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A Profiling Workshop – Sysmex Middle East’s Story

Saad Kayali, the Managing Director of Sysmex Middle East, a subsidiary of Sysmex Europe GmbH, had his Talent Dynamics profile done and liked the results so much he asked Susan Castle, Performance Coach & Flow Consultant, to do the same for the entire top level of his company!

There were six managers at this level:

  1. the Managing Director,
  2. the Marketing Director,
  3. the Logistics Director,
  4. the HR Director,
  5. the Sales Director
  6. the Operations Director.

As global leaders in vitro diagnostics and automation services, the managers seemed to have no immediate issues. All communicated well with each other and as a team were seamless.

Uncovering Issues

The issue was they tended to focus on areas they knew they were brilliant at – for example the conception of ideas, but they had blind spots in other areas, i.e. putting things into action.

On completion of their individual Talent Dynamics profiles the explanation became obvious.

Out of the six people on the team, four were Mechanics including Saad, one was a Lord and the other was a Creator profile.

This lack of Blaze and Tempo energy explained why they were good at brainstorming, but not so strong at following through. They were very tunnel focussed and tended not to go for bigger targets those with a more Blaze energy would instinctively do.

Talent Dynamics Workshop

Saad then asked Susan to run a leadership development training session to decide what changes, if any, needed to be made to their management set-up.

“I wanted the Heads of Departments to understand their own profiles, master their own talents as well as ensure that these talents are put into good use for the team and the company. Having a team that is well-honed and performing at their best can only be good for business.”

During the workshop they looked at what was stopping them from setting bolder financial targets. Was it a Dynamo, Tempo, Blaze or Steel problem? The managers ended up with about 30 or 40 different things blocking them.

After narrowing down these blocks further, the underlying core issue became apparent:

the truth was there was no one in that room with the specific kind of business power or ability to deal with Blaze or Tempo challenges.

What Kind of Energy Are You Missing From Your Team?

Each of the directors left the workshop motivated and full of clarity. They had a deeper understanding of what was stopping them from achieving higher targets and more importantly, who to go to in order to solve any issues and help achieve these new goals.

Susan says, “Sysmex found, through the test, that the management roles fitted them quite well but the workshop helped them to leverage these strengths by highlighting them and showing them how they could be leveraged to improve team communication and performance while reducing stress.”

Saad is now planning another workshop for the next level of management in the Sysmex team and we’ll keep you posted on how much of a difference this one also makes!

 “I think Talent Dynamics is a great opportunity to maximize the harmony within the team, to get the needed group mindset and perspectives of “what else we can do”; and thus develop a healthy change culture, opting always to challenge our own achievements and parameters to yield further milestones in the journey of success.”  – – Saad Kayali, Managing Director of Sysmex Middle East

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What’s new?

Congratulations to the 2 new groups of Flow and Performance Consultants accredited in August in both the UK and Australia and welcome on board to the new consultants ‘in training’ from Los Angeles, who I met this month, whilst I was in LA. Welcome to the Flow everyone!

It’s all systems go at TDHQ, as we have less than 2 weeks now until the Trust Conference 2014 on September 11th in central London. We are all very excited and are in the final stages of planning the day out… 800 HR professionals and business leaders will be in attendance (with another 500 joining the livestream online!)

If you don’t have your ticket still, you can book here for a ticket (or a livestream place if you can’t make the conference on the day) or call the office direct on 01772 634994

The conference is CPD accredited, so will also count towards your points…

This month, I’ve seen sight of the first draft of the new profile test we are working on with top TD sales trainer and popular blog contributor, Nicci. The new test ‘Talent Dynamics for Sales’ is ideal for sales people to find out the best roles in selling for them and how they approach sales opportunities understanding their clients frequency and therefore buying decisions. Nicci will be running a breakout at the Trust Conference on Trusted Sales, so you can learn more about it there too!


PS. I’ve just come back from Los Angeles, where Roger James Hamilton, Creator of Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics was presenting his Millionaire Master Plan Conference. Roger is one of the keynote speakers at the Trust Conference and you can also get to see him as he brings his phenomenal 2 day conference to London on the 6th and 7th.

Click here to register to attend the Millionaire Master Plan Conference 

The Talent Dynamics team will be there too so do come and find us to say hello!



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Flow Consultant E-learning – 30 Pilot testers needed! Could it be you?

We will be launching our Fully automated E-learning Flow Consultant Accreditation in April this year and are looking for a small group of 30 coaches/trainers/consultants and line managers from around the world to take part in a pilot programme during March and April.

The E-learning programme will allow participants to do the full Flow Consultant accreditation, without having to attend one of our regular 2 day workshops in person.

This means you can do the learning and the accreditation from the comfort of your own home/office and start using Talent Dynamics immediately with your clients and team!

Flow Consultants becoming accredited through this route will not only get the full training and accreditation to become a Flow Consultant but they will also receive the bonus online business development training that sets them up for immediate success as a new Flow Consultant.

The Pilot programme:

  • The pilot testers will receive the full training and accreditation required to become a Flow Consultant and the business development training for immediate success after accreditation
  • Instead of receiving the standard 10 profile tokens as part of your initial training valued at £500, you will receive 25 tokens, valued at £1250 which means you can get straight into Flow with your clients!
  • As fully accredited Flow Consultants, you will also have access to all the tools, resources and ongoing training available to the Talent Dynamics community
  • Oh and if we need to make changes or upgrades as a result of feedback, you will have access to all of these as well.

To register your interest and for more information click here

What we will be asking of you in return:

  • To complete the training within the agreed timeframe during March and April
  • To provide us with feedback on the programme, its usability, standards of content etc
  • To be great Flow Consultants, assisting your clients to get into and stay in Flow!

How to get involved

Click here to register your interest in being part of this programme and to get more information on how you can get involved. We will only be taking the first 30 confirmed names on this pilot programme, so if you are interested, please register here today!

The first 30 members of the Pilot programme will be able to attend this accreditation at a discounted rate of over 66%.


Online Flow Consultant Accreditation 2/3 December

We have been running our 2 day Flow Consultant accreditation workshop online and have had some great feedback from attendees about their online experience.

Whilst we physically run the workshops currently in several countries (UK/Australia/Japan/USA/Dubai/China and Taiwan) for those people that can’t get to a physical workshop for any reason, this is the best way to get accredited from the comfort of your own chair!

The 2 day accreditation is highly interactive and engaging and just requires you to have a good internet connection, a computer and your availability for 2 days!

The December online workshop has just 2 places remaining and will run 2/3 December

Book your place here or Contact direct, if you want to know more about the programme first.


Nathalie Baron – Flow Consultant Switzerland

“When I decided to do the online training to become a Flow Consultant, I must say I was a little septical: is it really possible to learn the skills without being in a training room?! And the experience has been amazing!! Yes it’s possible!! We really had a great training, with practical exercises, and a lot of valuable sharing and discussions with the trainer and the other participants. I can say I learned as well, if not maybe better, from the comfort of my home, because focused and attentive to what was happening on my screen. Despite the distance and the technology we created a powerful, authentic and fun learning atmosphere. I promise, you can trust the online course, it really works!” Nathalie Baron Flow Consultant Switzerland


Talent Dynamics launches into China!

I’m really excited to announce that so quickly after last months launch into Taiwan, Dr Brian Schwartz and his team are now translating and launching Talent Dynamics into China as well.

Brian and his team have joined our highly skilled Master License Holder/Trainer set and will be running their first Flow Consultant Accreditation, in China, in September 2013!

Dr. Schwartz is a psychologist and a leading expert in the fields of Career and Talent Management with a practice that extends 37 years and includes over 1700 career planning clients, over 500 executive assessments and several thousand additional assessments and coaching assignments in corporate and university settings.

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TDHQ news

Michelle ClarkeIts all go at TDHQ! So much in the pipeline that we are excited to be sharing with you in the coming months!

We’re gearing up for some really cool Web interviews on Trust, with Stephen MR Covey,  Roger James Hamilton and Daniel Priestley, all of whom will be speakers at the upcoming Trust Conference in September.

We’re supporting Paxton and Shila, as they get set to launch Talent Dynamics into Taiwan next week. Look out for news on the TD profile and reports going live in Slovak and Chinese soon too…

Our first Online Flow Consultant Accreditation has proven very popular indeed. The July pilot we mentioned last month, filled up really quickly and we know from the feedback we have received, that this is much sought after, so we are working to bring you more dates and news on how you can get accredited wherever you are…

We’re also busy creating the Trust Test, which will go live in July! A free test that you can take to measure your trustworthiness!



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E-learning Flow Consultant Accreditation Opportunity! 50% discount

Our Flow Consultant Accreditation (FC) is an extremely popular product globally. As the entry level accreditation to becoming a Consultant in the Talent Dynamics Pathway: Accredited FC’s get to work one on one with clients, helping them to understand their own profile in depth and creating powerful strategies to enabling them get into Flow.

We are very excited to announce that we are now building a programme to accredit Flow Consultants anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to the internet and skype.

E-Accreditation Pilot Opportunity

We are running our very first E-accreditation pilot in July and are looking for 5 individuals, who have been wanting to get accredited but haven’t been able to make it to one of our ‘globally local’ workshops, to be part of this pilot.

To thank you for taking part in the pilot and providing us with valuable feedback, we are making this accreditation available for 50% less than the face to face Accreditation training and giving away £1250 worth of product to help get you into Flow as a new FC.

Normally priced at £1500 with 10 free profile tokens (valued at £500)

We are making this just £750 with 25 free profile tokens (valued at £1250) to the first 5 to register.

As well as getting the full accreditation training and certification, you will also receive the full range of value available to Flow Consultants as part of their ongoing license.

Click here for more details on the benefits of becoming a Flow Consultant 

To register your interest, simply email with the word ‘E- accreditation’ in the header and your full contact details/skype ID in the email and we will get back to you to book an initial appointment.

Typically FC’s are coaches, trainers, consultants, line managers or business owners who really care about helping others get into and stay in Flow.

Dates to keep free for the accreditation:

July 15/16th 0830-1800 GMT


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Michelle’s news

I’m literally just back in the office after 3 weeks in Australia, where I met with some incredible new Consultants who are getting accredited with us in June and July this year. I also had chance to catch up with and share inspiring stories with our existing Consultants and Master Trainers in each city too.

Everyone was asking me ‘When are you bringing the Trust Conference to Australia?’ So, watch this space…

Speaking of which, tickets for the Trust Conference  in London this year are selling out fast. We have just issued some new group booking tickets as so many people are bringing their entire teams.  Check out the new speakers just announced this month! 

Congratulations to the new groups of Flow Consultants and Performance Consultants who have joined us in the past month. 3 groups in the UK,  including a brand new group of Flow Consultants who have been accredited in our very exciting new programme: Talent Dynamics for Young People. A programme specially created to assist 9-16 year olds to get into Flow!

Oh by the way, just so you know the difference:

Flow Consultants are accredited to work 1-2-1 using Talent Dynamics. Typically, they are coaches, mentors, line managers or new trainers.

Performance Consultants are accredited to work with teams and entire organisations at a transformational level and are usually very well established trainers, consultants and facilitators.

If you want to find out more about either of these accreditations, drop me a line for more information

Have a fabulously Flow filled month ahead!


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Introducing the new Flow Consultant Master License Holders

We recently invited a group of our high performing Performance Consultants to come on board as Flow Consultant Master License Holders or FCLH’s for short!

This new license level will enable Robin, Teejay, Neville and Sylvia to directly train and accredit Flow Consultants themselves.

Flow Consultants

Flow Consultants are trained and accredited to use Talent Dynamics as part of their line management/coaching and work mainly one on one using the TD profiles. Carrying out an empowering Talent Dynamics debrief on a member of your team is a skill we know many more of you would like to have so this is a great opportunity now we have 4 new Trainers who have joined our ever expanding team!

 4 new Flow Consultant License Holders

Teejay specialises in working with young people. Teejay will be running Flow Consultant accreditation training for people who already work with young people and would now like to use Talent Dynamics as one of tools in their kit bag.





Robin is an expert in Leadership training and is the first License Holder in the USA to offer Flow Consultant accreditation there!






Neville is a specialist in the development of Trust and improved Performance. He works in the world of Financial Services and wider Human Resources and has 30 + years of experience.





Sylvia is a consumate networker who specialises in training women in business who want to make a mark on the world





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TD 2.0 launching at Fast Forward Your Business event in the UK next week!

Congratulations to the newest group of accredited TDPC’s from the UK! Here they are pictured with Master Trainer Jan and myself in Oxford.

By the way, we are super excited here at TDHQ! We thought we should let you know why!

We’ve been busy these past few months working closely with Roger James Hamilton, Creator of Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics on the new and improved TD reports and TD book. The reports have doubled in content and value with information on leadership styles, environments, communication styles and much much more! Click here for more information about how you will be able to get your free upgraded report, if you have already taken a TD profile test with us in the past.

TD 2.0 will be ‘going live’ on the 6th September at the Fast Forward Your Business Events in London and Manchester, with Roger, along with his new book about Talent Dynamics!

I’m delighted to be going to both events with Roger, along with a group of our TD Consultants and we would love to see you there too! If you are in business and want to know how to build business exponentially whilst ‘future proofing’ it against the major waves of change coming our way, then come and join us for an amazing value packed day. There are still a few tickets available for both cities! Click here for more information and to access tickets for either  city

Here’s to a fabulously filled Flow month ahead!


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