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Calling all pilots who want to fly by taking three Steps!

He clearly wants to 'pilot' all three Steps....

Here at Talent Dynamics, we love to let you know about clients who are piloting our new products! In the past twelve months, we have been blessed with plenty of teams and enterprises wanting to pilot both Step One and Step Two and now we are out there looking for individuals, teams, divisions and enterprises who want to pilot Step Three – the full Integration Programme, with us.

Rapid Transformation, NLP specialists, pilot the three Steps

Osmaan Sharif contacted us recently. He used to work with Michelle at M&S and did his Wealth Dynamics Profile test a few years back. He was curious to see how Talent Dynamics could set his business up for greater success over the next twelve months and asked if could take part in piloting the three Steps over the next twelve months at the Individual Level.

Osmaan Sharif

At Rapid Transformation, Osmaan likes to keep things its name really does say it like it is!

Os is an expert in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and regularly runs open programmes across the UK to train people in how to become NLP practitioners themselves. He has a great track record and as a Talent Dynamics Trader Profile, has built up a solid reputation for strong delivery and great customer focus. You can find out more about Os and his business here.

I’m really excited to be working with Talent Dynamics through all three Steps, as I want to continue to walk my talk by shaking things up and creating a ‘Rapid Transformation’ in my own business.  I’m ready to really re-focus and significantly grow my business.  With the team’s support, I know I can achieve this in a way that will flow well with me on a personal and professional level. Osmaan Sharif

The benefit of being part of the Pilot Programme (on top of all the learning and the guaranteed results we set with you),  is its hugely-discounted! We get to try out all of our funky new tools and methods with you, while you generate amazing results. All we ask in return is that we can share the results of the steps you take in the form of a Case Study and that you interact with us giving feedback on what works brilliantly and what doesnt.

Contact us directly if you want to know more about what results you can achieve if you Pilot all three Steps!

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  1. Azooz Pepe says:

    Ma piloting lover !!!

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