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The Launch of the Australian Trust Awards 2015

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the Talent Dynamics “Australian Trust Awards 2015”  The first awards of their kind anywhere in the world!

These awards are a celebration of the most trusted, respected and loved businesses in Australia and it’s going to be an absolute pleasure to shine a light on them for the world to see.

I’ve arrived in Sunny Australia and I’ll be here until the end of March to launch the awards personally.

To truly showcase the most trusted businesses in the country, we’re calling upon the general public – the fans, customers and staff members of all Australian businesses to cast their vote.

But we would be honoured if you could get the ball rolling for us.  I’d like to ask you to nominate the businesses in Australia that you think deserve to make the finals of the Australian Trust Awards 2015.

There are 10 categories to choose from including, ‘Most Trusted Business Leader’, ‘Most Trusted Small Business’ and ‘Most Trusted Online Business’. You can nominate as many businesses in as many categories as you please.

Once nominated, we’ll get in touch with them directly to let them know the good news and help them create a profile where people can vote for them to make our final shortlist.

Trust between a customer and a business is the most precious transaction of all. Tell us the companies leading by example and we can put them on a platform for others to follow in The Trust Movement.

And for every nomination that gets made to the Australian Trust Awards, we will be giving one months supply of lifesaving water to a family in need, through our partnership with the Global Giving Initiative B1G1 Business for Good.

If you want to stay up to date, join the Trust Awards on Facebook and Twitter.  Thank you so much for being part of The Trust Movement!


P.S. If you would like to become an Australian Trust Awards Partner or Sponsor and see your business named alongside Australia’s most trusted organisations, along with some very cool and out of the box benefits, please drop me an email at

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[VIDEO] Paul Dunn will leave you shaking at The Trust Conference this year!

Working from home Paul Dunn, Chairman of B1G1: Business for Good reflects on the three things he is taking to the Trust Conference 2014.

  • Paul shares his insights into what makes a business stand out in an ‘Age of Connection’ where Trust is the driving force behind successful business
  • He explains how the small things matter and helps to build or destroy Trust very quickly
  • Paul invites you to ‘Shake the World’ with him at the Trust Conference, allowing our combined presence at the Trust Conference to make a global impact by providing drinking water to those most in need.  All through a free to download app.

The ‘Shake the World’ app is an innovative way to allow anyone with a smart phone to simply shake their phone to provide fresh drinking water, all sponsored by businesses.

Here is the guided tour:

We plan to ‘Shake the World’ together at the Trust Conference, encouraging everyone present and those joining via live stream around the world to shake the app and make a profound difference to people’s lives.

All through Trust.

Join us there.  Shake the World.  Get your ticket.

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The Power of Giving, Shakes Things Up…

Talent Dynamics have proudly sponsored Buy1Give1’s ‘Shake the World’ app.  Go to to download or find it on the app store

The app allows you to give life-saving water through a simple shake of your phone.  How many times do you take your phone from your pocket, or glance at it before putting it down?  Imagine if every time you did that you could make a real difference?

Now you can!

The shakes are funded by B1G1 Partners — businesses (like Talent Dynamics) that join B1G1 to embed giving into their everyday activities. To date, they have created 44+ million giving impacts, supporting hundreds of high-impact projects worldwide.

The Shake the World App is specific to providing water in Ethiopia.

Over 700 million people around the world do not have access to clean water. And many walk hours each day to collect contaminated water, which often causes life-threatening diseases. This is why a simple thing like having access to water really transforms lives.

Now you truly have the power to shake the world right in your hands.

Click the banner to go to the Shake the World website!

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The importance of Connection at Christmas

Talent Dynamics has been a lifetime member of B1G1 since we started. I’ve always believed in giving whatever you can give. Money, time or resources. Whatever can make a difference to someone else’s life and I’ve always had my businesses support that in someway in the past as well.

When I found out that less than 7% of all giving, was from businesses, I was shocked. I wanted to make a stand overtly with Talent Dynamics and help to reverse that trend. So we started to let others know we give through B1G1. We even give certificates to our accredited consultants so they know that it was their participation that had enabled the giving.

and the best bit… its not about signing £1000 cheques. In fact, with B1G1, the giving starts with as little as 10 cent. You (or your customers can) choose the amount and the impact you want to make.

100% goes to the project too. B1G1 have set it all up that way.

Every time someone buys a Talent Dynamics Profile Test from us, we give water to a family.

Every time someone completes an accreditation workshop with us, we educate a child in India for a month and so on…

1 Million Giving activities

We found out recently, that through our efforts and the friends we have introduced to B1G1, over 1 million giving activities have occurred! We are all really proud of the community that have been a part of this amazing contribution and connection.

As it closes to Christmas, a traditional time of giving, as a business owner or leader, I urge you to take another look at where your business can be even more connected in a way that’s meaningful to you, your customers and the team that work with you.

Please do check out B1G1 

Thank you and a very Merry Christmas!




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The Power of Small after last week’s TRUST Conference

Paul Dunn and the POWER of small

So many people have commented to us on how much they were inspired by Paul Dunn’s opening speech at the TRUST Conference last week — the Power of Small.

That’s why I want to invite you to Paul’s special ‘Power of Small’ event in London on 24 September. Significantly, just by clicking this link you get great seating at the event AND get in for a stunning 72% off your tickets.

It means you’ll be able to share a ‘full-on’ morning with Paul for less than £33 (and even less with group bookings).

Daniel Priestley who you also met at the TRUST Conference says it like this:

I can’t think of anyone who has so profoundly impacted us. It’s been (and continues to be) HUGE. And he does it unlike anyone else I know.

And UK Entrepreneur of the Year Winner, Steve Pipe says it this way:

I have been booking big name professional business speakers for the last 10 years. And having spent more than £250,000 in the process I can confidently say that Paul Dunn is the best speaker I have ever seen. And it is not just his presentation style that is stunning, his content is too. I have seen his ideas and presentations transform the results of hundreds of UK businesses, including my own. So if you want better results, you simply must go to this event!

Dan and Steve are right.

Just go to now, check it all out and register now to get that stunning 72% OFF normal ticket prices.  This is an event you’ll remember and benefit from — for life.


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Earn Trust don’t Burn Trust!

On Tuesday 23rd July at 8.30am I’m hosting another online interview – and this time it’s with another of our wonderful Trust Conference keynote speakers, Paul Dunn!

Get all the information and register here.

Paul is one of the leading authorities on Marketing, Leadership and Innovation, and on this exclusive call he’ll be sharing how you can EARN trust, rather than BURN trust!

He’ll be giving real-life examples of companies who have implemented very simple, but very effective ideas, to rapidly earn trust. On the flip side, he’ll also be sharing examples of companies who have made what may seem like small mistakes, but that have completely burned trust!

So if you want to create an organisation that is trust-earning, rather than trust-burning, be sure to register your place on the online interview immediately!

Register here


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What B1G1 are saying about Talent Dynamics joining them in Partnership, allowing us to to 'give' more effectively

Submitted by paul on Mon, 01/03/2011 – 12:45

When education ‘begets’ education

Remember all those Bible sequences where someone ‘begat’ someone who then went on to ‘begat’ someone else.

My dictionary defines it briefly as ‘causing’ or ‘fathering a child’. How cool is it when you do something great that then causes something else that’s great to happen.

Michelle Clarke and her team at Talent Dynamics are doing precisely that.

Talent Dynamics dramatically (and I do mean ‘dramatically’) enhances performance of companies by making certain that everyone in every team is operating in that wonderful peak state called ‘flow’. It’s a brilliant process with stunning results.

And now, every time someone goes through the TD License Accreditation Programme, a child in India gets education for an entire month at the Sevalaya School. And Sevalaya is a great cause — it’s won the TCS-Education World Award for Innovative Value Education from among 25000 schools from all over India.

For Michelle, being a part of B1G1 is almost like a ‘coming out’ in a charitable sense. She puts it like this:

We have always had a policy to give back generously and we have done this almost ‘covertly’ in the past, because we didn’t think others needed to know about it. But now we realise that in the US alone, less than 4% of all contribution comes from business. So we decided it was time to ‘out’ our contributions and show it in a very transparent way through B1G1. We firmly believe that by doing this we can encourage other businesses to do something similar.

And it’s more than that too. Michelle and the team regard the Sevalaya School as just a start.

We’ve got many interesting variations and options with our programs and so we now have the possibility of linking each option to a different type of cause, Michelle says. And we even have the opportunity to match the project directly to our clients’ interests so that each program can, in fact, have literally hundreds of different projects linked to it.

You can see more on the great work Michelle and the Talent Dynamics team are doing right here. And you can see more about B1G1 simply by clicking the HOME tab above or clicking right here.

via Talent Dynamics | Michelle Clark | Buy1GIVE1.

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Michelle's Decembers News

Hi there,

It’s a picture postcard as everyone gets ready for Christmas here in the UK right now. Snow on the ground, frost on the branches and the christmas lights on in the houses. The weather has stopped some of the activity here at TDHQ but not as much as in some places across the UK and with the wonders of technology these days, business is mostly, business as usual.

It’s a great time of year to be thinking about giving to those who are less fortunate than ourselves and I hope you enjoy the news we share this month about Talent Dynamics joining B1G1, so that we can contribute much more effectively and make a difference to many more peoples lives.

This week is a very special week for us at TDHQ, as we are running our first ever License Accrediatation training, with 10 of the top Coaches/Trainers and Leaders from across the UK. From the 1st January all 10 of them will be licensed to use the Talent Dynamics Profile as part of their client offering. We will tell you more about these license holders in next months newsletter, when we will also unveil the January Sale items (I was in retail for 15 years, a January sale is still in my psyche!)

Check out this testimonial from Marcus Ubl, GM of Triumphant Events, who shares how the recent one day TD programme will easily add 6 figures to their bottom line in the next 6 months!

I would love to take this opportunity to wish you the most fabulous Christmas holiday with your loved ones and a very prosperous and fun filled New Year!


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How you can educate a child for a month in India, through Talent Dynamics.

We are thrilled here at TDHQ to announce our new partnership with B1G1 — an extraordinary organisation that is causing change in a huge way and directly impacting thousands of lives by involving more businesses in contributing to charities and causes.

As you know, at TDHQ we believe that everyone has a fundamental right to experience flow. That’s our mission; it has been from day one and will continue to be. It’s why we do what we do! We also have a very strong connection and contribution ethic. We have always had a policy that 10% of our profits goes to the charity or cause that we support and we have done this almost ‘covertly’ in the past, because we didn’t think you needed to know about it.

Well all that changed recently when Michelle talked with Paul Dunn, Chairman of B1G1.

During that conversation we discovered that last year in the US alone, less than 4% of all contribution came from business. That’s a very low number of businesses that are making a difference back in to the communities in which they trade, so we decided it was time to ‘out’ our contributions and show it in a very transparent way through B1G1. We firmly believe that by doing this we can encourage other businesses to do something similar.

Here’s what Paul said when TD joined the B1G1 movement

“There is no doubt that ‘flow’ involves giving. Being in flow creates happiness and there’s now so much research to show that giving does precisely the same thing. So at B1G1 we’re really thrilled about this partnership with Talent Dynamics. Even more to the point, we’re thrilled that Michelle and the team really get the significance of ‘embedding’ the giving so that it becomes an effortless habit, connecting us even more to who we really are.”

What does this mean for you?

Whenever you choose to buy one of our products or services, we will make a direct contribution to one of the charities or causes in B1G1 (there are over 600 already to choose from) and we will tell you about it directly, so you will know that as well as your purchase making a difference to your team or organisation, it has made a difference somewhere else as well. You can even choose the charity if you like yourself. In the next few months, we will make it easier on our website for you to see the projects and how they relate to our products and services. 

For now though, the participants on our first ever License Accreditation Programme will discover today that as a result of ‘buying one’ programme, where they have become educated in using the Talent Dynamics Profile, each of them have also given education to  a child in India for a month

We think that’s pretty cool.We hope you do too and would love to hear your feedback.


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