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Michelle’s November News

I’m just back from Bali and writing this at 545am. My body clock still hasn’t quite adjusted yet! I spent the first week, with Roger James Hamilton (creator of Talent Dynamics and Wealth Dynamics) as one of the mentors at his international Wealth Dynamics Masters programme. I met a group of incredibly inspiring Entrepreneurs and as always, learnt heaps for myself too!

The next 7 days, I spent with a group of Talent Dynamics Performance Consultants and Master License Holders, who had flown in from the UK, USA, Australia and Japan.

During the first 2 day’s we held our first ever Talent Dynamics International Partner Conference and we have some awesome announcements to make in the coming weeks as a result of this conference – The first, I’m allowed to spill the beans about today…

A group of those Performance Consultants then stayed on for the following 5 days. Pictured below, this group are the first, amongst our 150 worldwide Partners, to become accredited at the Step 2 level on the Talent Dynamics Pathway. They are now accredited to deliver our 3 day Meaningful, Measurable, Profitable Change programme. Typically clients experiencing this programme are doubling results within 12 months!

So I’m back in the chilly UK now and as I said we have lots of exciting news to share with you in the coming weeks. Some of which I’m still sworn to secrecy on but as soon  as I can tell, I will!

What I can tell you today, is that in September 2013 in the UK, we are hosting the first ever Talent Dynamics Trust Event. Steven Covey Junior, Author of the Speed of Trust is joining us as our keynote speaker for the day. I’m really excited to tell you more about this and how you can join us, in the next few weeks, so watch out for updates on our social media sites coming soon…

Have a fabulously Flow filled month ahead!


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Testimonial from HR Manager at X Changing

Helen was recently accredited as a Step One Performance Consultant and has since run 2 programmes at X changing – both are set to create some excellent financial results in the next 12 months and she is set to roll out further programmes as a result!

“I was aware of Talent Dynamics and was interested to see the positive impact it would make on both the business and teams within an organization.  After a taster session, I decided to attend the 5 day accreditation process in June this year.  The course was fantastic.  I have since run 2 one day programmes internally. Already the teams are more engaged and ‘in their flow’ and we expect to deliver substantial savings within the next 12 months. The ROI is a definite value add for the business, individuals and teams. We are now looking at rolling out further”

Helen Butler

Reward & Benefits HR Manager

Xchanging Global Procurement Services

Fulwood Business Park, Caxton Road, Preston, Lancs, PR2 9NZ

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Case Study: Triumphant Events

“After finishing the one day Talent Dynamics workshop in December, we calculated, that as a result, we could add a six figure sum to our bottom line within 6 months and we are on track to achieving this. The team now have a shared language that really adds to the performance of our dynamic, fast-paced environment.”  

Marcus Ubl General Manager Triumphant Events

Why we were asked to work with Triumphant Events

Triumphant Events, one of the UK’s leading Entrepreneur training companies specialising in working with Entrepreneurs to create substantial ROI’s through their high impact, intensive development programmes. Incredibly Creative as a team and with very dynamic leadership, this team were never short of ideas to generate additional revenues but they were keen to find a way to become more focused and grow at an even faster rate. 

Well versed in our sister companies Wealth Dynamics system and with a number of new members in the team, they were also keen to have everyone understand the best way to get into and stay in flow as a newly extended team. 

Having had members of the team in various locations and roles up to December, they also wanted to provide an environment of added cohesion and clarity of accountabilities for the coming months 

What we did

 The Triumphant Events team completed Step One on the Talent Dynamics Pathway – a one-day programme called Understanding Primary Purpose.

On this programme, individuals in the team received their personal Talent Dynamics Profile Reports and began to understand the best way to create value within their team and how to leverage that value with each other. They started to have some real ‘aha’ moments about where individuals were most in and out of flow and how this could be impacting both their results and the level of motivation in the team .

 We took the team through our unique process for creating scalable ideas ‘Rapid Flow’ and showed them how to turn these ideas into clear and focused accountabilities. Ideas that were aimed at growing lead generation and sales. The programme created situations that allowed participants – both as individuals and as a team – to experience together, flow, in a very empowering way.

Whom we worked with in the Enterprise

The leadership and operational team UK 

Programme timings

One day programme.

How the programme has impacted

The main impact of the programme, has been the way in which the team are now better able to leverage the incredible value they were already delivering. This is the key to impacting revenue and profit. They have really prioritised their focus and have individuals with clear accountabilities, motivated to deliver. 

Ideas for revenue generation were already happening through the leadership team and so the programme empowered all levels in the company to get involved in this and to feel more cohesively connected to the organisation. 

6 months ahead of their original schedule, their signature programme KPI Accelerator (Key Person of Influence) is being launched internationally into Australia and negotiations are currently under way for a 3rd country. 

A tremendous amount of promotional content has been created and launched through YouTube and other means, which is having significant impact on both lead generation and also conversion rates – clients watching the content are attending sales meetings already having made a decision and interested in specific questions. The online KPI videos have had over 11,000 views to date. 

The Sales process and lead to conversion time has sped up following intensive focus and additional training support.  The sales team feel more empowered and confident in their roles and clear about their accountabilities within this. 

Powerful products, manuals and speaker cards have been created for the KPI programme, which has dramatically, further increased the value of this programme.

Overall, the team are operating at a significantly higher level of performance than they were in December. They are motivated, excited and connected.

For more case studies, click here

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Jans Corner: Resolutions. Setting Goals or Raising Standards?

The beginning of the year is a traditional time for new year’s resolutions or goal setting. We all have been there and done that – both in personal life and in business. We know that resolution time often starts with great enthusiasm and expectations but the results tend to be less impressive. Good intentions can turn into disappointments.

I stumbled upon some interesting research. According to the Opinion Corporation in Princeton, New Jersey, 62% of the surveyed people make New Years resolutions and achieve the following:

  •  8% are always successful
  • 19% achieve resolutions every other year
  • 49% have infrequent success
  • 24% never succeed and have failed on every resolution every year!

Practically, three out of four individuals are likely to fail to keep their resolutions or fall short on achieving their New Year goals! Why? 

Possibly in a moment of opportunity and inspiration – and sometimes desperation – on New Years day we take too much on. It is not easy to stop smoking off the bat, after many years or lose weight when you really love cookies. Same in business. For instance, changing poor customer service into exceptional, is not an easy task to do from day one. Increasing profitability is not just about quick cutting costs or a sales promotion but about adopting new ways of operating in business.

I suggest that we take it easy and little by little. By all means set important inspiring goals for the year but focus also on the small easy wins that can be done on a daily and weekly basis. The small things that don’t require a complete overhaul but just a tweak and a bit of attention or discipline over time. Like starting meetings on time (and with a clear agenda), following up with a potential customer within 24 hours, or saying thank you to a colleague who has done something we take for granted. One can only imagine the cumulative effect of these daily actions on the effective use of time, on sales, and on team motivation.

Small actions – done consistently – will effectively raise the standard of operating that also allows for achieving your goals easier. Like a football team who raises their standard of training, mental preparation and nutrition by a little and this way are able to score one goal more in each game. As a result they tie more games they would have previously lost and win more games they would have previously tied. This may mean the difference between top 3 league position (with its accolades) and being average or bottom of the ranks.

Where can you raise the standard in your business today? What are the little and easy things that when done consistently over the next month or quarter can make a big difference to your performance and achievement of your longer term goals?

Remember it is enough to just pick one for the start. I suggest you pick the easiest for you to do now. You can always take on another one next month and then another one the following month and this way gradually raise standards and build habits of success in your business.

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Supporter Profile smashes salon-opening targets by 400 percent

Talent Dynamics Pathway has unleashed a potential in me and my business that I never even knew existed. I believed Minola Salons could be a strong brand but I hadn’t guessed we would exceed all our targets by 400% in less than five months! We already have plans in place for the whole team to take part in Talent Dynamics Pathway and are getting ready to extend the Minola Salons brand across the UK!” Michelle Bagshaw, Owner/Director, Minola Salons

Why we were asked to work with Michelle from Minola Salons

Michelle was in the process of setting up in business after several years trading as a beauty therapist in another salon and had very little experience in entrepreneurship. The outcomes she wanted were to develop her leadership skills and to create strategies for successfully opening her first salon. The first Minola Salon was opened in June 2010.

What we did

Michelle undertook Step One and Step Two on Talent Dynamics Pathway at the Individual Level. She started to work with her dedicated Performance Consultant to set and create the Enterprise Vision two months before the Salon opened. Michelle was supported during this time through the creation of a very specific and robust strategy, one that resonated with her Talent Dynamics Supporter Profile and with the enterprise she wanted to create.

Michelle’s Performance Consultant worked with her on a monthly basis, supporting her through the implementation of her strategy, challenging her thinking and ensuring that her Enterprise Vision/KPIs were being delivered consistently.

Whom we worked with in the Enterprise

The owner/director of Minola Salons

Programme timings

Michelle had constant access to a Talent Dynamics Pathway Performance Consultant who also held one-to-one consultations on a monthly basis.

How the programme has impacted

Within one month, Michelle had increased retail sales directly by 500%. The Salon smashed its opening targets by 400%. Repeat business from new customers is running at 95%.

Within three months, the Salon had so much demand for business that they took on three new therapists and two receptionists. Opening hours have extended from five to seven days a week and current plans for Christmas trading include 24 hour opening.

Minola is in the process of launching its e-commerce site which is conservatively estimated to add an additional 100% to retail sales in its first three months.

Michelle has now extended the use of Talent Dynamics Pathway to her entire team. Talent Dynamics is running Step One with them as a team in October and we will share a case study of what happens next in April 2011.

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Measuring and building Trust and Flow

We worked with a team, recently, who placed a lot of value on skills and experience. Rightly so, their clients expected them to have in-depth, detailed knowledge on the subject matter they were delivering. Business success rested primarily on the individual’s credibility and ability to do just that!

We measured the levels of Trust and Flow in their organisation using our 360 degree measurement tool and shared with them their individual and team scores.

Being trusted to deliver

If you are trusted, you will be delivering value. Value is what ensures you have a place in the team, or a place in the market.  As long as you are delivering value, your clients will want to buy from you and your boss will see a reason for you to be in the team!

Teams need to achieve Trust and Flow for success

Team success is about being proactive with Trust and Flow and not reactive to market indicators

You just need to look at Apple to see how this is true. People buy products from them without even seeing them or touching them. They queue in the streets for hours to get the next new Apple product! They have a very high level of trust with their customers.

Creating Flow

Sustainable Leverage is created by measuring and managing Flow. Once you know you are delivering value, you need to ensure you are leveraging your resources effectively. Focusing on utilising your resources effectively, will  help you to further increase profitability.

Understanding this allows you to measure the effective leverage of each person in your team, based on the level of flow they deliver to others through communication, resources and profitability.


The team  members saw, from their individual scores, where they delivered the most trust and flow and were able to create blueprints to increase this. It gave them a whole new strategy for implementation that they could achieve quickly and easily, at no extra cost, but that would really impact on the bottom line. They reported to me very recently a significant increase in the team’s scores, communication and productivity levels!


In these fast-changing times, sustainability comes from measuring and refining trust and flow. Self-evident as this may sound, most companies are not measuring these two factors and work reactively to market and financial indicators. This is the equivalent of patching the symptoms and not treating the cause.

If you want to measure the levels of Trust and Flow within your organisation, contact us for a free consultation.

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August news

I have so much to share with you on this month’s update!

We launch our new website today and, as clients and friends of ours, you are the first group of people to view it here.

It’s got loads of information about Talent Dynamics Pathway TM which is a name we have coined to describe the concept of accelerating trust and flow in individuals, teams and enterprises. It’s the Talent Dynamics ‘pathway’ to success.

The website also shares what our clients are saying about us, with some initial case studies and our brand new, never-been-shown-before video, plus Getting In Flow, this blog, where we share heaps of tips and ideas on a regular basis.

We would love your feedback and comments! You can post a comment here, using your Facebook Profile to log in.

Michelle in Bali

Back to school for Michelle (Wealth Dynamics Masters Programme in Bali) - comfortable bamboo furniture and open plan walls. If she were going back to school, it would be THIS school!

I had the fantastic opportunity to take Talent Dynamics, the company, through Step 3 of our own Talent Dynamics PathwayTM this month! I spent a week in Bali working with Roger James Hamilton, the creator of Wealth Dynamics, and some business owners from around the world, going through, as a participant, the programme that we run with our clients, for Meaningful, Measurable, Profitable Change.

It was interesting to be on the other side of the fence, so to speak! I believe it’s really important to walk the talk here at Talent Dynamics. It’s no good being a landscape gardener and not tending to the flowers in your own garden now is it?!

I had a new photo taken as well this month: people kept saying the other one didn’t look like me!

Michelle Clarke


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