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TD 2.0 Launching very soon…

I wanted to give you some prior notice of an exciting update! Over the past few months, Roger and the team here at TDHQ have been working on the development of the Talent Dynamics Profile reports.

We’re calling it TD 2.0!

The updated report, as well as all of what you have come to expect, now also contains:

Explanation on Value and Leverage

The leadership style of your profile

How you communicate with others and the best way to get into Flow

The best environments for your profile to flourish

The emotional needs of each of the Frequencies

There is now information on all 8 profiles as well, so you can see at a glance an overview of the others in your team…

and much much more!

It’s grown from 10 to 18 pages and is packed with even more content about your profile!

We are letting you know now, as early in September, we will contact you to let you know that we are almost ready to go live with TD 2.0 and before we do that, as you have already taken a profile test with us previously, we want you to be able to download the new version of your own report, absolutely free.

The opportunity to download the new report for free will be available for a limited period only, so please don’t miss it.

In addition, we will also be gifting you a free copy of the new book that Roger and I have created about Talent Dynamics.

Look out for the updates coming from us in the next few weeks as you will have exclusive access to the new reports and the TD book before anyone else sees them!


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Momentum: The power of group flow

Roger James HamiltonRoger Hamilton makes a key distinction between flow and group flow. While the first gives us a sense of fulfillment, the second gives us a sense of achievement. Group flow is not just about harmony, but momentum. As Roger says:

“A team with momentum won’t even try and solve the problems that other teams are tackling, as they will be operating at a different level. Momentum has the power to lift metal, and a plane in flight doesn’t worry about sitting in traffic jams or missing their turn-off.”Roger James Hamilton

When a team is in momentum, small obstacles disappear. Decisions are made with certainty. No one wants to miss the boat, and attraction appears all around us. In his book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, John Maxwell wrote “Momentum is really a leader’s best friend. Sometimes it’s the only difference between winning and losing.” When Roger Hamilton asked Maxwell what distinguishes a manager from a leader, he replied: “A manager solves problems. A leader creates momentum. When you have momentum, the problems soon solve themselves.”

Maxwell gives the example of a train pushing against a wall. “If it is trying to push the wall from a standing start, it has a challenge on its hands. If it is approaching the wall at 100 mph, the wall really isn’t an issue.”

The benefit of Talent Dynamics is in its ability for everyone to move into their own personal flow, and synchronize with everyone else in the team to pick up team momentum. In the same way that a crew of rowers of an orchestra of musicians work together to create a new paradigm of performance, the purpose is not to solve issues at the current level, but to build momentum until everyone is operating from a higher level.

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Michelle’s August News

As you read this, ill just be boarding a plane and heading off on a mini-world tour with Roger James Hamilton, Creator of Talent Dynamics, as part of his Fast Forward your Business Tour. If you are in Tokyo, Cape Town, Johannesburg or London on these dates, we would love to see you there and you will be privy to some amazing insights about how to future proof your business.

Following the successful launch of TD in Australia earlier this year, I’m really excited to announce that we will be launching TD in Japan and South Africa, with our brand new Master Trainers there, in September, as part of the FFYB tour!

We start the tour in Tokyo with a lavish launch of Talent Dynamics at the British Embassy on the 2nd September. Tamami Ushiki, who heads up Wealth Dynamics in Japan, has become a Master Trainer for Talent Dynamics. Tamami and her team have translated all the materials into Japanese and on 2nd September, 30 HR Directors/Heads of Training, alongside independent coaches and trainers are meeting with us at the Embassy, to see how they can use Talent Dynamics to transform their organisations too (photos etc to follow next month!)

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, today, our lovely new updated website goes live! We have had so many changes in the past year, with us moving at such speed, the website became cluttered and hard to follow – some people said they just couldn’t tell what we did! So we have refreshed and revitalised and updated it, with much more information about our powerful accreditation programmes and how you can become a Performance Consultant. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Oh and we have had great feedback from the first 50 people we showed our new and updated TD E-guide to, as it comes with a host of other special bonuses too, including a video with my 7 top tips for creating high performing teams! Feel free to download them here.

Have a fabulous flow filled month ahead!


PS Next month ill be able to spill the beans about Talent Dynamics for Selling!! We are creating for you a whole series of E books by profile on the best way for you to sell to other profiles – its gold dust in an E guide!!

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Roger Hamilton Blog: Talent Dynamics for Schools: The Gen Y Revolution

Over 40,000 entrepreneurs around the world are now using the Wealth Dynamics system , and in the last year the philosophy of flow behind Wealth Dynamics is being applied to corporations through Talent Dynamics, led by Michelle Clarke. This summer, Roger Hamilton has been busy re-crafting the test for the launch of Talent Dynamics for Schools. This system will be launching in the UK with 500 students in July, via the HERO programme.

Roger James Hamilton has become more actively involved in student education this year, with his two daughters at the Green School in Bali. He has connected the Green School with SuperCamp, the world’s leader in student enrichment camps, to run a Junior Green SuperCamp in July and a Senior Green SuperCamp in December. As Roger says “Gen Y is all about a generation asking that question at a deeper level – “Why am I doing what I’m doing; Why are we treating each other poorly; Why are we mistreating the environment; Why are we settling for a basic job when instead we could be starting a movement?”. In the Wealth Dynamics philosophy, the question “Why” represents water, which is the first of the five steps of all

via Roger Hamilton XL Blog: Talent Dynamics for Schools: The Gen Y Revolution.

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How Talent Bubbles up or Settles Down

Recently Roger Hamilton, was asked about the best methods for talent selection. His response was worth repeating. He said that the key to hiring the right talent is to set the selection process to match the frequency you’re looking for. A popularity contest would bring out the Blaze energy, a creative competition would bring out Dynamo, a rigorous online test would bring out Steel and a research submission would bring out Tempo.

Roger James Hamilton is always quick with analogies, and he uses politics to illustrate his point: The US political system is structured as a popularity contest, so every President since Roosevelt has been a Star profile. China is the opposite, where longevity and loyalty are the driving factors, and so all the recent Premiers have been Lord and Mechanic profiles. UK and Australia’s electoral system is based much more on consensus, and so recent Prime Ministers have been Supporter profiles (With the exception of Gordon Brown who, as a Lord profile, was Chancellor of the Exchequer until he took over from Tony Blair without an election. As soon as elections came about, he was voted out, as Lord’s simply don’t have the interpersonal skills the public want to see in their leader, and their weaknesses shine through).

The conversation continued, with Roger Hamilton discussing how these different country systems and the leaders they produce have a direct impact on how well the country can whether economic crises (The US will do what a Star does by trying to spend their way out, while China is doing what a Lord does, which is to increase its control on its purse strings). He also discussed parallels in corporations, and how there are many examples of companies seeking a change in the type of leader they want, but continuing with the same recruitment process and getting the same result. The key message: Don’t focus at the person, focus at the process.

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