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Talent Dynamics Pathway

There are a series of different levels for you to become accredited in, depending on the results you are wanting to achieve using Talent Dynamics with your clients and teams. As with any journey, in order to get to the next destination, you need to take it one step at a time. The speed of your journey along the Talent Dynamics Pathway, depends on your personal fitness level and how quickly you like to travel!It all starts with the first step though.

Step One

Step One is an introduction to Talent Dynamics. A series of 1-day programmes for our clients. Step One Accreditation is broken down into 2 levels, which can be either done as separate Accreditations or all at once over 5 days together

Impact for your Clients

Typically your clients can expect to uncover strategies, that they can quickly and easily implement, that can add £100,000 of revenue, following a Step One workshop.

1. Flow Consultant Accreditation

During these 2 days you will learn about:

  • Interpreting and understanding the Talent Dynamics personal graphs
  • The process for conducting and running a high value Profile Debriefing session
  • The subtle differences between the profiles and how to help someone identify their specific path
  • How to communicate with and get the best out of all 8 profiles
  • How to get yourself into and stay in Flow
  • How to get others into and stay in Flow

2. Performance Consultant Accreditation Level I

During these 3 days you will learn about:

  • Value and Leverage at the Team, Divisional and Enterprise Level and how to use this to create dramatic changes in results.
  • How to shift paradigms with simple, quick, powerfully effective group exercises.
  • The process for clients to build ideas that can generate 6-figure results.
  • The process for unblocking blocks to flow quickly and easily with teams.
  • Key principles to build powerful Talent Dynamics programmes, that complement your current product offering.

Step Two

Step Two is a really powerful 3-day strategic programme for your clients called Meaningful, Measurable, Profitable Change.

Impact for your Clients

Typically your clients can expect to create detailed plans that can allow them to double their current results in less than 12 months

1) Performance Consultant Accreditation Level II

During these 5 days you will learn about:

  • Facilitating the creation of powerful and empowering strategies that can rapidly increase Flow
  • How to shift paradigms and actions in teams that are looking to see major shifts in business growth
  • The detail behind the 5 Talent Dynamics Energies and how they relate to Strategy
  • Recognising and enabling Leadership behaviours appropriate to the Flow of the Enterprise
  • Understand how to create a plumbing system for a business that adds to the overall Flow and is measured consistently
  • How to dramatically increase the results in your own business/team

Step Three

Step Three is a personalised and very specific 12-18 month programme called Full Implementation Programme.

Impact for your Clients

Typically your clients can expect to be experiencing massive shifts and creating major momentum with their results across all aspects of their business. Clients have trebled profitability following this programme.

1) Performance Consultant Accreditation Level III

During these 5 days you will learn about:

  • Organising workspaces to match flow to function
  • Turning a plan into a series of projects and processes
  • Aligning time management to the five levels
  • Recruiting, reviewing and retaining staff efficiently with high Trust and Flow
  • Creating powerful communication cultures

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Insightful, enjoyable and user-friendly. Certainly the most practical tool that I have used!

Chris Nitsche
Training & Recruitment Manager - General Mills

My time here has made changes in the way I look at our business that will obviously make a huge impact.

Darren Godbert
Senior Manager - UK Carline

I would sum up Talent Dynamics saying that it has greatly accelerated both our learning and ability to put in place the vision for the substantial growth we are in the process of achieving. I will definitely be working with the Talent Dynamics team again in the future and have been very happy to highly recommend them to add value to my clients.

Helen Urwin
Founder and Principal - The Halthean Corporation

The program was stimulating, challenging – in the best way – and focussed on providing a return on our investment in training as Performance Consultants. We left with actionable priorities, and an amazing business opportunity, with outstanding ongoing support available after completion.

Bev Ryan
Career Change Coach Brisbane, Australia

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