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Michelle’s Feb news

I had a fabulous start to my February with a trip to Australia. I was over on the Gold Coast to run a workshop for these lovely people who have now become accredited partners with us through our Master License Holder in Australia.

I had some time with Vicky Jennings, from Brisbane, who became a Performance Consultant in June of last year and she told me how since becoming a partner with us, her training business has seen a 100% increase in bottom line and is on target to treble in the next 6 months!

I thought that absolutely deserved to be made into a case study video here for you to see!

If you run a training/business development/recruitment company and are curious to know how becoming an accredited partner can impact your revenues in a similarly positive way, why not register for a free live webinar here, where I can explain much more about it.

It was also delightful in February, to discover that we had got through to the finals for the Red Rose Awards in 2 categories. There are a few of us donning posh outfits for the ceremony on 15th March, which should be a great event!

Have a fabulously flow filled month ahead!

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Michelle’s January news

Michelle ClarkeI’m writing this, as Master Trainer, Jan flys back to the UK from Johannesburg, where he ran the 5 day Step One Performance Consultant Accreditation workshop with our first ever group of PC’s from South Africa! I skype dialled the group, on Friday last week, to hear their feedback and discuss their next steps. Already, one of the new PC’s on Friday, (in his lunch break) called one of his clients to tell them all about the benefits and they immediately booked a programme with him! Another one of the PC’s was able to supply a key client with 50 profiles straight away. (Not to mention the £1.8M of strategies they uncovered, to implement into their own Training companies) Now that’s what we call Flow…

It’s January and what is January without a January Sale? We are launching the TD for Sales E-Guide this month, with an extraordinary opportunity to get your Sales teams into Flow – Please don’t miss this opportunity as its really limited!

I’m heading to the Gold Coast in Australia, to run an Accreditation workshop next week with Vicky our Master License Holder in Australia. Vicky and the team at IPS Talent are running regular workshops across Australia this year if you want to join us out there as a TD accredited partner. I’ve been told to pack my sun screen – it’s hard to imagine looking outside my office window right now but I’m sure i’ll get used to it 🙂

Have a fabulously Flow filled month ahead!











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Michelle’s December news

Already its December – we’ve just had the first snowfall in the UK! I remember this time last year when we also ran an accreditation workshop in December, it snowed on the final day – I had joked last week that it might snow again on the final day on Friday and it did!

Still, it didn’t stop us accrediting 5 new Flow Consultants and 7 new Performance Consultants from across the UK, Slovakia and the USA! Big Congratulations to all of them. In January, we are running Accreditation training in both South Africa and Australia. There are a limited number of places still available on both. For more information about either, just drop me a line.

I promised last month, I’d let you know about the fabulous (but very limited) opportunity to be amongst the very first in the world, to get your hands on the amazing Talent Dynamics for Selling E guide!

The Talent Dynamics for Selling E guide, has amazing value content that we at TDHQ have been super excited about sharing with you!! If you are in a sales roles and want to massively increase your results, you will find a lot of value in this E guide! It shares such nuggets as how to work out which TD frequency your client is and then how to best sell to them, plus lots more great content.

You can click here for a sneak preview of the first few pages!

We will be releasing a special newsletter about the promotion on January 6th so you can be the first to take advantage of it via some of our selected TD Consultants around the world.

Look out for the newsletter, as the opportunity is strictly limited to just 100 and will allow you to purchase profiles and Selling E guides specifically for those in your team accountable for sales at a significantly reduced rate!

So it just remains for me to wish you and your loved ones, a very very Merry Christmas and a magical New Year filled with Flow!


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Michelle’s November news

I was told recently by a client that my news reads like a ‘smug diary of my glamourous travels’ Well, this month is no exception!

I’m writing this from my hotel room in Tokyo where I am running the first ever Japanese PC Accreditation here, with our Master License Holder, Tamami. We have got a group, of very cool, Performance Consultants in training and the whole workshop is being delivered in Japanese – well, the bits i’m delivering are being translated!

We also took the opportunity this week to run another Taster Session at the British Embassy here in Tokyo, where we already found some great new partners for the next Accreditation workshop in Japan in March!

If you are interested to know wether being a Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant would add value to your current role and company, we have some great, limited attendance webinars coming up for you to find out much more. To find out how to register yourself or someone you think would benefit for one of these webinars, please drop me a line. asking for more details.

Have a fabulously Flow filled month ahead!


PS Please look out on next month’s news, for details of how you can be the first to register for the amazing opportunity in January, with the new Talent Dynamics for Sales materials!

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Michelle’s October news

I’ve just returned to the office this morning from Bali, where I was mentoring at the Wealth Dynamics Masters Programme with Creator of TD and WD Roger James Hamilton. Such a fabulous environment and space for Entrepreneurs from all over the world to take a week out of their businesses and create fantastic flow

filled plans for the next 12 months, with many of those businesses now looking to double in size in the next 12 months.

Its also a great opportunity whilst there to focus on the plans for growth within TD and Jan one of our Master Trainers joined the programme as a participant to do just that!

Special Opportunity to dramatically change the results your team are getting!

The results you have in your business today and in your life are all directly related to the planning you did yesterday. If you’re not satisfied with the results you are getting and know you could get much more, then its time to create a better plan.

We run a Talent Dynamics version of the Wealth Dynamics Masters for clients who are looking to get massively improved results.

Typically, clients have doubled their results within 12 months of following our programme. Its a 3 day workshop called Meaningful, Measurable, Profitable Change and its known as Step 2 on the Talent Dynamics Pathway.

We are looking for just one UK based company who is motivated to see dramatic improvements in their results right now to work with us!

Oh and we are offering a staggering 50% off the RRP for the right team!

To find out more and to see if your team can qualify to take part in this extraordinary, one off opportunity, please contact me directly on or on 07775578371 to find out more about the criteria and timings.

Here is a case study from one of our clients who attended this programme.

Have a fabulously flow filled month ahead!



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Michelle’s September news

Sharing some case studies in Cape Town

I’ve had a sensational September, travelling to new places and meeting new faces with lots of firsts… First time in a British Embassy overseas, first time on safari!

I joined Roger James Hamilton, creator of Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics on tour for the month. Roger was running his Fast Forward your Business event in Tokyo, London, Johannesburg and Cape Town and so I took the opportunity to share the Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant Accreditation in all these cities too. We now have our first 2 workshops in Japan and South Africa booked and filled for November and January respectively.

It was my first time in a British Embassy overseas and first time in Japan and it was particularly exciting that I was  presenting and launching TD right there in the Embassy in Tokyo! Thanks very much to the UKTI for supporting us with such a grand venue – Our guests really enjoyed the experience. They needed to bring their passports just to be able to attend! We had some great new PC’s join us in Japan, including the Head of Training for Body Shop and a member of the Fujitsu team that created the worlds fastest super computer!

On stage in Johannesburg with Roger Hamilton

It was also my first time in South Africa and as soon as we landed in Johannesburg on the Friday, we hopped on the next flight over to Kruger National Park where Roger, Penny and myself spent the weekend on safari!

We then went on to fill an accreditation workshop in South Africa as well.

Taking a mid tour break, with a safari at the Kruger National Park!

I’ll be heading out to Bali mid October with Jan our Master Trainer. Twice a year we take time out as a team, to work on our business plan. For one of those planning sessions, someone from the team heads out to Vision Villas in Bali, where we attend Rogers Wealth Dynamics Masters programme.

This year, I’ve been asked to join the mentor panel, which I’m really excited about and Jan is participating on the programme. Tamami our Master license holder  in Japan will be there too, along with some of the Performance Consultants from around the world, so it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Have a fabulous flow filled month ahead!


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Michelle’s August News

As you read this, ill just be boarding a plane and heading off on a mini-world tour with Roger James Hamilton, Creator of Talent Dynamics, as part of his Fast Forward your Business Tour. If you are in Tokyo, Cape Town, Johannesburg or London on these dates, we would love to see you there and you will be privy to some amazing insights about how to future proof your business.

Following the successful launch of TD in Australia earlier this year, I’m really excited to announce that we will be launching TD in Japan and South Africa, with our brand new Master Trainers there, in September, as part of the FFYB tour!

We start the tour in Tokyo with a lavish launch of Talent Dynamics at the British Embassy on the 2nd September. Tamami Ushiki, who heads up Wealth Dynamics in Japan, has become a Master Trainer for Talent Dynamics. Tamami and her team have translated all the materials into Japanese and on 2nd September, 30 HR Directors/Heads of Training, alongside independent coaches and trainers are meeting with us at the Embassy, to see how they can use Talent Dynamics to transform their organisations too (photos etc to follow next month!)

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, today, our lovely new updated website goes live! We have had so many changes in the past year, with us moving at such speed, the website became cluttered and hard to follow – some people said they just couldn’t tell what we did! So we have refreshed and revitalised and updated it, with much more information about our powerful accreditation programmes and how you can become a Performance Consultant. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Oh and we have had great feedback from the first 50 people we showed our new and updated TD E-guide to, as it comes with a host of other special bonuses too, including a video with my 7 top tips for creating high performing teams! Feel free to download them here.

Have a fabulous flow filled month ahead!


PS Next month ill be able to spill the beans about Talent Dynamics for Selling!! We are creating for you a whole series of E books by profile on the best way for you to sell to other profiles – its gold dust in an E guide!!

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Michelle's July news

Receiving our certificate for new business of the year from the BIBA's

Wow, what a month it’s been! We have trained and accredited 20 new Flow and Performance Consultants from 4 different countries! Australia, UK, Japan and USA. You can ‘meet’ and read more about them all here. Our newly accredited Consultants have already been running one day programmes, special launch events and profile debriefs with their corporate clients!

During this month we have also attracted 3 really exciting and very talented Master Trainers, who are going to be rolling out our Performance Consultant Accreditation Training with their clients! More on who are our new Master Trainers and what they will be doing, next month…!

Our new profile test website went live, which very quickly generated a lot of activity and we have been welcoming scores of new partners and affiliates who are now promoting the Talent Dynamics profile test and generating revenues for themselves in the process. You can still sign up as an affiliate or reseller if you missed the launch.

We also ran our very first event using Talent Dynamics for Schools. I have had heaps of people ask me about this and how to access it, so I’ve included an update as one of the blogs this month as well.

Oh and I picked up this lovely certificate on behalf of the team last week, from the BIBA’s at their rather fun cocktail party as we were finalists in the New Business of the Year Category!

Have a fabulously flow filled month ahead!


Ps if you are a Coach/Trainer/Consultant/Training Manager interested in becoming a Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant and you would like to know more about what that means and the value to you, book a free one to one with the team. Just contact us at with ‘one to one’ in the header box!

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Michelle's June news

It’s mid way through the year and it seems at TDHQ that everything is happening in June!

Today of course marks the launch of our brand new affiliate/reseller website where you can earn money by sharing the principles of Talent Dynamics and flow with your friends and clients. If you have missed the launch, click here to check out the launch offer! The offer is limited to the first 50, so please dont miss out!

As you read this newsletter, Jan and I will be running a 5 day, Step One Accreditation workshop in Preston, then heading to Australia at the end of the month to train and accredit our first group of Performance Consultants on the Gold Coast! We have already filled 2 workshops in Australia and with demand so high, we have just this week released new dates for another programme in October!

Also in June, in partnership with our great friends and client HERO 500 teenagers across Lancashire are being the first ever Pilot group to take the Talent Dynamics for schools profile test anywhere in the world! I’ll then be running a special session with all 500 at the start of July so more on that in next months news!

‘TDS’ as we have nicknamed it here, for short, is aimed at young people from 9-16.  If you want to know more about how young people can participate, or you are currently an education provider in the development world and are interested in how this can add value to your current product offering, drop me a line for more info

Have a fabulous flow filled month ahead!


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Michelles May news

Greetings everyone!

Here in the UK it feels like we have had Bank Holiday fever and I dont know about you but after all the long weekends I was ready to get back to a full 5 day week! Still, we have another bank holiday coming up at the end of May…

Last week we were delighted to be hosting our webinar with Sue Swanborough, HR Director of General Mills UK & Ireland. Sue shared about how General Mills create effective teams and how Talent Dynamics has played a role in that strategy over the past 12 months. We had lots of people asking us to see the recording of that interview, so here it is

I noticed this week as I was checking out some articles in HR Magazine, that Sue is a finalist for the HR Director of the year award! ‘Good luck from all of us at TDHQ Sue!’

In the month of June we are excited to be launching our new affiliate and reseller site for Talent Dynamics Profiles! If you want to be amongst the first to hear about the special launch offer, make sure you click here to leave us your details, as it will be a very, very limited offer… Ohh!

Have a fabulous month ahead! Michelle

Ps We had a lovely piece printed in our local paper this week, the Blackpool Gazette about our recent launch in Australia.

PPS I loved this recent blog from Roger on what is the best psychometric tool for business and wanted to share it too

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