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So this month I got to hang out with one of my all time hero’s… Humanitarian Sir Bob Geldof, was the keynote speaker at our Trust Conference on September 11th in London. During his keynote, you could of literally heard a pin drop! It was spell binding. From how he built Trust in the 90’s through to Live Aid and on to the modern world, with the social and economic importance of Trust.

If you didn’t make it to the conference, either online or in person, for a limited time only and only for the first 50 people who register to download here, we have a special offer to access all of the keynote recordings from the day reduced from £149 to just £29 but this will only be for the first 50 to register.

Click here to access a full set of keynote recordings from the Trust Conference for just £29


Have a great month ahead


PS. If you are a leader of The Trust Movement, why not apply for the Top Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Awards 2014! These awards are run by our good friends at Trust Across America.

Click here to nominate someone you feel should be recognised for one of these awards.

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What’s new?

Congratulations to the 2 new groups of Flow and Performance Consultants accredited in August in both the UK and Australia and welcome on board to the new consultants ‘in training’ from Los Angeles, who I met this month, whilst I was in LA. Welcome to the Flow everyone!

It’s all systems go at TDHQ, as we have less than 2 weeks now until the Trust Conference 2014 on September 11th in central London. We are all very excited and are in the final stages of planning the day out… 800 HR professionals and business leaders will be in attendance (with another 500 joining the livestream online!)

If you don’t have your ticket still, you can book here for a ticket (or a livestream place if you can’t make the conference on the day) or call the office direct on 01772 634994

The conference is CPD accredited, so will also count towards your points…

This month, I’ve seen sight of the first draft of the new profile test we are working on with top TD sales trainer and popular blog contributor, Nicci. The new test ‘Talent Dynamics for Sales’ is ideal for sales people to find out the best roles in selling for them and how they approach sales opportunities understanding their clients frequency and therefore buying decisions. Nicci will be running a breakout at the Trust Conference on Trusted Sales, so you can learn more about it there too!


PS. I’ve just come back from Los Angeles, where Roger James Hamilton, Creator of Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics was presenting his Millionaire Master Plan Conference. Roger is one of the keynote speakers at the Trust Conference and you can also get to see him as he brings his phenomenal 2 day conference to London on the 6th and 7th.

Click here to register to attend the Millionaire Master Plan Conference 

The Talent Dynamics team will be there too so do come and find us to say hello!



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What’s new?

Last month I shared with you that I had just met Sir Bob Geldof and had a fascinating discussion with him about the exponential business result of Trust. You can catch here a few minutes of that conversation. I’m super excited after meeting, to hear his keynote on September 11th in London!

I also had the opportunity to interview one of my favourite mentors ever, Roger James Hamilton this month! He shared some amazing insights about how to build trust with clients by building levels of engagement first. Something that has led him to have over 1500 people subscribe to join his database list every day! Click here to access the recording and enjoy the gems!

Have a great month ahead!


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Has There Ever Been A More Important Time To Build Trust?

There’s never been a more important time to build Trust.

With banks and entire economies collapsing around us, governments surrounded by covered up scandals… who can consumers and the public trust and by how much?

The Impact of Trust

It is the most trusted companies today are being the most successful. They are out performing their competitors by as much as 10 times.

In a Watson Wyatt 2002 study, high-trust organizations outperformed low-trust organizations in total return to shareholders by 286 percent.

As if that’s not exciting enough…

When Trust is consistently high, productivity speeds up, people feel more empowered and make better decisions. Accuracy levels increase. Absence decreases, turnover decreases. People have more fun and feel more connected to the organisation and team.

Consequently, the company performs at a much higher level, consistently.

We know from our experience, clients who have accelerated levels of Trust in their organisations,  go on to create results that have as much as doubled their revenues and profits. We hear of teams being told to go home in the evening, they are so engrossed in what they are doing, they didn’t notice how the time flew by!

Is Trust simply a buzz word that companies are banding about today?

Anyone who thinks Trust is simply a buzz word or an HR fad, is unfortunately missing the point.

Richard Barrett of the international Values Centre, asserts,

“that of all values, Trust is the most important to build internal cohesion of a high performance team”

Do you have high Trust?

High Trust is a measure that you are delivering Value consistently to your market or team. As you would expect, we have a series of sophisticated tools that we use to measure Trust with our clients.

However, you can already have a Trust ‘litmus measure’ based on what your customers or colleagues are saying.

The most Trusted companies are the ones that have clients returning time and again to purchase their products or services over and over because they are delivering Value consistently.

Apple has people sleeping on streets overnight to get hold of their latest product. Apple customers have such high levels of Trust in the organisation, they will pre-order the latest product without even seeing it first. This is because Apple focus on the best way they can deliver Value through being consistently innovative.

Trust in High Performing Teams

The most trusted individuals in a team are the ones who are consistently delivering Value to their colleagues in a way that it can be leveraged effectively.

An example of this would be a Creator profile who creates visionary strategies for the business unit, that are scalable and sustainable. Creating exciting new products and services that consumers want and need.

Or an Accumulator profile that ensures all the projects and processes are delivered on time and in the most efficient and timely way possible. Checking all the information and research to make sure the overall plan of action is the most risk averse and water tight.

Wherever you deliver Value consistently, as an individual, a team or an organisation, you will see you can build Trust and you will continue to have a place in the market or the team or organisation.

Can you improve  Trust levels?


Trust is established and grown when:

  1. You say what you are going to do
  2. It is seen to be of Value by someone else (a team member or customer)
  3. You do what you said you would do, really well and consistently.

If you want to build more Trust, then focus at delivering more Value consistently.

Once you lose Trust, can you ever regain it?

There’s an old saying you may have heard.

“Once trust is gone it’s gone forever.”

Well that’s not strictly true.

If you follow the same principles, you can re-build Trust by consistently delivering Value. It may take longer but it’s not gone forever!

Where Trust was already really high and something goes wrong, its much easier to get the Trust back quickly. There’s enough in the ‘trust bank’ to already believe the person or organisation will fix the situation and do what they said they would do.

If there was low Trust in the first place its certainly harder to get it back but it’s always possible to regain and replace Trust if both parties are open to it.

Think of a relationship you had, where Trust was lost for some reason, if both parties feel the win of being together in a relationship is enough, then they figure out how to build trust.

Sometimes you just need to ask the other party if they are willing enough to want to rebuild it…

Find out how to build Trust in your Business

If you want to know more about building Trust in your business for success, join us at the Trust Conference in London on September 11th with Keynote speaker Sir Bob Geldof.

Early bird tickets still available, please click here.

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What’s new?

Well the big news for us this month has been the official announcement that Sir Bob Geldof is to be the keynote speaker for the September 11th Trust Conference.  I’m sat on the train back from London, writing this, after meeting with Sir Bob to film a video about the importance of trust, in the run up to the conference! Can’t wait to share that with you in the next few weeks!

A tireless campaigner for human rights and charities around the world, Sir Bob, along with our other expert key speakers this year, are set to share, powerful, practical strategies that each of us can implement both in our work and in our lives. Showing us tried and tested ways to create a more trusted work place, community and world, not just for us here and now but for our children and future generations to live, work and connect in.

Wether you are running a multi million dollar business or you are in start up phase, The Trust Conference is the place to be, to learn how you can propel your business to outperform your competitors by as much as 10 times by growing Trust.

(Oh and if you live too far away to get to London on the day, this year we are also live streaming the event and providing participants with downloadable recordings to watch later)

Click here to book an early bird priced ticket

I interviewed Hollie Delaney last night. Hollie is the Head of People Experiences at A billion dollar company that Hollie highly attributes to a high culture of Trust, Connection and Happiness. Hollies sharing was generous and insightful about how to create an awesome culture, wether that is from a start up get go situation or an entire corporate cultural shift. Click here to access the recording

With less than 3 months to go now to the 2nd Trust Conference, we already have over 350 business leaders booked to attend. Gold VIP tickets are sold out so please don’t delay if you are planning to attend…

Have a flow filled month ahead!


PS. On July 16th at 1730 UK time, I am interviewing my good friend Roger James Hamilton, who is also one of our Trust Conference speakers this year… Roger is a renowned futurist and entrepreneur. His insights into building Trusted organisations and teams are not to be missed, so please diarise the date and look out for the details!

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Talent Dynamics Profile Test now also available in Norwegian!

We have finalised the translation of the Talent Dynamics Profile Test and report into Norwegian, which has just launched this month in Norway.

Huge thanks to Performance Consultants Victoria Aase and Ingunn Aursnes from Norway, who have handled the translations and the launch of Talent Dynamics there. If you have a company based in Norway, or are a Trainer/consultant in Norway, please do connect directly with Victoria and Ingunn for more information.

Click here to take the profile test in Norwegian today.

Its very exciting as we now have the Talent Dynamics profile test translated into Norwegian, Danish, Taiwanese and Japanese and we are currently working on a Spanish translation too!


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What’s new?

I’ve just returned to the office after a 12 day trip to Bali, where I was joined by a group of our consultants, who had flown in from all around the world to work with the Creator of Talent Dynamics, Roger James Hamilton and I, on their plans for growth over the next 12-24 months. We had a truly insightful, magical time together and I’m looking forward to sharing much of the really exciting initiatives we are up for here at Talent Dynamics, in the upcoming months with you too…

We are gearing up for the 2nd Trust Conference now with less than 4 months to go. An inspiring line up of experts will be in London/online on 11 September, including Stephen MR Covey.

The Trust Conference focuses at building sustainable and scalable businesses and institutions through Trust. This year we are also opening up the conference to people who can’t be in London on the day. The conference is to be made available on live stream, plus all the recordings to watch later as well. There is a limited time offer to get an online ticket for just £50 right now.

Click here to access your place, while there is more than 50% off the price of a ticket! 

Have a flow filled month ahead, Michelle

PS: Oh and please do add to your diary:

Hollie DelaneyA very special web interview with Hollie Delaney – Head of People Happiness at Zappos. A billion dollar company that prides its success on building Trust, Connection and Happiness. Hear from Hollie as to how they have managed to become the first Holocracy based company over 100 staff. Web interview will be 23rd June at 1800 UK time. Details of how to register will be available soon…




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TDHQ April News

I had the opportunity to interview best selling author Steve Kotler about his new book The Rise of Superman this month. It was truly fascinating stuff!

I read Stevens new book and soon found the entire team were also reading it and we were comparing notes and insights. In the interview I find out from Steven, how top athletes reach a peak state called Flow (also known as being in the Zone) and how being in this Flow state increases productivity, attention levels, creativity and the ability to make life and death decisions in split seconds.

More importantly, I got Steven to explain how this relates directly to you in your role and how you can create a high Flow state in the workplace, that can get you amazing results, with some simple conditions being created…

Here’s a copy of the recording in case you didn’t get chance to tune in live last week. If you have a team this is really crucial information to know. Google and Zappos are already implementing this knowledge with their people…

This month I’ll be interviewing Roger James Hamilton on Trust and Flow. How they are interdependent and that by understanding there are some simple actions we can take, whereby we can create incredible cultures in our organisations, that the people within them can create phenomenal results… More details to follow on this in May but you can already save the date.

Interview with Roger James Hamilton – May 14th 0830 BST.


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TDHQ February News

We had a major flurry of bookings for the 2014 Trust Conference in the past few weeks, as we opened up ticket sales on the 14th February! We now already have 0ver 18o people booked to attend which is very exciting!

Next week I’ll be unveiling a very exciting speaker for the conference, who will be flying in from Las Vegas to share an incredible story of Trust, Connection and Happiness!!

I’m also heading to Australia next week to meet with Roger James Hamilton, Creator of Talent Dynamics, as he runs a 4 city tour of his amazing Fast Forward your Business events. Hope to connect with several of you while I’m there. Do come up and say ‘Hi’ if you are there!

Best, Michelle


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Free 121 profile debrief with Michelle!

How would you like a 121 Talent Dynamics Profile Debrief with Michelle, totally free!

In this one hour conversation, Michelle will help you to:

  • Understand your personal profile and how it relates directly to the work you are doing.
  • Build trust with others in your team, in a way that exceeds the current level of value you add to the company.
  • Discover practical strategies that will either generate additional revenues or cost savings in your company with ease for you


Just last week Michelle ran a debrief with a senior sales person in a bank and together they uncovered $27 million of opportunities that could be realised within the next 12 months following the debrief. Now we’re not promising you will get that level of result… but you will certainly walk away with a tangible, significant £’ add or save for your team.

In return, you need to be available on Thursday 27th February, in Preston for an hour and be happy for us to film the debrief, which will be used for training purposes with our Flow and Performance Consultants internally.

If you are available on this day and keen to be a part of this, please contact and title the email ‘Debrief’  with the following details:

Your direct phone number

Company name

Job Role in the company

Company Turnover

Budget/revenue you are responsible for

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