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The method used by Talent Dynamics to get individuals, teams, divisions, enterprises in flow and trust with resulting leaps in performance

A Profiling Workshop – Sysmex Middle East’s Story

Saad Kayali, the Managing Director of Sysmex Middle East, a subsidiary of Sysmex Europe GmbH, had his Talent Dynamics profile done and liked the results so much he asked Susan Castle, Performance Coach & Flow Consultant, to do the same for the entire top level of his company!

There were six managers at this level:

  1. the Managing Director,
  2. the Marketing Director,
  3. the Logistics Director,
  4. the HR Director,
  5. the Sales Director
  6. the Operations Director.

As global leaders in vitro diagnostics and automation services, the managers seemed to have no immediate issues. All communicated well with each other and as a team were seamless.

Uncovering Issues

The issue was they tended to focus on areas they knew they were brilliant at – for example the conception of ideas, but they had blind spots in other areas, i.e. putting things into action.

On completion of their individual Talent Dynamics profiles the explanation became obvious.

Out of the six people on the team, four were Mechanics including Saad, one was a Lord and the other was a Creator profile.

This lack of Blaze and Tempo energy explained why they were good at brainstorming, but not so strong at following through. They were very tunnel focussed and tended not to go for bigger targets those with a more Blaze energy would instinctively do.

Talent Dynamics Workshop

Saad then asked Susan to run a leadership development training session to decide what changes, if any, needed to be made to their management set-up.

“I wanted the Heads of Departments to understand their own profiles, master their own talents as well as ensure that these talents are put into good use for the team and the company. Having a team that is well-honed and performing at their best can only be good for business.”

During the workshop they looked at what was stopping them from setting bolder financial targets. Was it a Dynamo, Tempo, Blaze or Steel problem? The managers ended up with about 30 or 40 different things blocking them.

After narrowing down these blocks further, the underlying core issue became apparent:

the truth was there was no one in that room with the specific kind of business power or ability to deal with Blaze or Tempo challenges.

What Kind of Energy Are You Missing From Your Team?

Each of the directors left the workshop motivated and full of clarity. They had a deeper understanding of what was stopping them from achieving higher targets and more importantly, who to go to in order to solve any issues and help achieve these new goals.

Susan says, “Sysmex found, through the test, that the management roles fitted them quite well but the workshop helped them to leverage these strengths by highlighting them and showing them how they could be leveraged to improve team communication and performance while reducing stress.”

Saad is now planning another workshop for the next level of management in the Sysmex team and we’ll keep you posted on how much of a difference this one also makes!

 “I think Talent Dynamics is a great opportunity to maximize the harmony within the team, to get the needed group mindset and perspectives of “what else we can do”; and thus develop a healthy change culture, opting always to challenge our own achievements and parameters to yield further milestones in the journey of success.”  – – Saad Kayali, Managing Director of Sysmex Middle East

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Change and Challenges – Amanda’s Story

By Osmaan Sharif

Recently there was a big change in the management team over at Citizen M Glasgow.

The new hotel manager, Amanda, had been a participant on one of my previous Talent Dynamics workshops here at Rapid Transformation, and approached me about doing some work with her new team.

Hitting the Ground Running

Her challenge was for the team to quickly build trust, understanding, and effective ways of communicating with each other.  She wanted them to hit the ground running, especially when it came to the special projects that each manager would now have individual responsibility for.

It was refreshing to work with a team that’s led by someone who’s putting Talent Dynamics to work.  Amanda had already been using all the knowledge and skills that she’d learnt at her previous workshop, by being mindful to recruit a team that spanned the eight profiles, as well as assigning individual projects according to profile strengths and preferences. 

Putting the Pieces Together

Now she wanted the team to gain an understanding and appreciation of each other’s strengths, and to work out how to excel together.  During their Step One (Full Day) Programme, we looked at the challenges the managers faced and how they could improve the way that they tackled them.

For example, we looked at how they could improve communication by understanding the differences in how people from each profile tend to act, communicate and think.  We took some of their pressing challenges and listened to all the different perspectives from each manager, noticing how they view things differently and what benefits that had for the team when it came to finding solutions.

Team Harmony

By the end of the workshop, all the managers recognised that they were part of a well-constructed team.  They were more appreciative of each other, and not only did they recognise that collaboration was key to the success of their hotel; they had the tools in place to make that collaboration a natural way of working for them.

As a result, they all understand why they’re each leading different projects, and how they can help each other to make them a success.  And Amanda didn’t come away empty handed.  Even though she’d been on a workshop before, she learnt more about how to best communicate with and support each individual member of her team.  She told me:

“It was a real awakening for the attendees to see how they each support one another based on their profiles. We came away from the day with real goals and areas for focus and having learned a lot. Since the training day, we have refreshed individual tasks based on profiles and the team harmony is better than ever. I can also use the training day as a starting point for developing each manager.”

Copy and Photo courtesy of Sam Dounis

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A Labouring Lord – Rauri’s Story

by Dianne Caldwell

When I first spoke to Rauri, he was 18 years old, working part-time with his Ju Jitsu trainer teaching students and supplementing his income by working in a laboring job he didn’t particularly enjoy.

So I asked him what he would truly love to do…

Rauri’s voice shone with excitement.

“What I’d really love to do is move away from the job I don’t enjoy so I can teach Ju Jitsu full-time to teenagers….”

It turned out Rauri had been practising Ju Jitsu since he was 12 and was now highly trained. He credited both the physical and mental benefits of the sport as completely transforming his life.  Ju Jitsu was far more than just a sport to him.

“Ju Jitsu is not just a martial art, it’s a way to change your life, and I want other children to experience the same amazing life and health benefits which Ju Jitsu brings.”

There was just one problem: he didn’t know how to turn this passion into a successful full time career.

Lord Profile


Rauri’s profile was a LORD: 40% Steel. 24% Dynamo. 24% Tempo. 12% Blaze.

There were 2 obstacles stopping him from seeing his full potential and turning his passion for martial arts into a reality. These were his age, just 18, and the peer and societal pressure to “get a regular job”.

Together, we sat down and looked at his desired outcomes, then we established a series of key action steps for him to take to move toward his dream. These small, detailed tasks aligned with Rauri’s Lord profile perfectly.  Once he could take the dazzling dream and break it down into bite-sized chunks, the whole process was a lot less daunting.

First Rauri would contact his Ju Jitsu trainer and ask for support and at the same time, he would also put together his plan.

Getting Fast Results

Here’s the funny thing when you move toward your goals. Everything conspires to help you! In this case, Rauri’s trainer just so happened to know a teacher who was really keen on having martial arts training at her school. The next step was easy.

Rauri submitted his proposal to the teacher on the board at the school & after just 2 – 3 short weeks after shyly vocalizing this idea to me, his semester program is now in the process of being approved!

When Rauri reported back to me he was bursting with joy.

“I’ve done it!” he said.  “I’ve achieved my dream!”

Rauri’s big dream was there all the time, but for him it seemed as insurmountable as climbing Everest. All he needed was some reassurance that this dream was 100% achievable, and then some specific guidance on how to break the dream down into less daunting tasks.  Once Rauri was clear on the way forward he achieved clarity, and that was down to the help of Dianne Caldwell, the ‘Flow Consultant’ and the Talent Dynamics profiling tool.

Rauri’s story is a perfect example of how the Talent Dynamics Profile Test & Debrief has empowered a young person to know & understand their strengths to a point where they take the appropriate action they know will get them into flow.

The plan is in progress and we will update you again on the ongoing success of Rauri’s actions!

We’ll leave the final words to Rauri…

Firstly thank you so much, you have, and will continue to have, my gratitude for all the help you’ve given me. It’s been absolutely wonderful and I’m so glad you have taken the time to provide me with all your advice. I started with an idea but no knowledge or ability to bring it to life. Talent Dynamics gave me the direction in which to head and the impetus to do so, by providing clear action steps and manageable goals as well as excellent and highly personalized coaching along every step of the process. Can’t recommend it enough to anyone with a desire to realize their ideas and dreams.”


Michelle’s news

Congratulations to the 2 newly accredited groups of Talent Dynamics Consultants in October. We had a group in Australia join us and a group in the UK both in the same month. Pictured below are the latest group from the UK, with Jan Polak our Master Trainer!

We are all excited here at TDHQ, as we are now in the final build up to our first ever Global Talent Dynamics Partner Conference!

Meeting up in the idyllic paradise island of Bali in just 2 weeks time, we will be joined by Talent Dynamics Partners, flying in from the UK, USA, South Africa, Japan and Australia! Straight after the conference, we are also to have another first! Our first ever group of Performance Consultants who we are accrediting at Step 2 on the Talent Dynamics Pathway.

Consultants like Neville who has helped his clients add over £500K in additional revenue in the past 6 months. He’s also added £25k in additional revenues to his own training company since becoming accredited less than 6 months ago and Teejay who has helped to add £110k to a UK based charity. Both Neville and Teejay, along with several others are joining us for the Step 2 accreditation.

The first group attending the Step 2 accreditation are already getting great results with their clients using Step 1 and will now be able to run our 3 day ‘Meaningful, Measurable, Profitable Change’ programme, which typically see’s clients doubling results somewhere in their business within 12 months of attending. We had one of our UK based clients, double their revenue in 6 months and double profitability within 12 months after attending this programme.

Jan and I are also going to be mentoring at Roger James Hamiltons Wealth Dynamics Masters Programme the week before, which we are really excited about. We will be joined by the entire TDHQ Leadership team globally and 12 other amazing Business Leaders from all around the world, looking to dramatically grow their businesses. Its a perfect time for us to get focused on our plans for the next 12 months too!

So… I’m off to pack my bags! Looking forward to not having cold, wet windy weather for a few weeks!

Here’s to a fabulously Flow filled month ahead!



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Michelle’s October news

I’ve just returned to the office this morning from Bali, where I was mentoring at the Wealth Dynamics Masters Programme with Creator of TD and WD Roger James Hamilton. Such a fabulous environment and space for Entrepreneurs from all over the world to take a week out of their businesses and create fantastic flow

filled plans for the next 12 months, with many of those businesses now looking to double in size in the next 12 months.

Its also a great opportunity whilst there to focus on the plans for growth within TD and Jan one of our Master Trainers joined the programme as a participant to do just that!

Special Opportunity to dramatically change the results your team are getting!

The results you have in your business today and in your life are all directly related to the planning you did yesterday. If you’re not satisfied with the results you are getting and know you could get much more, then its time to create a better plan.

We run a Talent Dynamics version of the Wealth Dynamics Masters for clients who are looking to get massively improved results.

Typically, clients have doubled their results within 12 months of following our programme. Its a 3 day workshop called Meaningful, Measurable, Profitable Change and its known as Step 2 on the Talent Dynamics Pathway.

We are looking for just one UK based company who is motivated to see dramatic improvements in their results right now to work with us!

Oh and we are offering a staggering 50% off the RRP for the right team!

To find out more and to see if your team can qualify to take part in this extraordinary, one off opportunity, please contact me directly on or on 07775578371 to find out more about the criteria and timings.

Here is a case study from one of our clients who attended this programme.

Have a fabulously flow filled month ahead!



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Down Under to pave bigger way – Local Businesses – Blackpool Gazette

Article Published in the Blackpool Gazette on Wednesday 18 May 2011 09:46

A BUSINESS development firm has launched an international division following huge success in Australia.

Freckleton-based Talent Dynamics, run by Michelle Clarke, has seen demand for its Pathway programme grow following a series of successful meetings on the continent.

The firm calls itself the number one business development pathway for accelerating trust and flow which, Ms Clarke admits, does baffle some people initially.

She said: “Our concept is actually quite simple.

“We believe trust and flow should be the focus of big companies, but too often they concentrate solely on revenue and profit at the expense of what’s occurring in their own organisation.

Read the full article here  Down Under to pave bigger way – Local Businesses – Blackpool Gazette.

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Webinar:Building effective teams in General Mills with Sue Swanborough

Building effective teams in General Mills UK & Ireland – Webinar with Sue Swanborough

  • Are you interested to learn how the world’s 6th largest food company builds effective teams across its divisions in the UK & Ireland?
  • Are you a business Leader/CEO/HRD responsible for a significant head count across multiple sites?
  • Do you want to know the top people strategies that have helped General Mills UK & Ireland, sustain a track record of double digit growth during challenging trading times?
  • Would you like to pose a direct question to one of the UK’s leading HRD thought leaders in building Trust in Organisations?

Join Michelle on May 18th, when she will be interviewing Sue Swanborough, UK & Ireland HR Director for General Mills. This is a rare opportunity, to gain an amazing insight, into how one of the world’s largest food companies, builds effective teams and we wanted to give you plenty of notice to be able to attend the live webinar!

Webinar details:

When: May 18th 0800-0845 London/1700-1745 SydneyClick here to check other time zones.

Where: Click here to reserve your place and to ensure you are sent the log in details before the webinar

Who can benefit from this webinar

  • CEO’s/HRD’s in large organisations, looking for value add information and insights
  • Business Leaders who have been considering Talent Dynamics as part of their strategy and are curious over the likely impact  in a large organisation
  • Performance Consultants accredited in Step One on the Talent Dynamics Pathway

General Mills UK & Ireland have been using Step One on the Talent Dynamics Pathway, as part of their strategy for building effective teams. Sue will be sharing why they decided to use Talent Dynamics and what the benefits and impact has been over the past 9 months having profiled the UK & Ireland leadership Teams.

Sue will also be taking questions live from the audience, on the webinar as well, so make sure you have a place booked as this is a great opportunity to get some high value and practical strategies that you can look to implement with your teams.

 Places on this webinar are limited so please click here to book your place now

About Sue Swanborough

Sue, a science graduate, has worked in a number of fmcg businesses, including Boots plc, Mars  and more recently General Mills. During her career she has moved cross functionally through R&D, supply chain, logistics and manufacturing before joining HR. She has held a number of generalist and specialist roles covering the full spectrum of HR. Her passion and expertise lies in cultural and leadership development through building trust to deliver excellent business results.

About General Mills UK & Ireland

General Mills UK & Ireland is one of the fastest growing food companies in the market and has a track record of double digit growth, with a market leading portfolio that includes Häagen-Dazs, Old El Paso, Green Giant, Betty Crocker, Nature Valley and Jus-Rol.

Part of the world’s sixth largest food company, General Mills has been ranked 8th in the Top 50 Best Workplaces UK is also proud to be consistently named in the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For

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Introducing Una with a very Special Opportunity!!

We are thrilled to be introducing you to Una Doyle, who has recently joined the Talent Dynamics Team. Una has been working with us on various projects over the past 12 months and at the start of the year we were delighted that she took on the shiny new role of Business Development Manager!

A bright sparkly Star Profile with heaps of energy and a thirst for knowledge and personal development, Una is already making an impact on those that are meeting her.  In December Una trained and was accredited as a Flow Consultant – one of the first group of Flow Consultants in the world and since then, she has been practising her new found skill on anyone who rings up for a personal Talent Dynamics Debrief!

Opportunity for the first 3 UK based Businesses that respond to it!

Part of Una’s role is to run our fabulous 2 hour Taster Session Programme and whilst she has been trained really well to deliver this, she has yet to gain much experience of running it…  So, we thought we would offer out a brilliant opportunity that allows you and your team to find out how to accelerate Trust and Flow, whilst allowing Una to gain some valuable experience and feedback!

For the first 3 businesses to book, Una will profile the participants with the Talent Dynamics Profile tool and will come and run the 2 hour Taster Session with you at a suitable time in Feb/March. We retail this Taster Session at £997 +VAT and the 10 profiles alone are valued at £1000! but for the first 3 “fast off the draw companies” it will be just £347 !

To book this session (and please be quick) call Una directly on 07766 917890 or drop her a line on with your details!

Catch Una’s first blog entry here – Una’s spotlight

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Talent Dynamics January Sale

Its traditional this time of year to buy the new sofa you have been admiring but weren’t ready to splash out on, or get those designer clothes you wanted all season but didnt want to pay top dollar for.

So, for those of you that have been considering running a Talent Dynamics Taster Session, now is the perfect time to book one in. Between now and the 31st January, if you book  a session with us  – you can run it at a time to suit you either during or after January – we have added it to our January Sale and reduced the price from £997 to just £847! (that includes all 10 participants, recieving a personalised profile report each, valued at £1000!)

What is a Taster Session?

It’s a lively, interactive, two-hour session for up to 10 participants. Each participant receives their personal Talent Dynamics Profile Report and begins to understand the best way to create value within their team and how to leverage that value. Often, participants start to have real ‘aha’ moments about why certain relationships in the team are inhibiting performance. They can then begin to appreciate each others’ skills and approaches.

By the end of the Session, the team have an enhanced understanding of their own Profile, how to get into flow, and the role of others in a team and their flow patterns. The session delivers a high level of insight into how the team can operate much more efficiently. It serves as a great way for a team to check out if the Talent Dynamics Pathway is appropriate for them and is also a great energiser to break up a team/away day.

What some of our 2010 participants have said about the Taster Session

 “Insightful, enjoyable and user friendly. Certainly the most practical tool that I have used!” Chris Nitsche General Mills – Training & Recruitment Manager

“I have really enjoyed this session as it has showed how we as an organisation could improve the way we work together and increase the value of our business” Mo Ali – USP Creative

How to take advantage of the January Sale

Either call the office today and ask to speak to Michelle on 01772 634944 or drop us an email with your contact details, with ‘Taster Session’ as the subject header, to but hurry the sale will only be on until January 31st!

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Michelle's October sharing

October’s been a record month for delivering Talent Dynamics Pathway programmes, since we set up last November. It’s been great!

An extra special programme for me this month, was a one day programme that I actually got to participate in, for a change (because Jan was facilitating it), with a small group  who are set to become part of the Talent Dynamics Team over the next few months.  I will be introducing you to these new team members in forthcoming blogs and letting you know more about their roles! It was kind of strange being a participant of the material I deliver all the time and yet it was a fantastic  experience for me to work on my business with my team!

Over the past twelve months, I have been approached by literally scores of coaches/trainers and business leaders asking to be trained in using Talent Dynamics Pathway with their clients and team members! Well — the time has come.  Jan and I are ready to take a pilot group through just this in December.

This is the only such pilot we have scheduled in for the next year. Numbers are limited to ten and some of the places are already filled.  If you want to know more about how to take part in this pilot, which we have seen generate significant increases in income for individuals. then drop me a line at

Here is an example of just such a case where an individual, by understanding their Profile, created really significant results in less than six months

Have a great month ahead, Michelle.

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