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Fantastic Opportunity to celebrate the launch of!

Hooray! In the middle of June goes live! This is the site where you will be able to buy the Talent Dynamics Profile test in bulk for use with your teams. You can also register, either as an affiliate or reseller and promote the profile test yourself!

We see tremendous shifts for the teams discovering their profiles. Teams that have increased their productivity, seen dramatic increases in revenue and profit. Teams that are in flow, happier and more fulfilled.

To celebrate the launch of the new site later this month, we are offering a really special opportunity to a very limited number of our clients and we dont want you to miss out!

This note is to give you special advance notice to be ready to find out about and take action on the opportunity.

To make sure you get to hear before anyone else does, you simply need to register here – this will give you a whole 24 hours notice to take action before everyone else gets to find out!

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Case Study: Triumphant Events

“After finishing the one day Talent Dynamics workshop in December, we calculated, that as a result, we could add a six figure sum to our bottom line within 6 months and we are on track to achieving this. The team now have a shared language that really adds to the performance of our dynamic, fast-paced environment.”  

Marcus Ubl General Manager Triumphant Events

Why we were asked to work with Triumphant Events

Triumphant Events, one of the UK’s leading Entrepreneur training companies specialising in working with Entrepreneurs to create substantial ROI’s through their high impact, intensive development programmes. Incredibly Creative as a team and with very dynamic leadership, this team were never short of ideas to generate additional revenues but they were keen to find a way to become more focused and grow at an even faster rate. 

Well versed in our sister companies Wealth Dynamics system and with a number of new members in the team, they were also keen to have everyone understand the best way to get into and stay in flow as a newly extended team. 

Having had members of the team in various locations and roles up to December, they also wanted to provide an environment of added cohesion and clarity of accountabilities for the coming months 

What we did

 The Triumphant Events team completed Step One on the Talent Dynamics Pathway – a one-day programme called Understanding Primary Purpose.

On this programme, individuals in the team received their personal Talent Dynamics Profile Reports and began to understand the best way to create value within their team and how to leverage that value with each other. They started to have some real ‘aha’ moments about where individuals were most in and out of flow and how this could be impacting both their results and the level of motivation in the team .

 We took the team through our unique process for creating scalable ideas ‘Rapid Flow’ and showed them how to turn these ideas into clear and focused accountabilities. Ideas that were aimed at growing lead generation and sales. The programme created situations that allowed participants – both as individuals and as a team – to experience together, flow, in a very empowering way.

Whom we worked with in the Enterprise

The leadership and operational team UK 

Programme timings

One day programme.

How the programme has impacted

The main impact of the programme, has been the way in which the team are now better able to leverage the incredible value they were already delivering. This is the key to impacting revenue and profit. They have really prioritised their focus and have individuals with clear accountabilities, motivated to deliver. 

Ideas for revenue generation were already happening through the leadership team and so the programme empowered all levels in the company to get involved in this and to feel more cohesively connected to the organisation. 

6 months ahead of their original schedule, their signature programme KPI Accelerator (Key Person of Influence) is being launched internationally into Australia and negotiations are currently under way for a 3rd country. 

A tremendous amount of promotional content has been created and launched through YouTube and other means, which is having significant impact on both lead generation and also conversion rates – clients watching the content are attending sales meetings already having made a decision and interested in specific questions. The online KPI videos have had over 11,000 views to date. 

The Sales process and lead to conversion time has sped up following intensive focus and additional training support.  The sales team feel more empowered and confident in their roles and clear about their accountabilities within this. 

Powerful products, manuals and speaker cards have been created for the KPI programme, which has dramatically, further increased the value of this programme.

Overall, the team are operating at a significantly higher level of performance than they were in December. They are motivated, excited and connected.

For more case studies, click here

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Exciting new launch offer…. Register today!

We are launching our fantastic new TD Profile Test site in June with a very special and very limited offer, to the first who take advantage!!

The site is all about the TD Profile Test, allowing you to bulk buy profiles at a discounted rate and if you like, you can also sign up as an affilliate to share the profile test with your partners and suppliers.

Details of the launch date and offer will be supplied in advance to those who sign up here showing their interest!!

Just click through here to register in seconds and ensure you are the first to know about it!!

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What is the best psychometric test for Business?

Here’s a great article on the origins of pyschometric testing from creator of Wealth and Talent Dynamics Roger James Hamilton

What are the top 5 tests psychometric tests to choose from? I was recently asked to write an article on this. Obviously, I’m biased. My journey to seek a personality test that was relevant for our modern era led me to create Wealth Dynamics (and the corporate version, Talent Dynamics), so no guesses for which of the 5 is my favourite 🙂 But I have posted this article as it gives some insight into where all psychometric tests come from… Read more

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Improve your relationship with a significant other – to celebrate the Royal Wedding!

Here at TDHQ we have all caught Royal Wedding Fever! So excited are we by the impending nuptials tomorrow in London and the happy couple, that we have decided to offer a one off opportunity to help you understand how you too can improve your relationships!!

We are offering 2 TD profiles AND debriefs together, for less than the price of 1!!

We often find delegates on our programmes wanting to profile their kids or husband/wife to improve understanding of one another!

This opportunity is only open until Tuesday 3rd May. It allows you and your Partner, husband, wife, children, business partner or colleague to complete a TD profile each and then have a session with one of our expert Performance Consultants, with you both together to look at ways to greatly improve your relationship! (You can book the debrief at a time to suit you both as long as you take action before the 3rd!)

Find ways to improve:
Communication with one another
Your understanding of whats important to your significant other and how they think!
potential challenges in the relationship and how to manage/avoid them
The speed at which you can resolve conflict

A profile and debrief usually retails for £197 and for this opportunity, we are offering 2 profiles and a joint debrief for just £167!!!! (or approx AUS$260)

To take advantage of this offer, in the next few days only, click here. You will be sent a 2nd profile and will be contacted by one of the team to arrange a suitable time and date for the debrief.

Enjoy the celebrations tomorrow wherever you are!!

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Introducing the Newly Accredited Talent Dynamics Flow Consultants!

Michelle with Flow Consultants Jo Shippen (left) and Una Doyle (right)

Its our great pleasure to introduce you to some of the UK’s Top Coaches/Trainers and Leaders, who, last month became the Worlds first Talent Dynamics Accredited Flow Consultants!

From all over the UK, a group met in Preston, over 2 intensive days, to learn about the 8 Talent Dynamics Profiles and the 4 Talent Dynamics Energies. They were assessed by our experienced Talent Dynamics Performance Consultants and were accredited as having met our  high benchmark standard. Here’s what they had to say about the workshop.

What is a Flow Consultant?

Do you remember when you first read your Profile Report? Some of you were delighted.  Some of you confused… but most of all, you had ‘so what’ questions… So what do I do next and how do I do it? A Flow Consultant has been specially trained to help you understand your own Personalised Talent Dynamic Report in depth and to help you to maximise the opportunity to get yourself into flow. They can answer your questions and can help coach you on specific strategies to employ based on your personalised Dynamics report.

Who are the Accredited Flow Consultants?

You can meet the Flow Consultants here and find out more about their individual areas of expertise.

How to become a Flow Consultant

If you want to know more about the accreditation programme and the application process to become a Flow Consultant, click here for more details and dates for 2011, or call the office on 01772 634994 and ask to speak to Michelle.

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Taster Session Case Study from USP Creative

“Talent Dynamics is just brilliant! We made a great investment in running a 2-hour Taster Session for the team. It’s been the most rewarding profile tool we have ever used and it makes the most sense. We will continue to reap the benefits of the session for a long time to come…”

 Jan Peters Managing Director USP Creative

Why we ran a Taster Session with USP Creative

USP Creative based in Liverpool is a leading creative communications consultancy. Jan knew that people were just not in flow – she knew this instinctively but didn’t understand the process for measuring how much they were out of flow, what impact it was having on sales and productivity and how to get them back into flow.

They had some significant clients on their books and were busy in comparison to other agencies at the time yet they knew they could do much more and that their people could have more fun!

What we did

We ran our 2 hour ‘Taster Session’

During this session, the whole team received their personal Talent Dynamics Profile Reports and began to understand the best way to create value within their team and how to leverage that value with each other. The team started to have some real ‘aha’ moments about why certain relationships in the team were inhibiting performance.

After the session, everyone had an enhanced understanding of their own Profile and when and how they could be in flow, as well as the role of others in the team and each of their flow patterns.

Whom we worked with in the Enterprise

The entire operational team at USP

Programme timings

2 Hours

How the programme has impacted

6 months since the Taster Session:

Everyone’s roles and accountabilities have been re-analysed and people have been put into roles designed specifically to increase levels of trust and flow. New roles were created to improve this process using the profiles.

Communication is much improved and trust in each other has increased greatly. Jan has seen a direct correlation between how individuals in the team feel when they are more in flow and the positive impact on sales.

There is an overall feeling of optimism in the office. People are now really enjoying their work. The environment has greatly improved and the team is far more relaxed and happy.

This has all resulted in greater productivity and workflow. Jobs progress to invoice stage much faster and more effectively than before thereby increasing cashflow and profit.

If you want to know more about the Taster Session, click here. NB If you book a session before January 31st, there is a January Sale price of just £847 reduced from £997!

Click here to read more case studies

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Michelle's January News

Happy New Year!

I love the New Year. An indication that Spring is around the corner. Its a great time for setting new Goals for the coming year.   The TD team are meeting at TDHQ on the 21st, to set some new and challenging goals for 2011 and to look at where we are in and out of flow and what needs to be done to increase the level of flow in the Company.

If you want to spend some time assessing where your team are most in or out of flow right now, and where you can make some increases to Flow, you might want to look at our January Sale  Our 2 hour taster session is significantly reduced in price for January!

We have finally made our Talent Dynamics Profile Test available on our website. As part of the January Sale, if you purchase a profile in January, you will also qualify for a free personalised telephone debrief from one of the team.

Have a fabulous month ahead!


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Talent Dynamics Test launched on Website with a Special January Offer!

Yes, its true!

Here at TDHQ, We truly believe that everyone has a fundamental right to experience flow and one of the best ways to discover the easiest way to get into flow –  is to take the Talent Dynamics Test and see which profile you are.

So, we have finally done what many of you have been asking us to do for some time now and made our fabulous Talent Dynamics Profiling Tool available to buy one-at-a-time direct from our website.  Whilst most of our clients prefer to buy profiles in bulk, for their entire teams, as you keep telling us, there are plenty of people who can’t access one of our programmes and yet still want to take the test for themselves! So this is for you…

If you or someone you know wants to find out what their Talent Dynamics Profile is, just scroll to the top of our website and click on the Report page icon, to take the test straight away and recieve a full 10 page report and personalised graph explaining what it means. You will discover the roles that will allow you to increase trust and flow and also the roles to avoid!

Special Launch offer!

To celebrate the fact that the Talent Dynamics Profile is now available for everyone to access, we are offering a free one to one personalised debrief with one of our Performance Consultants for anyone who takes the test direct from our website, before January 31st. One of the team will contact you directly when you take the test to arrange a time to suit.

Here are some testimonials from clients we have run Profile Debriefs with recently.

Since receiving the profile I have focused far more on my networking, relationship building and spearheading of campaigns.  The effect upon my revenue and business activity has been exceptional not only do I feel happier in what I am doing at work but my boss is happier because I am making us both more money! Robyn Waddington, Security and Integrated Services Team Leader, Nybor Resourcing Ltd

I’ve been struggling to really focus my personal development this year and was coming up with all the usual things to work on. I’d heard about Talent Dynamics and decided to take the test and debrief. I’m so glad I did as it has been extremely insightful and has really helped me to focus some key, value adding development activity as a result. It was such a huge help in understanding my drivers and behaviours and has become a critical reference tool for me, not only in understanding myself but also in what sort of work and situations I deal best with, as well as how I interact with my team and my stakeholders. I’d totally recommend it to anyone! Andrea Morrison, HR Consultant, Royal Bank of Scotland


Talent Dynamics January Sale

Its traditional this time of year to buy the new sofa you have been admiring but weren’t ready to splash out on, or get those designer clothes you wanted all season but didnt want to pay top dollar for.

So, for those of you that have been considering running a Talent Dynamics Taster Session, now is the perfect time to book one in. Between now and the 31st January, if you book  a session with us  – you can run it at a time to suit you either during or after January – we have added it to our January Sale and reduced the price from £997 to just £847! (that includes all 10 participants, recieving a personalised profile report each, valued at £1000!)

What is a Taster Session?

It’s a lively, interactive, two-hour session for up to 10 participants. Each participant receives their personal Talent Dynamics Profile Report and begins to understand the best way to create value within their team and how to leverage that value. Often, participants start to have real ‘aha’ moments about why certain relationships in the team are inhibiting performance. They can then begin to appreciate each others’ skills and approaches.

By the end of the Session, the team have an enhanced understanding of their own Profile, how to get into flow, and the role of others in a team and their flow patterns. The session delivers a high level of insight into how the team can operate much more efficiently. It serves as a great way for a team to check out if the Talent Dynamics Pathway is appropriate for them and is also a great energiser to break up a team/away day.

What some of our 2010 participants have said about the Taster Session

 “Insightful, enjoyable and user friendly. Certainly the most practical tool that I have used!” Chris Nitsche General Mills – Training & Recruitment Manager

“I have really enjoyed this session as it has showed how we as an organisation could improve the way we work together and increase the value of our business” Mo Ali – USP Creative

How to take advantage of the January Sale

Either call the office today and ask to speak to Michelle on 01772 634944 or drop us an email with your contact details, with ‘Taster Session’ as the subject header, to but hurry the sale will only be on until January 31st!

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