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Una's Spotlight: Filmmaking in Flow

Last week I had a holiday with a difference. For a start, I didn’t have a very long journey, just in and out of Manchester every day to a filmmaking Boot Camp event so I could have fun, acting. It was a huge amount of fun and I probably learnt as much as I would have done on a year-long film production course!

I met a diverse range of people whose profiles ranged from the highly creative yet detailed (and perfectionist!) Mechanic directors to the Accumulators who were more concerned that everything was done on time. The introverted Lord sound engineers to the Creator musicians composing film scores and soundtracks. Those who created improvised films (extroverted Creators and Stars) to those (introverted Creators) who spent hours poring over scripts to perfect every nuance before filming. Many of the stars were indeed Star profiles, often providing entertainment for the whole group. It was so clear to see in this environment how the different Talent Dynamics profiles can work together to produce such amazing work – around 50 short films in only one week – whilst having a ball! Now that’s what I call flow…

Yet in business that isn’t show business, sometimes people find it hard to grasp the concept of one person being accountable for one thing instead of trying to do everything themselves. I realised one of the reasons for this when I decided to make a film myself too.

I have no clue how to operate a camera and I don’t know how to edit a film. At the start, I didn’t know what went into sorting out locations and planning for a film, let alone the post-production that is often also necessary. Of course I can take photos and do quick videos on my mobile phone but this is kind a completely different game!

So I had no choice but to seek the help and expertise of others and put a team together. I wrote the script and got two great scriptwriters to input to help me make it better. I sought direction on my direction from a great director. I recruited a cameraman, a production co-ordinator, an editor, a musician (for music when the titles and credits are rolling) and a graphic artist (who did an animated title). I’m told the result was the best first film the group has ever seen (it’s been running for around five years) however I don’t think that’s necessarily because I’m so brilliant…

As a Star Profile yes, I am very visual and creative and also have the people skills to be able to connect with my actors. however I truly believe the real reason is because I assembled a diverse team of different skills and talents. Every single person on the team inputted in some really valuable way to the end result. I could not have achieved this on my own as I did not know how to translate the vision in my head onto the screen and indeed just don’t have the talent to do certain roles.

However in business people have often been educated or trained to do everything and aren’t forced to make that choice. So what is the situation in your team or business? Are you being a whole team yourself, or have you spread the accountabilities related to different types of talent to the right people for the job? After all this is much more than simply delegating. It is leveraging each person’s talent, skills and knowledge to transform your results.

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