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Individuals and teams in flow are doing what they want to do, are happier doing it and leverage other team members in flow

Michelle’s November news

I was told recently by a client that my news reads like a ‘smug diary of my glamourous travels’ Well, this month is no exception!

I’m writing this from my hotel room in Tokyo where I am running the first ever Japanese PC Accreditation here, with our Master License Holder, Tamami. We have got a group, of very cool, Performance Consultants in training and the whole workshop is being delivered in Japanese – well, the bits i’m delivering are being translated!

We also took the opportunity this week to run another Taster Session at the British Embassy here in Tokyo, where we already found some great new partners for the next Accreditation workshop in Japan in March!

If you are interested to know wether being a Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant would add value to your current role and company, we have some great, limited attendance webinars coming up for you to find out much more. To find out how to register yourself or someone you think would benefit for one of these webinars, please drop me a line. asking for more details.

Have a fabulously Flow filled month ahead!


PS Please look out on next month’s news, for details of how you can be the first to register for the amazing opportunity in January, with the new Talent Dynamics for Sales materials!

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Unas spotlight: Strengths vs Waste Soapbox

Though I’m a very positive person, today I feel the need to get on my soapbox about the money and time that is wasted on training and development trying to fix peoples weaknesses. Why is it that people can know something intellectually and yet not act on it? How many people are out there in organisations that know that it is better to focus on and develop people’s strengths but don’t actually do it?

Research has shown that when people spend too much time working in their areas of weaknesses they are likely to burn out over time. A key source of stress is people not working in their flow. From a Talent Dynamics perspective what I mean by flow is somebody being on their path of least resistance, where they are doing what they are naturally good at and really adding value helping others to be more effective. When people are out of flow they often find the work more challenging, it usually takes them longer to do and is likely to be of a lower quality.

Here in lies what I call ‘the curse of competency’. This is where people have the ability to do an activity, even though it isn’t an area of strength and usually would be done much better by somebody else. Often this task or activity will repeatedly crop up in appraisals as a point to work on.

Yet when training and development budgets are spent on developing people’s strengths and their associated skills then you can anticipate a much higher return on investment. Development doesn’t stop just because you have discovered somebody’s strengths and areas of flow! You can now be much more focused and discriminatory about where you invest.

You can bet that your employees will not want to waste their time acquiring knowledge or learning skills that will take them out of flow either. Being in flow often taps into their inner motivation and means that they have much more fun at work too, which will increase retention of your best performers.

So what can you do today about this? Well if you’re responsible for training and development budgets, see if you can get to the bottom of poor performance. Is it really a lack of skills or knowledge, or is the person out of flow? If they’re out of flow then no amount of development is going to help them very much. You simply can’t develop what isn’t there in the first place…

Instead look to work with them and their line manager to tweak their accountabilities. What do they love doing? Where do they think they can really add value? Sometimes it’s just about letting them do something in the way that suits them and their strengths. Teach them the strategies that work best for their strengths and watch their performance soar.



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Michelle’s October news

I’ve just returned to the office this morning from Bali, where I was mentoring at the Wealth Dynamics Masters Programme with Creator of TD and WD Roger James Hamilton. Such a fabulous environment and space for Entrepreneurs from all over the world to take a week out of their businesses and create fantastic flow

filled plans for the next 12 months, with many of those businesses now looking to double in size in the next 12 months.

Its also a great opportunity whilst there to focus on the plans for growth within TD and Jan one of our Master Trainers joined the programme as a participant to do just that!

Special Opportunity to dramatically change the results your team are getting!

The results you have in your business today and in your life are all directly related to the planning you did yesterday. If you’re not satisfied with the results you are getting and know you could get much more, then its time to create a better plan.

We run a Talent Dynamics version of the Wealth Dynamics Masters for clients who are looking to get massively improved results.

Typically, clients have doubled their results within 12 months of following our programme. Its a 3 day workshop called Meaningful, Measurable, Profitable Change and its known as Step 2 on the Talent Dynamics Pathway.

We are looking for just one UK based company who is motivated to see dramatic improvements in their results right now to work with us!

Oh and we are offering a staggering 50% off the RRP for the right team!

To find out more and to see if your team can qualify to take part in this extraordinary, one off opportunity, please contact me directly on or on 07775578371 to find out more about the criteria and timings.

Here is a case study from one of our clients who attended this programme.

Have a fabulously flow filled month ahead!



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Unas Spotlight: The success equation

During a recent Talent Dynamics Profile Debrief session, I was explaining a key principle and the client suddenly got it. In fact they gave me a whole new metaphor for it, which I said I would share with you.

We were discussing how this person’s lack of focus is having a real negative impact on their business. Typically when this happens with people their energy is dissipated across too many projects. That will have an impact on the people who they are interacting with as the vibe they give off is likely to be more scattered than focused. Even if they don’t realise why, that scattered approach can stop people buying from you or even wanting to work with you.

At some level they’ll have a gut reaction that you’re not really committed to or perhaps not confident about some aspect of the product or project. Stop for a moment, do you remember ever thinking that something would be very logical to do but for some reason you didn’t because it just didn’t feel right?

Another result of this lack of focus is that often they don’t complete things or see them right through to fruition. It can be a great way to have lots of motion – which feels good – yet little progress.

A key distinction that we use at TDHQ when dealing with this situation is that just because you have a garden full of plants and busy (with weeds in it too) that doesn’t mean that you necessarily have a great garden. Even pretty weeds can have a dramatic negative impact on the flowers. Multiplication is sometimes about division. Remove a large patch of weeds and suddenly a small patch of flowers come into bloom and grow rapidly.

If you think of the word ‘integrity’, one of its meanings is ‘the state of being complete or undivided’. It’s about being whole and complete like the number 1. The point this client made is that if you are less than 1, i.e. divided into fractions then that’s a problem when you attempt to multiply your results. You see, when you multiply a fraction it keeps getting smaller!

Whether you like maths or not I know everybody like’s adding up their profits. If you want the sum of your profits to increase, then increasing your focus is definitely an equation for success.

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Today! It launches today! With an amazing Opportunity for the first 50 to take action…

We are delighted to finally bring you our lovely new shiny affiliate/reseller site. Today is launch day!! 

Oh and there is a special opportunity for the first 50 to land here and take action…. (But be quick, we already sent this offer out yesterday to a large group of people who pre-registered for the information, many of whom have already taken action and our Sister company Wealth Dynamics is mailing out to over 120,000 on their list as well today!)

This new site is where you can go to buy Talent Dynamics Profiles in Bulk at a generously discounted rate, to resell to your clients. You can also register yourself as an affiliate and receive a thank you commission from us, every time you promote and sell a profile via your link!

Special Launch Opportunity!

For the first 50 quick off the mark companies – or just up until 30th June, whichever comes first, you can access this amazing opportunity!!

For Just £499 / AUS$749

  • 10 profile tokens for immediate use with your team (value £1,000/$1,500)
  • A full set of all 8 Talent Dynamics Profile Reports in detail (value £299/$499)
  • An Audio from one of the UK’s leading HR Directors on how to build effective teams using Talent Dynamics
  • The full Talent Dynamics E Guide

Each of your team upon taking the test, will receive back a full 10 page report detailing their strengths and challenges in your team and highlighting the best roles for them to increase trust and flow and the roles to avoid as they can destroy trust and flow!

All this for only £499!

Click here now to go straight to the offer page!

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Unas Spotlight:A Different Perspective on Problem Solving…

I was ill recently and I woke up one morning with a strong feeling to go to acupuncture, something I haven’t done for years. When the acupuncturist was taking my history I realised with shock that I’ve been experiencing this recurring issue 2-3 times a year for seven years! I had learned how to mitigate it, alleviate it and sometimes stop it happening when I spotted early signs. Quite simply, I had gotten used to it, time passed and I wasn’t thinking about different perspectives on the problem.

In fact the only reason that I started thinking about doing something was because I usually am only off work one or two days when this happens but this time it was the best part of a week and frankly I was fed up of not being my usual high energy, dynamic self.

I wondered, how often does this happen in business where problems become part of the furniture, the way we do things? How often do we just accept somebody’s poor performance in a particular area of their role and we just work our way around it. Yet what about the underlying causes? What if they could be addressed in a different way from a different perspective?

Don’t put up with poor performance. When you establish each person’s strengths and how they add value, then you can help them get into flow and leverage that within the team by allocating accountabilities where they will be most easily met. Why insist that somebody get good at something that they probably will never excel at? It just doesn’t make sense. Instead of having well-rounded individuals, have well-rounded teams and watch your performance, productivity and profits grow.

Don’t put up with other business problems either. One of the benefits of applying Talent Dynamics is that you know who to get involved for their different perspectives. When you bring together different profiles on key business issues, you really see the distinct value that they bring. Each profile will have a different focus; a different way of thinking that adds its own unique value. For instance, if you are a Creator or Star profile you are likely to come up with an idea to solve a problem. Yet especially when you’re in a team or larger organisation it may well be a people or process issue that you can’t innovate your way out of. In this situation a Lord and/or Supporter profile will know what to do.

I’ve heard it said that when you move into a new home, anything you don’t get fixed up in six months probably will never get fixed because you just get used to it. So take a fresh look at your business, your home and your life today with a new pair of eyes and even better, get people with a different perspective from you to also take a look. You may be surprised at what they spot and how easy it is to fix something that – even though it may not have been on your radar – will really add to your bottom line and improve your flow.

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Fantastic Opportunity to celebrate the launch of!

Hooray! In the middle of June goes live! This is the site where you will be able to buy the Talent Dynamics Profile test in bulk for use with your teams. You can also register, either as an affiliate or reseller and promote the profile test yourself!

We see tremendous shifts for the teams discovering their profiles. Teams that have increased their productivity, seen dramatic increases in revenue and profit. Teams that are in flow, happier and more fulfilled.

To celebrate the launch of the new site later this month, we are offering a really special opportunity to a very limited number of our clients and we dont want you to miss out!

This note is to give you special advance notice to be ready to find out about and take action on the opportunity.

To make sure you get to hear before anyone else does, you simply need to register here – this will give you a whole 24 hours notice to take action before everyone else gets to find out!

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Recording of interview with HR Director of General Mills 18.5.11

Thanks to so many of you for logging on to this call on wednesday. We have had so many requests to share the recording again, so  Here is a copy of the recording if you missed it.

Sue Swanborough UK & Ireland HR Director for General Mills shared about creating effective teams in General Mills. What their strategy is and how Talent Dynamics has been integral in this strategy.

At times it sounds like I’m just talking right over Sue and that’s because of the delay between us versus the way the recording has played out!

Anyone who would like to book a free one to one with a member of our  team, to find out more about our Accreditation Programme we highlighted, please just click here and we will get back to you in the next few days.

Have a great week ahead, Michelle

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Jans Corner: Selling time v's providing value

Recently I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine, lets call him George, who runs a division in a successful sizeable business. George loves what he does but would like to cut a bit of time he directly spends in running the business and hire a manager who could help him out with the execution. 

When he presented it to his COO Larry, Larry – a numbers driven kind of guy – said ok but immediately added that George needs to cut his pay accordingly. Now this may make sense, right? Less time running the business, less pay. Moreover, the new manager needs to be paid something and there is a limited budget. Conventional logic. Full stop. 

Wait a moment. 

What if we challenged that thinking just a little bit. What are we really paid for in business, as managers or employees? It is more time spent in the office or more value added to the business? 

The answer seems obvious. So obvious we often forget about it, particularly if we’ve been in the business for a long time. 

Why is it so easy to go down the money for time route? Because we don’t see the value we are adding or have a hard time articulating how it would benefit the business. Like a butterfly who doesn’t see his beautiful wings, we rarely see the value we bring to the table. 

Our greatest value is linked to our natural talents and strengths, as we enjoy doing these things and become good at them. Plus, each and everyone brings something else to the table. I talked about it many times before. The trick is to be able to give your talent and skill effectively to others – in minimum possible time. That creates real value. 

For instance:

  • How could the fact that you are creative help others on your team to do their job better or the business to spot and seize new opportunities?
  • How does your buzzing extroverted nature (and the fact you know everyone) allows for better collaboration and accelerated achievement of the whole team?
  • How does your sense of timing and ability to empathise keep your customers and colleagues happy and well served while things get done?
  •  For whom would your analytical mind and eye for detail make most difference? When and where? 

I suggest you ponder your talents and wonder whether you are giving them effectively to others. You may even ask those around you what is the greatest value you give them. 

Now back to my friend. George is extremely fast and creative. He can have five business altering ideas before breakfast and most of his creativity comes when he is not in the office. Spending more time running the business actually diminishes his value. If he instead dedicated a fraction of his time to creating new products and initiating new projects – rather than routine business management and client development some else can do better – he said he could possibly triple or quadruple the business within a year. That would not only easily pay for an extra manager (or even a whole new team) but also paradoxically justify that for reducing his time involvement, he should actually be paid more not less. Now that is unconventional logic, isn’t it? 

What if that unconventional logic could be applied to what you do? How you could double your results in half time, add real value and enjoy the ride all at the same time?


Down Under to pave bigger way – Local Businesses – Blackpool Gazette

Article Published in the Blackpool Gazette on Wednesday 18 May 2011 09:46

A BUSINESS development firm has launched an international division following huge success in Australia.

Freckleton-based Talent Dynamics, run by Michelle Clarke, has seen demand for its Pathway programme grow following a series of successful meetings on the continent.

The firm calls itself the number one business development pathway for accelerating trust and flow which, Ms Clarke admits, does baffle some people initially.

She said: “Our concept is actually quite simple.

“We believe trust and flow should be the focus of big companies, but too often they concentrate solely on revenue and profit at the expense of what’s occurring in their own organisation.

Read the full article here  Down Under to pave bigger way – Local Businesses – Blackpool Gazette.

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