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The importance of Connection at Christmas

Talent Dynamics has been a lifetime member of B1G1 since we started. I’ve always believed in giving whatever you can give. Money, time or resources. Whatever can make a difference to someone else’s life and I’ve always had my businesses support that in someway in the past as well.

When I found out that less than 7% of all giving, was from businesses, I was shocked. I wanted to make a stand overtly with Talent Dynamics and help to reverse that trend. So we started to let others know we give through B1G1. We even give certificates to our accredited consultants so they know that it was their participation that had enabled the giving.

and the best bit… its not about signing £1000 cheques. In fact, with B1G1, the giving starts with as little as 10 cent. You (or your customers can) choose the amount and the impact you want to make.

100% goes to the project too. B1G1 have set it all up that way.

Every time someone buys a Talent Dynamics Profile Test from us, we give water to a family.

Every time someone completes an accreditation workshop with us, we educate a child in India for a month and so on…

1 Million Giving activities

We found out recently, that through our efforts and the friends we have introduced to B1G1, over 1 million giving activities have occurred! We are all really proud of the community that have been a part of this amazing contribution and connection.

As it closes to Christmas, a traditional time of giving, as a business owner or leader, I urge you to take another look at where your business can be even more connected in a way that’s meaningful to you, your customers and the team that work with you.

Please do check out B1G1 

Thank you and a very Merry Christmas!




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TDHQ November news

Let me start by congratulating our 3 new Master Trainers, Susan Castle, Janine Clark and Steve Linder,  who have recently been accredited and are now themselves, training Flow Consultants in the Middle East, Europe and the USA respectively.

Susan Castle, Janine Clark, and Steve Linder pictured with Trainer Teejay Dowe


In November, I was mentoring at Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Masters programme. I  was delighted to have Teejay Dowe and Rebecca Mitchell from Talent Dynamics for Young People join me, alongside a global group of Entrepreneurs, for what was a week of intensive and inspired business planning for 2014!

Wealth Dynamics Masters November 2013


We had 2 other important events in November. Our annual Global Partner Conference, with 40 of our Consultants from all around the world, congregating in the UK, for news of the Talent Dynamics plans for 2014… More on these plans and how you can benefit, from the exciting new events and products in the coming months!

Congratulations are also in order for our 8 new Step 2 Performance Consultants, who were accredited in Preston last week and are now accredited to run our Meaningful, Measurable, Profitable Change 3 day programme. MMPC (as we like to call it for short) helps organisations double their results within 12 months and is a really exciting paradigm shifting programme to participate in!


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TDHQ September News

Trust Conference

What a fast and fabulous month we have had. On the 10th September we ran the first ever Trust Conference in London, with Stephen MR Covey as our keynote speaker. Over 800 business leaders attended, all focused at one thing – Creating a more Trust filled world.

Here’s a brief video that has captured some of the highlights if you missed it.

Gallery of Pictures from the 2013 Trust Conference 

Oh and do look out on our You tube channel in the next 2 weeks for more content from the speakers!

We have already booked in next years event in London for Thursday September 11th, which will also mark the Trust Awards Ceremony as well. For those that cant make it to London, we promise we will live stream it next year so you can ‘come along’ too.

We will also be supporting the worlds first Trust Conference for Teenagers in the Spring, hosted by Teejay Dowe our Master License Holder in Talent Dynamics for Young People. More on all of these events in the coming months!

October is going to be really busy with accreditation trainings for us at TDHQ, we’ve added some extra dates due to the demand from the Trust Conference. We have new consultants joining us for accreditations from Egypt, Switzerland, Dubai, USA and Norway, which means TD will be available in 17 countries from October! Contact if you want any further information on any of the accreditation levels.

After all the work of the Trust Conference, the TD team enjoyed a thoroughly good night out at the BIBA’s 2013,  where Talent Dynamics was in the finals for Exporter of the Year – we partied till the small hours of the morning!

Here’s to a flow filled month ahead!


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TDHQ August news

It really is just 3 weeks today that we run the worlds first Trust Conference in London with Stephen MR Covey as our keynote speaker. With a host of other internationally renowned experts in building Trust, including Sue Swanborough, HR Director of General Mills.

General Mills is one of the largest food companies in the world and an employer of choice and I’m really excited to be interviewing Sue on the 30th August to find out how, in General Mills, they practically implemented a very strong Trust Culture. So please, save the date in your diary and read more below to hear how to build trust from a truly practical perspective!

We already have 650 people booked to come to the conference, so please, if you are planning to be there with your team – book your tickets today, as places are limited 🙂

You can register for tickets here

Also, this thursday at 0830 for all women leaders, I’m being interviewed by globally recognised ambassador and coach of Extraordinary Women Bea Benkova. See below to book on this webinar.

Have a flow filled month ahead!



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A Supporter’s Story (inspired by a Lord)

Inspired as I was last month by David’s guest blog – a Lord’s Story, I decided to write a Supporters Story (or at least some of it anyway, as us Supporters always have a lot to say!)

To Create or Support?

I remember when I first discovered I was a Supporter profile after taking the Wealth Dynamics test – our sister company – back in 2006 (before Talent Dynamics was even a twinkle in my eye!) I was disappointed… Yes, I wanted to be a Creator! I thought they had all the fun. Of course that was before I understood Flow or anything much about the profiles at all in fact.

At the time, I was running my then new management development training company, trying to be a Creator. I was trying to create new and innovative trainings and programmes for an abundance of clients who had heard about how forward thinking my content was…

I’m not sure who I was trying to fool the most. Myself or my clients. Most of my ‘original ideas’ had come from my experiences working in a highly creative training team at Marks and Spencer during the 5 years previous.

Supporters are great at taking things that are innovative, that already work, to new markets.

As I started to get to grips with the Supporter profile. I saw more and more of who I was and who I wasn’t. I could see that I was running out of ‘original ideas’ for my clients who, by now, had high expectations of the creative content, that I was struggling to keep up with offering to them. In fact, I found the whole creative process really challenging.

It could take me a full week to design a one day programme and I still wasn’t happy with it and yet I could meet with a potential client and in the space of 30 minutes they were asking me to work with them… That work was so much more fun for me too!

Supporting the Supporter…

So the first thing I did was find a mentor, who could help me understand my profile. (My now good friend) Daniel Priestley who I had just met, was perfect for that role.

Did I mention how Supporters just love to talk about and promote other people?

He shared some strategies with me as a Supporter that I could try. He suggested I attend Roger James Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Weekend. This was a pivotal weekend in my life that explained so much! Little did I know that 4 years later Roger and I would be business partners in Talent Dynamics (that can be another story for another day).

One of the strategies included finding a Creator in my industry who loved Creating but didn’t enjoy meeting the clients, networking and selling (all the bits as a Supporter, I just love).

This was brilliant!

A Supporter’s Team

Now I had a Creator who was able to quickly and easily create the amazing programmes I was promising the clients.  I also found a Trader who did a brilliant job at delivering the programmes over and over to the larger clients (Traders are great when they can learn content that they can deliver over again with grace).

That was the first time I experienced Flow consciously.  Business was booming and my team were having lots of fun and feeling valued!

Looking back I can see there were other times in my life I had experienced Flow but I hadn’t realised it was something you could create and that there was an easy strategy to making it happen.

I also was able to see the times when I was so far out of Flow, struggling to get a result and feeling like a failure. They were just times when I was focusing my energies at tasks that were the opposite of my natural profile.

Like the time when I was an assistant HR Manager in my early twenties. That role was all about the numbers, productivity, efficiencies, measures and adhering to policies. How I got through that role looking back now I do not know!

Even today, I’m still not good with the numbers. I can do them and I do them but even basic arithmetic in my head I find challenging.  I have a calculator on every desk and an Accumulator that does the numbers for me in my team!

I couldn’t understand how one of my colleagues was so good with the numbers and the details and she remembered every last policy in that massive HR manual… (of course she was an Accumulator)


Today I get to co-create Flow with my team. We know how to do it and can quickly and easily measure who is most in and out of Flow and take actions accordingly. I get to line manage the team, which I love to do as a Supporter, to see them grow and reach their potential.

I get to connect with the 200 TD Consultants globally and Support them in finding their flow, whilst building the community. I meet amazing people to build partnerships with and I get invited to lots of parties…

Those that enjoyed David’s blog last month will be pleased to know, we have persuaded him to do some more guest blogs from a Lord’s perspective!

Are you a Supporter?  Do you work with any Supporters (or suspect you do)?  What’s your view?


Female Leadership of 21st century: 22.8. Webinar with Bea Benkova & Michelle Clarke

In fact the role of female energy is shifting. The understanding the 21st century Female Leadership, helps you to sustain long term results and competitiveness of your organization.

McKinsey & Co. research shows that women’s development programs appear to have a strong impact on results and are often under the radar.

But the question is, what is the fundamental impact on the existence and performance of organizations & businesses and society?

On Thursday 22nd August at 8.30am, I’m excited to be having a conversation with globally recognised ambassador and coach of Extraordinary Women Bea Benkova about ‘Female Leadership generating trust and flow’.

Bea, the founder of Global Institute for Extraordinary Women, stands behind the success and transformation of many women around the world. For a number of years she has been helping women on five continents to find inspiration, discover their talents, realise their dreams and fulfil their purpose.

Get all the information and register here

On this exclusive call I’ll be having a conversation with Bea about where we are at as humanity and why ‘NOW’ is the time to understand the female element, how is female leadership and the impact on organizations & businesses.

Click the link below to register your place on this free online interview

I look forward to seeing you there!


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Values – an interview with Richard Barrett

Without question, Values-driven organisations are the most TRUSTed, and the most successful on the planet.

Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Virgin, PRIDE themselves on their core values.

But the question is, how do you make your organisation values-driven?

On Tuesday 6th August at 8.30am, I’m excited to be interviewing internationally recognised author Richard Barrett about how to build a values-based organisation.

Richard is a highly regarded thought leader and author on the subjects of values, culture and leadership in business and society.

Get all the information and register here.

On this exclusive call I’ll be asking Richard all about the 4 conditions for high employee engagement, and specific tools you can use to measure employee engagement in your organisation.

Click the link below to register your place on this free online interview.

I look forward to seeing you there!







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TDHQ July News

Hi there everyone,

With just 7 weeks to go until 850 people attend the worlds first Trust Conference, things are hotting up here at TDHQ as you can imagine!

With this months announcement of Helen Urwin and Shaa Wasmund joining us, we now have a full line up of totally amazing speakers, designed to inspire, share, teach, network and amaze you! If you haven’t yet got your tickets, please make sure you get them soon, as this event is quickly filling up! Click here to get your tickets today

We are moving offices next week, to somewhere with much more space for our expanding team. Please bear with us next week if we don’t get back to you as fast as we normally do… We will get back to you as soon as we are all connected up!

Oh and make sure you keep a space clear for my interview on 6th August at 0830 GMT with Richard Barrett. You can learn how the most successful organisations in the world are the values driven ones and how to create one!

Have you taken the brand new and free TRUST test yet? Over 1000 people already have. You can discover where you are most trusted by others and how you can use that to further build trust in the future. Click here to take the test today 

Have a flow filled month ahead! Michelle

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Stephen MR Covey interview

On Monday 24th June at 5pm I’ll be interviewing New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal best seller Steven M R Covey!

Click here to register now

Covey’s book ‘The SPEED of Trust’ has changed the landscape of how we look at the way we do business, and on this exclusive interview, Stephen will explain how trust drives employee engagement, enables success in the midst of change, and is the greatest leverage for executing your top priorities.

You really won’t want to miss this interview – LIVE at 5pm on Monday 24th!

Click here to register your place

‘See’ you there,


PLEASE NOTE: The recording of this interview will not be made available afterwards. The only way to listen is to be on the live call!

Register now


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Birthday Party and Customer Appreciation Event


I’ve been invited to share the stage with Dan Bradbury at his 30th Birthday Party & customer appreciation event…

So pencil these dates in your diary right now (June 22nd and 23rd at London Heathrow)

If you’re already busy, perhaps you’ll want to rethink your schedule…

Even juggle things about…

Especially when you read about the event here:

You can choose any donation amount to get your ticket

I really think you’ll love the line up of speakers Dan has arranged:

Daniel Priestley will be revealing The ‘Entrepreneur Sweet Spot’ How To Have The Passion, The Money And The Inbound Enquiries

Daniel Wagner will be revealing How You Can Become Known As The ‘Go-To-Expert’ In YOUR Niche Almost Overnight!

Jeremy Harbour will be revealing all about growing your business without marketing (you bet that got my attention!)

Topher Morrison will be revealing 9 ways to profit from Business Coach Training

Nick James will be revealing his 5-step content delivery system that guarantees happy attendees AND sales!

I’m sure you’ll agree that’s an amazing line up of speakers!

Plus I’ll be revealing all about ‘Building Trust to deliver High Returns’ and

  • Why Trust is such an important Value to build in your organisation
  • How it directly impacts Business results
  • How can you personally improve the level of Trust others have in you
  • How you can measure the level of Trust you currently have in your organisation
  • Specific steps you can take to quickly and easily to improve Trust levels
  • And more…

So will you join me at Dan’s event?

Perhaps we can grab a coffee during the breaks and chat business?

To secure a spot – You can choose any donation amount to get your ticket

I almost forgot to mention all ticket sales are going to headways charity, so attending this event, not only will help your business grow, but YOU will be making a huge difference to so many people who benefit from the charity.

Michelle Clarke


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