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Individuals and teams in flow are doing what they want to do, are happier doing it and leverage other team members in flow

DT’s Tower: Divergent, Profiling and Talent Dynamics

I recently went to see the film “Divergent” in the cinema.  The plot in summary:

“In a futuristic dystopian Chicago, society is divided into five factions: Abnegation (selfless), Amity (peaceful), Candor (truthful), Erudite (intelligent) and Dauntless (brave), based on their personalities. Beatrice Prior is in Abnegation, the faction that looks after the poor and the factionless, as well as runs the government; though she has always been fascinated by Dauntless.

Young 16-year old citizens have undergone aptitude test using a serum to indicate which faction they would really fit and which they would need to choose on the Choosing Ceremony.   Beatrice’s test has resulted different attributes of several factions (Abnegation, Erudite and Dauntless), which means she is Divergent. Since Divergent people can think independently and government cannot conform their thinking, they are considered threats to the social orders. These are the reasons why she needs to keep her true test results a secret.”

The film deals with one of the big objections to profiling, individuality and conformity.  How can a test capture the unique characteristics of an individual?  Can you really reduce a person to a category?

The short answers are “it can’t” and “you can’t”.  But underlying these questions is a more powerful question.  “Why take a profile test in the first place?”

In the film the answer is because that is how society is ordered.  On the surface this does seem like a good idea, and fits with Talent Dynamics’s philosophy.  People doing what they are good at are more productive and happier.  If you can understand yourself to a greater depth, you will grow.

Now, in our society it is not compulsory to take a profile test.  So why take one?  Again it is down to understanding yourself and others.  In Talent Dynamics it is about finding out your route to Flow, a route to a more focused, productive and stress-less work/life.

The film’s profile offers no recognition of individuality.  If you don’t conform to one of the profile types (or Factions) then you are dangerous as the profile is there to control you and society.

And this is where people often get unstuck.  The Talent Dynamics profile is not an end point but a starting point.  It’s not trying to put you in a box.  Here’s why:

  1. Your profile is made up of characteristic ‘energies’ Dynamo (Creativity), Blaze (People), Tempo (Timing) and Steel (Information).  Within the profile is an energy frequency or mix as EVERYONE is different they will have a different mix of these energies.  The profile is simply a trend towards the strongest energy.
  2. Sometimes a profile will resonate with you more strongly than the test result.  A profile debrief with a Talent Dynamics consultant can help challenge the results and unpick why you are drawn to another profile.  It could just be that the profile is wrong!
  3. The profile describes how you work, not who you are.  I am a Lord in a creative industry… doesn’t mean that I can’t be creative but my approach is more methodical and slow than a Creator (though I have quite a bit of Dynamo in my profile).  Your profile can help you find a role you are better suited to OR let you explore different ways of working to the strengths of your profile that will naturally help you into Flow.
  4. Although many people who take the Talent Dynamics profile test have an ‘a-ha’ moment when they get their results, the profile is not a quick fix or a one shot answer.  It is a road map that can help you learn more about what makes you tick, guide you through challenging situations or when making important decisions.

Oh … and the film is pretty good too! 🙂

How about you?  Do you try and conform to the Talent Dynamics profile or are you ‘divergent’?  How do you approach this?

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Flow Consultant E-learning – 30 Pilot testers needed! Could it be you?

We will be launching our Fully automated E-learning Flow Consultant Accreditation in April this year and are looking for a small group of 30 coaches/trainers/consultants and line managers from around the world to take part in a pilot programme during March and April.

The E-learning programme will allow participants to do the full Flow Consultant accreditation, without having to attend one of our regular 2 day workshops in person.

This means you can do the learning and the accreditation from the comfort of your own home/office and start using Talent Dynamics immediately with your clients and team!

Flow Consultants becoming accredited through this route will not only get the full training and accreditation to become a Flow Consultant but they will also receive the bonus online business development training that sets them up for immediate success as a new Flow Consultant.

The Pilot programme:

  • The pilot testers will receive the full training and accreditation required to become a Flow Consultant and the business development training for immediate success after accreditation
  • Instead of receiving the standard 10 profile tokens as part of your initial training valued at £500, you will receive 25 tokens, valued at £1250 which means you can get straight into Flow with your clients!
  • As fully accredited Flow Consultants, you will also have access to all the tools, resources and ongoing training available to the Talent Dynamics community
  • Oh and if we need to make changes or upgrades as a result of feedback, you will have access to all of these as well.

To register your interest and for more information click here

What we will be asking of you in return:

  • To complete the training within the agreed timeframe during March and April
  • To provide us with feedback on the programme, its usability, standards of content etc
  • To be great Flow Consultants, assisting your clients to get into and stay in Flow!

How to get involved

Click here to register your interest in being part of this programme and to get more information on how you can get involved. We will only be taking the first 30 confirmed names on this pilot programme, so if you are interested, please register here today!

The first 30 members of the Pilot programme will be able to attend this accreditation at a discounted rate of over 66%.


They say youth is wasted on the young.

Janine Clark – Master Trainer

Well with talent dynamics that doesn’t need to be the truth. 

Since completing my talent dynamics training I’ve been having a fabulous time achieving new levels of insight with clients but how many of us just can’t help going home and sharing this with our nearest and dearest, the people we love the most. Here’s how talent dynamics is helping my young man not waste his youth.

My son is a 6ft 3 bundle of ‘Supporter’ energy.

Did we know he was a supporter? No. He’s made it to head boy in his school and his charisma, engaging nature and ability to inspire people to use their potential, and his loving insight into people could have given it away, but we didn’t know…

So how has knowing helped him?

Being young and a supporter is a challenge, he has a natural ability to feel for people yet hasn’t had the time to build the sophistication he needs to maximise his ability. The biggest thing the knowledge has given him is a sense of why he does what he does, the way he does. What it has given me as his Mum (read free resident coach) is an understanding of how to help him balance his care of others, and his empathy, with care for himself. It’s allowed a discussion about boundaries and where supporting others becomes a sell-out of himself.

In a matter of weeks I can see that he has a much better strategic ability to see the big picture of how he can make a difference, and really look after himself too. The knowledge of his profile has allowed me to offer very specific and gentle dialogue to learn life lessons now, rather than at the other side of some pain and disappointment. It’s also allowed him to see the true value of his nature, what he brings to each situation.

So is it more that ‘Youth is wasted on the young who don’t have the insight into being in flow?’

I’m one Mum who thinks so. 

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Web interview with Mike Southon – October 10th 0830 GMT

I am delighted to be interviewing Serially Successful Entrepreneur and Beermat author (and the MC of the September Trust Conference!) Mike Southon on October 10th at 0830am

Click here to register for the interview

The Boardroom Entrepreneur

Large organisations often envy the speed at which small companies can generate implement new ideas

However, the internal processes, which are vital to the successful delivery of their products and services, can stifle innovation

Mike Southon is an acknowledged expert on entrepreneurship in large organisations, often called ‘intrapreneurship’, based on his second best-seller The Boardroom Entrepreneur

In the last ten years he has worked with many large organisations on intrapreneurship in both the private and public sector, including Rolls-Royce, Novartis, Accenture, Buckinghamshire County Council and The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

During this interview, Mike will show you how you can build up trust in your large organisation to ensure a flow of new ideas and their successful implementation to deliver real bottom-line benefits as well as reduce absenteeism and improve staff retention.

Register your place and post any questions you have here 

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Online Flow Consultant Accreditation 2/3 December

We have been running our 2 day Flow Consultant accreditation workshop online and have had some great feedback from attendees about their online experience.

Whilst we physically run the workshops currently in several countries (UK/Australia/Japan/USA/Dubai/China and Taiwan) for those people that can’t get to a physical workshop for any reason, this is the best way to get accredited from the comfort of your own chair!

The 2 day accreditation is highly interactive and engaging and just requires you to have a good internet connection, a computer and your availability for 2 days!

The December online workshop has just 2 places remaining and will run 2/3 December

Book your place here or Contact direct, if you want to know more about the programme first.


Nathalie Baron – Flow Consultant Switzerland

“When I decided to do the online training to become a Flow Consultant, I must say I was a little septical: is it really possible to learn the skills without being in a training room?! And the experience has been amazing!! Yes it’s possible!! We really had a great training, with practical exercises, and a lot of valuable sharing and discussions with the trainer and the other participants. I can say I learned as well, if not maybe better, from the comfort of my home, because focused and attentive to what was happening on my screen. Despite the distance and the technology we created a powerful, authentic and fun learning atmosphere. I promise, you can trust the online course, it really works!” Nathalie Baron Flow Consultant Switzerland


An interview with Sue Swanborough


On 30th August at 8.30am I’m excited to be interviewing one of the UK’s leading authorities on building a Trust Culture, Sue Swanborough.

Sue is the HR Director of General Mills – one of the largest food companies in the world (you may be more familiar with some of their brand names, Haagen Dazs, Old El Paso, Green Giant…)

If you’re a CEO or HR Director, and you want to build more trust and increase employee engagement in your organisation, this interview will really help you.

Register here

General Mills has implemented a world class Trust culture and is frequently on the ‘Best companies to work for’ awards lists, amongst others.

On this call, Sue is going to explain how building a Trust Culture has contributed to General Mills business success and what they do to maintain and continuously improve it.

Join me to find out:

  • How they built a Trust Culture
  • What worked, and what didn’t work!
  • The link between a high trust culture, employee engagement levels and business results
  • How they maintain and continue to build a high trust culture
  • The practical steps you can follow in your business/team that really work

Register here





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TDHQ July News

Hi there everyone,

With just 7 weeks to go until 850 people attend the worlds first Trust Conference, things are hotting up here at TDHQ as you can imagine!

With this months announcement of Helen Urwin and Shaa Wasmund joining us, we now have a full line up of totally amazing speakers, designed to inspire, share, teach, network and amaze you! If you haven’t yet got your tickets, please make sure you get them soon, as this event is quickly filling up! Click here to get your tickets today

We are moving offices next week, to somewhere with much more space for our expanding team. Please bear with us next week if we don’t get back to you as fast as we normally do… We will get back to you as soon as we are all connected up!

Oh and make sure you keep a space clear for my interview on 6th August at 0830 GMT with Richard Barrett. You can learn how the most successful organisations in the world are the values driven ones and how to create one!

Have you taken the brand new and free TRUST test yet? Over 1000 people already have. You can discover where you are most trusted by others and how you can use that to further build trust in the future. Click here to take the test today 

Have a flow filled month ahead! Michelle

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Una’s Vlog: Destiny, Churchill & Your Business

“It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at one time” ~ Winston Churchill

In this vlog Una Doyle explains how Winston Churchill’s quote about the “links of destiny” applies to your business

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The TRUST test

We’re really excited at TDHQ! At the end of July we are launching the TRUST test! but you can already take the test for yourself and discover where you are most/least trusted before the official launch!

The TRUST test is a free facebook app that measures where you are most Trusted and therefore able to add the most Value to your team and organisation and where you are least trusted. As well as taking the test for yourself, you can have your friends and colleagues take it for you as well so you can see what they think!!

Once you have taken the TRUST test you will be able to access all kinds of cool and specific tools that help you to personally work on the way you increase the levels of TRUST others have in you!

Click here to take the TRUST test today

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Unas Vlog: Getting into Flow by letting Go

In this months Vlog. Una explains how each of the different frequencies can get into Flow by letting go of something…


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