much as its delighted customer base.

In keeping with its fun attitude and their proximity to the Las Vegas strip, Zappos have named all of their conference rooms after some of the famous casinos found close by. Although, I’m pretty sure there’s no gambling in these rooms as this is one switched-on company which won’t leave anything to luck.

y your tickets NOW!

One of the many reasons I was so desperate to do whatever it took to get Hollie to speak at this year’s Global Trust Conference was a short interview I once came across. This interview just showed me that everything Hollie has done in her career at to date aligns with the core message and principles we strive to deliver at the conference; building trust, relationships and connections within your business and with your customer-base, and that sometimes getting away from the ‘norm’ has truly astounding results.

So, when HR Magazine talked to Hollie Delaney about her career and how Zappos delivers happiness to its customers and its 3,000 employees, I was truly blown-away and thought you’d love to hear what this multi-billion dollar company does to build trust and relationships.


Hollie DelaneyQ: Before Zappos, you worked in HR at a casino. What was that like?

 A: “It was big and impersonal, with thousands of employees and so many rules between unions and non-unions. There was a rule for everything—even that I had to wear pantyhose if I worked in HR. It made it difficult to be yourself. At the time, I thought HR was not for me.”


 Q: Describe your Zappos job interview.

 A: “During the phone interview, I described myself as “fun but a little weird.” The interviewer said “Wow, that’s one of our core values.” I met everyone in HR and interviewed with 10 managers, including Tony. He was sitting in a cubicle alongside other employees; I didn’t know he was the CEO at first. I started crying while telling him about my “miracle baby” and thought I’d blown the job interview.”

Q: During onboarding, Zappos offers new hires $3,000 to leave if they don’t think they and the company are a good fit. Were you tempted?

A: “It was $1,000 when I started, but no. Everybody here was so happy. They were so invested in this company. You could see it, and you could feel it. I was floored. I was skeptical, but I knew there had to be something special here for people to behave that way.”

Q: How can you tell if a candidate is a good fit?

A: “When people tour our company, they’re kind of shellshocked. Some cannot get over the fact that people aren’t in offices and it’s so loud. Or, they want to work 9 to 5 and call it a day. Our environment is not the ideal place to meet those types of expectations. A state of consistent change, the open environment and team aspect do not work for everyone.”

“We move around a lot; you get to build relationships with people you haven’t met before. You can be in senior management in four to seven years. In our call center, employees bid for different shifts every six months. You can wear pajamas or bunny ears to a meeting and be taken seriously—actually, they’re more responsive to you.”

“The recruiting team interviews candidates for culture fit and a willingness to change and to learn. They notice how applicants interact at lunch. Do they talk with others or just the person they think makes the hiring decision? Our shuttle drivers tell us what candidates say during the ride back to their hotels.”

Q: When did you know you had embraced the culture?”

 A: “It took me about a year to change from focusing on the 10 percent of employees who cause problems to the 90 percent who do not. I remember Tony wanted to let all employees give out one $50 monthly bonus to any employee they chose. My traditional HR response was “You’re insane.” I thought people would give it to their friends, but some didn’t even give it out at all: They were waiting for people to “wow” them the same way they were expected to wow customers.”

“I didn’t have any skepticism left by the time we started the Wishez Program in 2010. Employees’ wishes have ranged from asking for homemade frosted sugar cookies to wanting to jump off the Stratosphere Hotel. One worker’s wish for a car was granted when an employee bought a new car and gave him his old vehicle.”

 Q: I understand you wrestled with staying in HR at Zappos. What happened?

A: “I’d been here nearly two years. People did not like HR when I started. It had the stigma of being the Debbie Downer Department, the rules enforcer. No one wants to be a part of that.”

“HR was in a transitional period. We didn’t have a Zappos identity. I felt like an outsider looking in. Headhunters started calling me. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, where I stood with the company. I realized when I was talking to the life coach on staff that I had a huge opportunity to do something awesome at this awesome company.”

“We started asking different managers what they needed from HR. An HR generalist started sitting in each department for eight months. Now, they include us in termination discussions. We are invited to teams’ happy hours. We work with them to be part of the good things they do and not just the “You’re getting written up” conversations. Zappos’ ZCON team, which moved to HR from merchandising in January and handles areas such as reception, shuttle services, travel and concierge services, is bringing a new face to HR. I’m having fun now.”

“I could never go back to a traditional HR job. Here, our job is to educate employees. I’m more of a teacher, not a policeman. Our job is to protect the culture. If HR says “no,” it doesn’t mean no. You have to know all the rules of HR but be able to throw them out. If it’s a rule, is it a good rule?”

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview as much as I did. It’s hearing things like this confirms that putting together the Global Trust Conference so entrepreneurs, business owners and corporations can hear how the biggest companies in the world go about building trusting relationships in their organisations, is absolutely what we must do. Zappos have shown what’s possible by creating the perfect working environment and customer experience.

If you would like to come along and hear Hollie speak at the Global Trust Conference then it would be great to have you there. You can learn more about the conference and get your tickets by clicking the link here.

Don’t forget, ticket prices will go up on 1st April so buy now to grab a bargain!

 Buy your tickets NOW!




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CTT International Conference “Building a Values Driven Society”

We are delighted to announce that Michelle Clarke will be speaking at the CTT International Conference in June 2014 hosted by Barrett Values Centre. 
Society is made up of many different and vital parts. Societal transformation happens one person at a time, and each and every person has the ability to foster change. We believe this journey starts by living one’s values. 
Barrett Values Centre
The aim of the conference is to bring together all sectors of society to forge and deepen new and powerful relationships. By focusing on personal, organisational, national and global transformation, leaders and change agents will share, learn and build community around taking the vision of building a values-driven society into action. You will walk away with tools, methods and, most importantly, the inspiration to implement change in your own life, your communities, your organisations, your world.

We will be hosting a pre-conference webinar on March 27.
Register now!  

We think this is a great way to introduce your network to us and get them excited about attending the conference.  

Here are the webinar details:

  • What do coaches and other caring professionals need to know so they can support the healthy psychological growth and development of the adults they are working with? 
  • How can doing so help unleash human potential and support 
    a values-driven society? 
Please join Richard Barrett from Barrett Values Centre and Michelle Clarke from Talent Dynamics for an inspiring and informative webinar about evolutionary coaching and the power of trust!  
You will have an opportunity to listen to the latest thinking in these areas, as well as ask questions of Richard and Michelle. 

Thursday, March 27 at 5pm (CET) 4pm (GMT) 12pm (EST) 9am (PST) 


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