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Putting Talent Dynamics to Work in Small Business – Louise & Susie’s Stories


By Osmaan Sharif

I run an online Talent Dynamics Programme for small business owners and I thought I’d share a couple of their stories.

Louise runs Little House Life Therapies, and had an idea of how a business ‘should’ be run.  The thing is she seemed to spend so much time focusing on those details, that she couldn’t easily see where she wanted to take her business.

Susie, of Mildred Jones, knew what her Talent Dynamic’s profile was, but didn’t fully understand how to apply it to her business, and had even begun to question whether that was her true profile.

As they worked through the programme, Louise and Susie put Talent Dynamics to work in their businesses.

Louise, a Creator’s Story

Louise profiled as a Creator and began to understand why the business model she’d been using was getting in the way of her building a business she loved.

“I discovered that I am a lot more creative than I thought, and that I am easily distracted by ‘boring and technical’ things.  Knowing this helped me structure a business model that gets the boring stuff done while focusing on the bigger picture.”

As well as her new way of working, Louise has been able to figure out where to focus her energies in order to stay in flow and have a more successful business.

“I’ve been able to let go of ideas and resources that aren’t congruent with what I truly want to do.  My background in coaching doesn’t restrict me to 1:1 sessions and I am taking a whole new approach to my initial training.  This has been a very liberating discovery, and has enabled me to look even deeper into where I truly am in Flow. ”

Susie, a Trader’s Story

Having initially found it difficult to relate her Trader profile to her fine jewellery design business, Susie finally saw how her profile made sense.

“I am a Trader after all, albeit one with creativity, and that’s a really good mix.  While I sell a physical product, I actually provide a service, and by focusing on that I can really differentiate myself.”

The more Susie understood what got her into flow, the more she realised how much easier building her business could be; especially when it comes to marketing it.

“I get it much more now about the strengths I have in building relationships, listening to what people want, and providing it.  I’ve already been asking more insightful questions on my Facebook Page, which is generating great engagement and getting priceless information about my ideal customer.”

Louise and Susie are just two of the small business owners who benefit from using Talent Dynamics in their business, and I can’t wait to see what they use their new tools to build.

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Dynamo Joe’s Story: Talent Dynamics for Young People


By Teejay Dowe - Talent Dynamics for Young People

When I profiled Joe he was 8 years old, a little younger than I would normally profile but bright, nearly 9 and eager to learn he was an ideal young man to work with.

Joe’s mum had been profiled through Talent  Dynamics and discovered that she was a Deal Maker it had given her so much insight that she was keen to discover more, especially more about her son who was mixed race and about to be moving schools.

She was concerned that he might be bullied, therefore wanting to find out how she could help him to fit in.

Creator Profile

Joe came out as a Creator profile, tons of Dynamo energy bursting to get out, a lively, high energy little boy, a pleasure to speak with.

His mum thought she knew him but after the debrief told me that she had learned so much more about him and was so proud of the answers that he gave to the questions I asked him.

She really felt that she understood him at a different level. She was so impressed that she was going to pick the next school he would go to by matching the way that they taught with the way that he naturally loves to learn. Dynamo energy loves to learn in a visual way.

2 weeks later I was at a business networking event and Joe’s mum was there. She came over to me all smiles and exited to share Joe’s progress with me. She said ‘TeeJay, I have to share this with you, Since Joe was profiled and I learned so much, homework now – piece of cake!’ Of course intrigued I said ‘Do tell!’


She said ‘Well Joe came home from school this week with  homework that he really did not want to do. He had to write out the instructions about how to make a cup of tea.’


She said ‘I was just about to say, oh, come on, let’s sit down and plan this out together…when I realised that my way of doing it not his! I almost sucked my words back in and instead said ‘Have you ever seen mummy make a cup of tea?’ He said ‘No’

She said’ Ok, go and get the ipad, then you can record mummy making a cup of tea. You can play it back and instead of writing a list of instructions you can pause it at each step and draw it out to give instructions’

He loved it! Homework was done quickly, he loved every minute of it and now homework will never be a challenge again! Mum simply knows how to engage him in his world


Teejay Dowe will be leading one of the Break- Out sessions at the Trust Conference on September 11th.

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Corey’s Story: Talent Dynamics for Young People


By Teejay Dowe – Talent Dynamics for Young People

This is the story of Corey who’s mum and dad were worried about him because he was struggling at college, spent too much time alone in his room and was generally uncommunicative. Well, that’s what they thought anyway.

Corey’s Story

Corey’s mum had had a Talent Dynamics profile test done 12 months before and loved the difference that it made to her when she discovered she was a Mechanic profile. Because her son was doing engineering, seemed to like to be by himself and didn’t really engage that much in conversation she assumed that he must also have a lot of steel energy and be either a Lord or Mechanic and in order to try and get through to him both mum and dad communicated with lots of details, facts, figures, measures and so on.

And wondered why they just got a grunt back! A few weeks ago, when things were really coming to a head at home and at college Corey had the opportunity to be profiled too. And boy were they in for a surprise that was! He is not a Lord or Mechanic, he’s totally a Star!

The Talent Dynamics for Young People Profile Test

Mum and dad were really shocked at the time but then, it all started to make sense!

“Out of curiosity they began to change their communication style with him started to show him information, talk to him bigger picture and not go in to lots of detail about everything”

Low and behold he’s starting engaging in the conversation again to their delight. Mum realized that the exams that he had really excelled in had been oral exams where he had to present the topic and speak about the subject and he loved the attention and found it really easy. It made her think back to when he was little and would read him stories and it was the short stories he loves not the long ones with lots of facts in them. She thought back to his prom and how he was the one who had chosen not only a really loud suit to wear but insisted on the awesome top hat that went with it.

Beginning to Change

With this new found knowledge of who Corey really is life is beginning to change. Not only are they talking to him in different ways but they are encouraging him to explore job roles that are more in line with his star profile. If he is going to do engineering as a career perhaps his role will be in promoting new ideas, new systems, shining the light on the engineering world and it’s accomplishments. They are encouraging him to start a video blog reviewing and promoting new games, and advancements in technology.

“He has a great way with words, loves to be on camera and is awesome at sharing what’s good about a product and how to make it even better.”

Plus he has the technical knowledge to add credibility to his passion and therefore be really influential.

Really Starting to Shine

She told me that they had limited him in their expectations because of their assumption about who he was. Its funny, now that they have given him the gift of the profile, they said they couldn’t believe that they didn’t see it before and that they totally see the Star – they can’t believe they missed it. Well, maybe that’s because in trying to get him to live as someone else the Star lost his shine and now he’s getting it back again and life is easier, more exciting and definitely more in flow for him.

I wonder how many other young people are there like Corey who are struggling because we have judged them for who we think they are or expect them to  be instead of who they really are and should be allowed to be?

Teejay Dowe will be leading one of the Break- Out sessions at the Trust Conference on September 11th.

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Doubling the size of your Training Business in 2014

Vicky Jennings joined Talent Dynamics as a Performance Consultant in March 2011, having already built IPS, a very successful Registered Training Organisation in Australia. Very soon after that, Vicky also took on a Master License in Talent Dynamics, allowing her to train and accredit other Performance Consultants across Australia.

By implementing Talent Dynamics principles in her own training business and by helping clients see significant results, Vicky saw revenue double in her own company within 6 months and then increase more than 10 fold within 2.5 years to become a multi million dollar company!

To find out more about how you can use Talent Dynamics to double your growth in 2014 contact for a free consultation


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Case Study – The Maintenance Boys by Helene Kempe – Australia


Helene Kempe

Helene Kempe is one of our Step Two, accredited Performance Consultants based in Australia

Attached to this link is a case study from one of her clients The Maintenance Boys in Australia

Within 9 months of a one day workshop, the Maintenance boys had tripled their revenues and have a way this will be sustained in the company as new team members are integrated

Read the full case study here 


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Case Study: CSTC Australia submitted by Vicky Jennings

Vicky Jennings is not just one of our accredited Performance Consultants in Australia. Vicky is actually the Master Trainer and Master License Holder in Australia.

Attached to this link is a case study from one of her clients CSTC construction skills training centre. 

Within 6 months of the one day workshop with Vicky, they have seen enrollments and revenues go up by 20% and with less staff they now have a greater output!

Read the case study here 


Vicky Jennings Master License Holder/Trainer for TD in Australia

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Case Study – NHS

UK based Step 2 Performance Consultant Helen Williamson specialises in leadership programmes and development with senior teams going through organisational change.

Helen ran a one day Step One programme with the Business Support team for Birmingham Public Health.


How the programme has impacted

For the new leader the impact was immediate as it gave them the confidence that this was a good team that they would be leading, and that it had all the right mix of elements within each of the individuals.

The change in the type and depth of conversation that the team has was immediate, creating openness and a flexible approach. Already they have seen the benefit of this when they were unexpected without a team member for an extended period, as there is a new energy within the team that brings them together which the leader says is “palpable”. They are achieving more as they are now more focussed and aligned and have moved more rapidly into the “norming” stage.

Read the full case study here


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Case Study – Britvic

UK based Step 2 Performance Consultant Helen Williamson specialises in leadership programmes and development with senior teams going through organisational change.

Helen ran a one day Step One programme with the Britvic GB procurement leadership team.

How the programme has impacted

The change in the type and depth of conversation that the team has was immediate, creating openness and an immediate understanding and correlation of the alignment of individual strengths to key business activities and when not; the impact on working relationships and performance.

There has been a much greater awareness, not just of, where their individual value lies, but they can now see more clearly how they can effectively capitalise on each other’s talents to create improved results. It has also increased their awareness of their potential blind spots, so that they can consciously deal with these, to enable better and more complete solutions to be achieved.

Read the full case study here 

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Case Study: Beauteco

Submitted by Laura Carrick UK Performance Consultant.

Laura specialises in working with clients in the Spa and beauty industry. Here is a case study from one of her recent clients, Beauteco.

Beauteco’s turnover has increased by 76%, since the programme 6 months ago.

Salon utilisation is up from 47% to 69% currently and growing, following a Step One, one day programme.

Team members are much more engaged and absence is virtually non-existent. Click here to read more 

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Free Step One Programmes for Charities/Social Enterprises/NFP’s

An early Christmas Present!

As you know, we run high impact, high return on investment programmes. Our one day Introduction to Talent Dynamics programme, generally sees at least a £100k ROI within 12 months for a team of 10-12 people. Usually, a one day programme is priced at £2750/AUD$5000

Every month, we are accrediting new Performance Consultants, either in UK/Australia/South Africa or Japan. These new Consultants are really keen to get some experience running programmes straight away and they would love to get their experience in an organisation that is also making a real difference itself.

We have run a few free programmes to particularly deserving enterprises. Here’s one such case study from Inner Flame in the UK.

We want to help our Consultants to get real experience in running programmes as soon as they are accredited, at the same time as making a contribution to the community, by running free programmes for deserving charities/NFP’s and social enterprises.

If you know of, or you run a cool charity/SE/NFP with a team of at least 10-12 people who would love to experience one of our programmes and you are based in one of our trading countries (or you are willing to fly someone in to run a programme), please send  details to, telling us more about what you do and why you would love to be part of this programme.


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