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Do you have a passion for improving business performance?

Do you want to partner with a revolutionary company that focuses on business transformation, performance improvement and corporate turn around?

Are you already working in this environment but want more tools to use with your clients?

If you are in one of the following fields, we would love to hear from you:

  1. Business Transformation
  2. Turnaround Management
  3. Performance Improvement
  4. Cultural Transformation
  5. HR Consulting
  6. Management Consulting
  7. FC, CFO, CEO (General Management)

Talent Dynamics is a business development training company who trains the trainers. We work with Coaches, HR managers and Training experts, just like you. We have empowering training programmes, which you can run with corporate teams, earning yourself considerable fee’s for your time, whilst generating significant Returns on Investment for your clients.

How a company or individual handles their job can be the difference between success and failure! Talent Dynamics is an unparalleled advantage in a highly competitive and critical arena – Corporate Training

What we do

We are the worlds leading Business Development Pathway for accelerating Trust and Flow.

Our unique position in the market allows us to put our trained consultants in front of decision makers who need help in talent acquisition or leadership / team training. Helping them make an informed decision to improve their business.

Who we train

Talent Dynamics accredits coaches, consultants, registered training organisations, individual trainers and human resource managers.

With our multi-level accreditation programmes on the Talent Dynamics Pathway, you can choose the level of accreditation, that works best for you and your clients.

Becoming a Flow consultant is perfect if you are a coach or trainer who predominantly works with clients on a one to one basis.

If you work mainly with large teams and at the organisational level our Performance Consultant Training which provides you with a series of powerful workshops with measurable results will be for you.

Click here to discover more about the levels of accreditation on the Talent Dynamics Pathway.

Flow Consultant

A Flow Consultant is accredited to Profile and debrief a client using Talent Dynamics. Being able to clearly give a client wonderful insight into who they are and how they should be working to stay in flow is a powerful introduction to Talent Dynamics. A Flow Consultant is trained in debriefing a client on their individual profile. This means they must be knowledgeable with all the profiles and how they interact with each other. The best Flow Consultants are those who work regularly on a one to one basis with their clients.

How to Become a Flow Consultant

If you are a Life Coach, Business Coach or HR Manager then this step is perfect for you. It will give you the tools you need to grow your business or increase the value you bring to the organisation you work for.

Training takes two days and your final accreditation is a debrief with a live client.

This training will make you a sort after person in your organisation as you will understand the different energy dynamics of different individuals and will be able to work at a higher level within the leadership circle.

Please click here to see dates and times of our next Accreditation Trainings.

Performance Consultant

This is where the real fun begins. Performance Consultants help teams and organisations improve the effectiveness of their staff by changing the psychodynamics of the team. Using Talent Dynamics to run workshops, you can dramatically increase the success of your business, and your clients business.

We teach you how to market, script, organise and facilitate a number of exercises that you get to put together in unique ways like a jigsaw, for your teams and clients. So not only do you get all the resources, tools and exercises, you can personalise it and use it under your existing branded business.

When our Performance Consultants show their clients teams how to get into flow, the company see immediate financial results. Typically from a Step One programme, we find strategies that can add 100k to a team’s revenue, which can be quickly and simply implemented. From a Step Two programme we have seen clients double turnover in less than 6 months and from Step Three, as much as Treble profitability!

In todays challenging economic climate, it will be high performing individuals and teams working effectively together who will lead the way for the future. For the second time in 100 years the economy has collapsed enough to bankrupt banks and entire countries. Yet from our experience Talent Dynamics has the power to shift companies to new heights of achievement, contribution and profit. If you are the Performance consultant leading the way using Talent Dynamics as your torch, you too will have a permanent place in the market.

How to Become a Performance Consultant

It’s easy! If you would like to see if this is right for you, just fill out your contact details and we will be in touch with you to arrange a free one to one.

Alternatively if you’ve heard enough and are definately sure this is for you then click here and you’ll be taken to the dates for our next workshops and you can book straight in!

Accreditation Consultant

This position is by invitation only. Once you have qualified as a performance consultant and proven yourself in your chosen Niche, Talent Dynamics, HQ will extend an offer for you to take part in Accrediting other Performance consultants. This requires a high level of Knowledge of Talent Dynamics and is therefore selectively given out.

Master Trainer

Our Master Trainers are established and highly credible Training organisations with a team and clients already in place. This is the highest level an individual can go in Talent Dynamics and requires the applicant to have a long term business plan for integrating Talent Dynamics into their training programs. If you are interested to know more about this level, please contact in the first instance.

The depth of content and immediate practical application of this programme is outstanding!

Yvonne Hilsz - Yvonne Hilsz Ltd

Yvonne Hilsz
Yvonne Hilsz Ltd

The catalyst for massive change at the individual, team & enterprise level, that creates the standard to strive for.

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Brenda Anderson
Ultimate Game Of Life

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