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Una’s Spotlight: Another New (Tax) Year

rubix cube

Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball and there’s not really very much you can do about it.

That’s what happened to my partner and myself this January when he started to feel unwell a couple of days into the New Year. Roll on a few weeks and he was rushed into hospital seriously ill and since then it’s been a long recovery, now about 95% complete.

So it’s now April, the start of a new tax year and we’ve decided that this will be our New Year.

A chance to start afresh. A chance to put in place the plans we were so excited about back in late December!

There are times in life when you have to admit you are not in control and this was definitely one of them. How do you react when life throws curve balls at you?

  • Get mad
  • Lie down and cry
  • Carry on regardless

Well I briefly experienced each of those at one time or another, however they’re not necessarily constructive!

So I thought it would be useful to look at this from a Talent Dynamics perspective taking each of the energies in turn to see what could be helpful in your professional and personal life.


Trusting in each other, honest and open communication and having each other’s back was essential during this period. We never lost sight of our primary purpose during this time which was to get him well enough to come home and then well enough to fully live life again.

“How clear are you and your team on your purpose? Do you prioritise your activities accordingly or just do the most urgent tasks, reacting to those who shout the loudest?”



I am a Star profile with pretty equal Dynamo and Blaze energies. When the ‘proverbial’ hit the fan I immediately went into emergency task mode. Being able to instantly come up with ideas to solve problems is useful – as long as it’s not overdone.

“How effective are you and your team at problem solving? Do you spend time to establish what kind of problem it is that you have?”

Innovation is not always the solution… For instance in this particular situation Blaze and Tempo elements turned out to be more important.


We both had to ask for help a lot more than usual. It was important to have the support of family and friends both emotionally and practically. In fact, it was the practical help that was required the most!

Thankfully we were also able to call upon some team members we’d worked with previously to help out with the business. And a cleaner was definitely essential too ;)

The vast majority of doctors and nurses that we dealt with were fantastic communicators and that made such a massive difference.

How substantial is your support network? In the event of an emergency who could you call upon? How effective is communication in your organisation and/or family?  What could you do now to be prepared with team members and/or freelancers to stand in when required?


Once the initial heart-stopping emergency was over it was a case of constantly reprioritising and rescheduling personal and work activities around his recovery. It took a while for me to realise how much time it actually took to not just visit but travel to and from the hospital and to do (or delegate) the activities he would normally do.

“How aware are you of how long things really take?”

This is important to manage your own workload as well as when working with team members. If you don’t know, simply use a kitchen timer or one on your smart phone to measure frequent activities. If you haven’t got high Tempo energy in your profile you may be surprised by what you find!

Use this knowledge to help you understand the return on investment you get from your activities, consider whether they’re really necessary and if they are, who is best placed to do them.


Understanding the measures being used to mark my partner’s recovery was very helpful, otherwise we would have been completely in the dark about progress.

“How effectively are you measuring progress on the projects and processes that are most important to you?”

Also related to Steel was the adaptability required by my partner (a Lord profile) to adjust to his circumstances while in hospital and then recuperating at home. Lots of uncertainty, noisy and unfamiliar surroundings and people didn’t make this easy, so it was important for me to provide support by being physically there and communicating effectively to alleviate that.

This applies to changes you may be looking to implement in your workplace!

“Do you consider those that may have high Tempo and/or Steel energy that will find change more challenging, no matter how much they may buy into the concept of it?”

Be sure to connect, listen and constantly over-communicate before, during and after the change.

Have you been dealt some rough hands recently and if so how did you handle them? I’d love to hear your views, please comment below.

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DT’s Tower: Divergent, Profiling and Talent Dynamics


I recently went to see the film “Divergent” in the cinema.  The plot in summary:

“In a futuristic dystopian Chicago, society is divided into five factions: Abnegation (selfless), Amity (peaceful), Candor (truthful), Erudite (intelligent) and Dauntless (brave), based on their personalities. Beatrice Prior is in Abnegation, the faction that looks after the poor and the factionless, as well as runs the government; though she has always been fascinated by Dauntless.

Young 16-year old citizens have undergone aptitude test using a serum to indicate which faction they would really fit and which they would need to choose on the Choosing Ceremony.   Beatrice’s test has resulted different attributes of several factions (Abnegation, Erudite and Dauntless), which means she is Divergent. Since Divergent people can think independently and government cannot conform their thinking, they are considered threats to the social orders. These are the reasons why she needs to keep her true test results a secret.”

The film deals with one of the big objections to profiling, individuality and conformity.  How can a test capture the unique characteristics of an individual?  Can you really reduce a person to a category?

The short answers are “it can’t” and “you can’t”.  But underlying these questions is a more powerful question.  ”Why take a profile test in the first place?”

In the film the answer is because that is how society is ordered.  On the surface this does seem like a good idea, and fits with Talent Dynamics’s philosophy.  People doing what they are good at are more productive and happier.  If you can understand yourself to a greater depth, you will grow.

Now, in our society it is not compulsory to take a profile test.  So why take one?  Again it is down to understanding yourself and others.  In Talent Dynamics it is about finding out your route to Flow, a route to a more focused, productive and stress-less work/life.

The film’s profile offers no recognition of individuality.  If you don’t conform to one of the profile types (or Factions) then you are dangerous as the profile is there to control you and society.

And this is where people often get unstuck.  The Talent Dynamics profile is not an end point but a starting point.  It’s not trying to put you in a box.  Here’s why:

  1. Your profile is made up of characteristic ‘energies’ Dynamo (Creativity), Blaze (People), Tempo (Timing) and Steel (Information).  Within the profile is an energy frequency or mix as EVERYONE is different they will have a different mix of these energies.  The profile is simply a trend towards the strongest energy.
  2. Sometimes a profile will resonate with you more strongly than the test result.  A profile debrief with a Talent Dynamics consultant can help challenge the results and unpick why you are drawn to another profile.  It could just be that the profile is wrong!
  3. The profile describes how you work, not who you are.  I am a Lord in a creative industry… doesn’t mean that I can’t be creative but my approach is more methodical and slow than a Creator (though I have quite a bit of Dynamo in my profile).  Your profile can help you find a role you are better suited to OR let you explore different ways of working to the strengths of your profile that will naturally help you into Flow.
  4. Although many people who take the Talent Dynamics profile test have an ‘a-ha’ moment when they get their results, the profile is not a quick fix or a one shot answer.  It is a road map that can help you learn more about what makes you tick, guide you through challenging situations or when making important decisions.

Oh … and the film is pretty good too! :)

How about you?  Do you try and conform to the Talent Dynamics profile or are you ‘divergent’?  How do you approach this?

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Talent Dynamics for Selling – January Sale!

Opportunity January Sale!

Are you in Sales? Do you have accountability for the Sales team?

Are you looking for ways to dramatically improve your teams Sales?

I know its taken longer than a ‘while’ to make this available but here it is, finally! Its also launched alongside an unbeatable ‘January Sale’ opportunity but for a very limited period only!

The all new Talent Dynamics for Selling E Guide.

If you are familiar with Wealth Or Talent Dynamics you will already know about the incredible way you can powerfully create Flow with teams, using it. Teams collaborate with ease, productivity speeds up, financial results improve dramatically and people have more fun!

Click here to view the first 4 pages of the brand new E Guide!

What’s in it?

In this 20 page E guide, you will discover that with all of the technology and information so easily accessible to customers these days, the old way of selling is becoming less and less relevant.

Discover in this E Guide:

  • 5 key Steps to Selling in this new age
  • How to change your focus from closing windows to opening doors
  • The 3 roles of a Sales Conductor during the sales process
  • Managing yourself
  • Understanding the 4 primary frequencies
  • How to identify your potential clients TD frequency
  • The buying habits of each of the Frequencies
  • The essential do’s and dont’s when selling to each of them

How to get your copy

In the month of January a select group of our Consultants are offering a never to be repeated opportunity!

Click here to find out which Consultants can supply you with this incredible deal!

This offer is open until the 31st January or until all the packages have been sold out, whichever happens first! There are only 50 packages available worldwide, so if you want to be one of the lucky ones, click here to see which Consultant near you has a promotion running.

Purchase 5 Talent Dynamics profiles for your team and each team member, as well as finding out about their Talent Dynamics Profile, will also receive a full 20 page version of the brand new Selling E guide.

Normally this package would cost £645 to purchase but for the next few weeks or until all the opportunities have been taken up, you can purchase a package for just £325!

Special Opportunity

Thats a saving of well over £300!

5 x profiles  x £99 = £495

5 x E guides x £29.99 = £149.95

Total Value = £644.95

One off investment during this promotion only = £325.00

This incredible E Guide wont even be available to purchase from our online shop until 1st February, so if you want to get your hands on some copies right now for your sales team, then this is how to get them!

To access one of these packages, click on the consultant in your location using their contact details or contact us on telling us where you are based and we will find a consultant to help you.

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Talking Japanese!

I was in Tokyo recently, running a Talent Dynamics Accreditation workshop. My second trip within a few months and I really loved it. The people in Tokyo are the most polite and gracious I remember meeting. The food is divine, the weather warm and there is much to see and do!

The only downside to the trip was that I dont speak Japanese!

When I was with my translator, life was easy. He took me to restaurants and shops and ordered for me, told my taxi drivers where I was going and translated the entire workshop for me… but when I was alone, I was alone. Unable to read or communicate in Japanese. I nearly missed my plane home due to my poor communication with the taxi driver…

It made me think about, how often in our teams, we speak Japanese to one another! Not literally of course but how we think because we communicated a particular point, it was received in the way in which we intended it! Then when the outcome is not achieved blame the other person for not doing it right or not having understood it properly.

I realised if I had taken the time to learn even a little Japanese, I would have been so much more effective in Tokyo! In order to improve the results in your team’s, you really need to improve your communication to each other and the best way to do that is to learn the language that your colleague speaks…

First, you need to know their profile or Energy Frequency, as each frequency has a preferred style of communication. Its the way they like to communicate to you and the easiest way for you to communicate with them!

Communication Styles


Dynamo’s go through information quickly and want to get to the point. They will use vocabulary which is forward-moving and they will not want to work through the particulars of the detail or subject. They want to get through to the meat of the subject as soon as possible.

With a Dynamo you will want to focus in quickly on a few key points. You will want to highlight possibilities and big picture ideas or items that will grab their attention and give them a good overview of what you expect.


The Blaze is an extremely social person who places the highest importance on relationships with others. They thrive on interaction and can develop relationships with people that will last for long stretches of time. They love to chat!

Blazes are all about variety and connections with others.  Auditory communicators – they love to tell stories, and can relate experiences well to others through colorful examples that will resonate with many.


The Tempo frequency prefers a consultative communication approach, talking through things with others, even if it is just with one other person. Tempos are all about rock-solid, proven methods. They enjoy the security that comes from looking back and discussing together what has been done, was done right and was effective and reproducible.

Tempos are concerned with perception, wanting to have all of the peripheral information available to them, as opposed to the Dynamo for instance, who is more concerned with the big picture.


Steel frequencies are very analytical, preferring to crunch data and see the end results of their efforts. They are not concerned with interaction or social aspects of the job, and the feelings of the situation do not enter their radar screen.

Steels tend to see things in black and white, done or not done. Numbers and details fit nicely into their scheme of things. They can often come across as being pessimistic to Dynamo or Blaze frequencies by paying so much attention to black and white details, and are usually very meticulous, making sure that everything is going according to plan. They are more focused on loss rather than gain – the opposite of a Dynamo or Blaze.

Communicating the Final Words….

My last words to close the workshop, I attempted in Japanese. I had my words translated, I practised pronunciation with my Japanese friend and although I had to read it out, it was really well received, in that I had at least made the effort to communicate with the new PC’s in their own language.

Finally I would just like to end with….


Oh, if you dont speak very good Japanese, you can try this

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Una’s spotlight: Swinging times!

I was at a networking event last week that had a musical session instead of a speaker and it really got me thinking…

Swing singer Richard Daniels was absolutely superb (you can listen to samples here and I had a smile on my face all day! I realised that I had got out of the habit of listening to music. I used to go dancing a lot so that and listening to tunes in the car used to top me up. However these days I haven’t been dancing in quite a while and since I switched to my ipod it was often just too much hassle to connect up in the car.

As a Star Profile, in improving my own performance recently I’ve been getting more focused and measuring more. I’ve been getting in touch with Tempo and Steel energy, not getting out of flow but enough to ensure that my Star energy isn’t whittered away. However what I hadn’t really considered as much is my Spirit energy.

Spirit energy is the space that you step into when considering your purpose as it’s all about the Why? It’s the place great leaders go when working with their teams so they are more open to other’s needs and communication preferences. The Spirit energy is where you find your inner motivation.

As I sat grinning, swaying and tapping along to the music in that networking meeting (yes it probably was a sight!) I realised that music is a great way for me to connect to Spirit energy. I take time each week to meditate a few times – even if it’s down the gym in the Jacuzzi! However with high Dynamo and Blaze energy in my profile make-up something livelier, with great possibilities for variety would also be good.

So with newly synchronised tunes on my iPhone 4s now I have no excuse. (Wow, I just asked Siri to play me something by Robbie Williams music and I’m now listening to Nan’s Song!)

So what do you need to do to connect with you, with your Spirit energy more? Have you got time scheduled every week to do the things that make your heart sing and if not, why not? What are one or two little things that you could do that will fit in with your lifestyle? What will help you to get more in flow?

If you’re worried that doing these things will affect your productivity then please don’t. The chances are that these activities will actually improve your motivation, increase your energy levels and your overall performance. Have fun!

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Fantastic Opportunity to celebrate the launch of!

Hooray! In the middle of June goes live! This is the site where you will be able to buy the Talent Dynamics Profile test in bulk for use with your teams. You can also register, either as an affiliate or reseller and promote the profile test yourself!

We see tremendous shifts for the teams discovering their profiles. Teams that have increased their productivity, seen dramatic increases in revenue and profit. Teams that are in flow, happier and more fulfilled.

To celebrate the launch of the new site later this month, we are offering a really special opportunity to a very limited number of our clients and we dont want you to miss out!

This note is to give you special advance notice to be ready to find out about and take action on the opportunity.

To make sure you get to hear before anyone else does, you simply need to register here - this will give you a whole 24 hours notice to take action before everyone else gets to find out!

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Introducing the Newly Accredited Talent Dynamics Flow Consultants!

Michelle with Flow Consultants Jo Shippen (left) and Una Doyle (right)

Its our great pleasure to introduce you to some of the UK’s Top Coaches/Trainers and Leaders, who, last month became the Worlds first Talent Dynamics Accredited Flow Consultants!

From all over the UK, a group met in Preston, over 2 intensive days, to learn about the 8 Talent Dynamics Profiles and the 4 Talent Dynamics Energies. They were assessed by our experienced Talent Dynamics Performance Consultants and were accredited as having met our  high benchmark standard. Here’s what they had to say about the workshop.

What is a Flow Consultant?

Do you remember when you first read your Profile Report? Some of you were delighted.  Some of you confused… but most of all, you had ‘so what’ questions… So what do I do next and how do I do it? A Flow Consultant has been specially trained to help you understand your own Personalised Talent Dynamic Report in depth and to help you to maximise the opportunity to get yourself into flow. They can answer your questions and can help coach you on specific strategies to employ based on your personalised Dynamics report.

Who are the Accredited Flow Consultants?

You can meet the Flow Consultants here and find out more about their individual areas of expertise.

How to become a Flow Consultant

If you want to know more about the accreditation programme and the application process to become a Flow Consultant, click here for more details and dates for 2011, or call the office on 01772 634994 and ask to speak to Michelle.

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Talent Dynamics Test launched on Website with a Special January Offer!

Yes, its true!

Here at TDHQ, We truly believe that everyone has a fundamental right to experience flow and one of the best ways to discover the easiest way to get into flow –  is to take the Talent Dynamics Test and see which profile you are.

So, we have finally done what many of you have been asking us to do for some time now and made our fabulous Talent Dynamics Profiling Tool available to buy one-at-a-time direct from our website.  Whilst most of our clients prefer to buy profiles in bulk, for their entire teams, as you keep telling us, there are plenty of people who can’t access one of our programmes and yet still want to take the test for themselves! So this is for you…

If you or someone you know wants to find out what their Talent Dynamics Profile is, just scroll to the top of our website and click on the Report page icon, to take the test straight away and recieve a full 10 page report and personalised graph explaining what it means. You will discover the roles that will allow you to increase trust and flow and also the roles to avoid!

Special Launch offer!

To celebrate the fact that the Talent Dynamics Profile is now available for everyone to access, we are offering a free one to one personalised debrief with one of our Performance Consultants for anyone who takes the test direct from our website, before January 31st. One of the team will contact you directly when you take the test to arrange a time to suit.

Here are some testimonials from clients we have run Profile Debriefs with recently.

Since receiving the profile I have focused far more on my networking, relationship building and spearheading of campaigns.  The effect upon my revenue and business activity has been exceptional not only do I feel happier in what I am doing at work but my boss is happier because I am making us both more money! Robyn Waddington, Security and Integrated Services Team Leader, Nybor Resourcing Ltd

I’ve been struggling to really focus my personal development this year and was coming up with all the usual things to work on. I’d heard about Talent Dynamics and decided to take the test and debrief. I’m so glad I did as it has been extremely insightful and has really helped me to focus some key, value adding development activity as a result. It was such a huge help in understanding my drivers and behaviours and has become a critical reference tool for me, not only in understanding myself but also in what sort of work and situations I deal best with, as well as how I interact with my team and my stakeholders. I’d totally recommend it to anyone! Andrea Morrison, HR Consultant, Royal Bank of Scotland


Being a square profile in a round hole

Its been a hot topic this week at TDHQ, as we have been discussing when, as team members, we are in and out of flow ourselves and what we need to do, to co-create flow for one another.

So what does  it feel like to be a square profile in a round hole? When we ask this question, so many of our clients and friends have experiences that they can share with us, from a time long ago, or, even quite recently as we discovered with one of our clients…

A Supporter profile we know, who is a Business Development Manager shared this inexplicable strory with us. Extremely outgoing, warm, great at building new connections (as Supporters generally are) and even better at generating sales, he returned from a holiday, fresh and ready to get out and about, meeting clients and hitting his sales targets. On his return however, on the Monday, he was asked to ‘bring his paperwork up to date’ before meeting any new clients. Taking him twice as long to do this, as a more organised and effecient Accumulator would, not only did he lose his post holiday sparkle but he didn’t make any sales that week, as he couldn’t leave the office until it was done! It actually resulted in him leaving that position, as it was’t allowing him to create the flow he knew he could for the company, or have any fun in the role for himself.

An extreme example, maybe but at least this client recognised he was out of flow because he understands the value that he brings to a team. He was able to make a more positive move for himself. How many other employees, stay in roles that take them out of flow, ultimately creating a lack of harmony in the team, which can destroy productivity and profitability?

Over time, being out of flow for a long period of time can really create high levels of stress, one of the highest causes of work related absence in the UK.  This client shared her experience.  “My previous role was like working with a strait jacket on. Being a creator I felt stifled at having to conform to the ‘this is the way we do things’ mentality. I was expected to maintain the status quo, keep my mouth shut and not rock the boat. The result being I went off sick with stress, the company lost a talent they sorely needed…”

Recognising that you or a member of your team are out of flow is a first and really important step to deciding what can be done next. There are many tell tale signs to look out for and here are just a few…

  • Levels of stress are being seen – this is very different to pressure which most people can cope with, Stress is something that is much harder to deal with
  • Becoming tired and lacking in energy generally.
  • Turning up late and leaving early.
  • Higher levels of disagreement than normal in the team, tempers flaring and unusual behaviours
  • Increased levels of staff turnover. People often leave when they don’t feel valued, they go where they can be more valued and can perform better
  • Decreases in Productivity, sales and overall results

When you see that individuals in your team are out of flow, remember the only way someone can be in flow, is if you put them into flow… so think about the role and the accountabilities you have given them.  What could they be doing that would allow them to have more fun, speed up their results, feel they are able to contribute more and will allow them to create a better result for the rest of the team?

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Opportunity to recieve a free Talent Dynamics Profile Report and Personal Debrief

It wasnt quite the debrief John had expected

Would you like to have the opportunity to take your Talent Dynamics Profile Test for free? Plus, receive a personalised graph and ten page report, and a one-to-one Debrief session on what it means to you in your current role?

If so, please read on! We are looking for a small group of local people, to volunteer to help us in our training programme by being ‘live clients’ for our trainees to ‘practice on’.

We are running an exclusive training session on the 15th and 16th December, here in Preston. A small group of handpicked Trainers, Coaches and Leaders will be learning how to debrief their clients, using the Talent Dynamics Profile. As part of this training they will be working with real people who have just taken their profile test (this could be you!) who will then be given a one-to-one Debrief.

You will receive the value of this session (normally £197+vat) and gain some really cool insights for your current role, whilst the coaches will benefit from some real experience to use their new skills.

To take part in this opportunity, you need to be available at the Preston Tickled Trout on 16th December for 1.5 hours, the exact time to be confirmed.

If you want to be considered to take this opportunity up, please contact Michelle directly with your contact details, confirming your availability for the 16th.

Here are some testimonials from clients we have run Profile Debriefs with recently.

Since receiving the profile I have focused far more on my networking, relationship building and spearheading of campaigns.  The effect upon my revenue and business activity has been exceptional not only do I feel happier in what I am doing at work but my boss is happier because I am making us both more money! Robyn Waddington, Security and Integrated Services Team Leader, Nybor Resourcing Ltd

I’ve been struggling to really focus my personal development this year and was coming up with all the usual things to work on. I’d heard about Talent Dynamics and decided to take the test and debrief. I’m so glad I did as it has been extremely insightful and has really helped me to focus some key, value adding development activity as a result. It was such a huge help in understanding my drivers and behaviours and has become a critical reference tool for me, not only in understanding myself but also in what sort of work and situations I deal best with, as well as how I interact with my team and my stakeholders. I’d totally recommend it to anyone! Andrea Morrison, HR Consultant, Royal Bank of Scotland

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