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Career Ready Is Here!! Talent Dynamics for Young People

By Teejay Dowe – Talent Dynamics for Young People

After much planning, preparation, and passion Talent Dynamics for Young People launched The Career Ready Program in the UK.

Sponsored by Talent Dynamics Head Office and Banks Accountants in Swindon and partnering locally with education, apprenticeships, Jackie Kerr Recruitment, Inner Flame Youth Charity and many others it was a pleasure to bring vision into reality and run the very first program.

This program empowers young people from 16-24 to be ready for their careers in a way that compliments all of the other employability schemes that are running.

Educational establishments and organisations are raising the standards academically, apprenticeship and trainee-ship schemes are adding practical skills, recruitment agencies are helping with CV’s but no-one up until now has given young people an awareness of who they really are, what they are naturally gifted and talented at and therefore where they will add value to an employer.

Bridging the Gap

We totally bridge this gap so that a young person can confidently speak about themselves at an interview and know what types of roles they will flourish in.

Erin, a young lady who attended the first course was asked what is one strength that she has, she replied

“I don’t have any strengths, I don’t have any qualifications, I don’t really have any confidence, so I don’t know what I have to offer an employer”

Just 4 hours into the program when asked what value she would bring to an employer she confidently replied

“Whatever job you give me I will always do it to the highest standard and where possible improve it even more. I am a finisher and no matter how long it takes I will not stop until a job is completed and completed well.”

Wow! That’s a bit different than having nothing to offer! Oh, and by the way, she also has 8 GCSE’s but she thought they didn’t count!

At the end of day 2 this same young lady stood up in front of the whole group to present back the work they did on a business project. She delivered that presentation confidently, eloquently and with great visuals as she talked us through the project and how the team had worked together to get the outcome.

A huge shift in confidence and identity in a short space of time and just one of many stories throughout the 2 days.

We are assigning mentors for the young people who are the same Talent Dynamics profile as them and monitoring their progress so watch this space as we share more stories, successes and amazing moments from future Career Ready Programs. Next stop Preston, then back in Swindon followed by Milton Keynes and Australia!

Who knows – it could soon be in your town as more of the Talent Dynamics for Young People Consultants bring the program to where they live and change many lives in the process.

Teejay Dowe will be leading one of the Break- Out sessions at the Trust Conference on September 11th.

One Response to Career Ready Is Here!! Talent Dynamics for Young People

  1. Caroline Day says:

    Fabulous work Teejay. You’re an inspiration. Caroline

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