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COMPETITION: Meet Stephen MR Covey at the Trust Conference!

We have an awesome opportunity for you!  3 People will win:

The Prize

  • A personal meet and greet with Stephen MR Covey at the Trust Conference on 10th September
  • A copy of a photo of you meeting Stephen on the day
  • A signed personalised copy of his best selling book The Speed of Trust
  • Oh and we will give you the VIP treatment all day long… You will be given a GOLD VIP ticket to the day (these are literally gold dust as they are all sold out!) You can mingle with all the speakers, the platinum sponsors and top VIPs on the day

How to Enter:

Simply share with Talent Dynamics “the reason why TRUST is important to you” and you could be in with a chance of winning one of these prizes

You can enter via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with the following link:

Facebook: Share the link and tag @TalentDynamics with your reason

Twitter: ReTweet the link and tag @talentdynamics with your reason

LinkedIn: Leave your reason on the Talent Dynamics LinkedIn post

Closing Date

Only one entry per person will be accepted and we will review all the entries and pick the top 3 from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on Wednesday 4th September at 5pm UK time.

Good luck everyone!

4 Responses to COMPETITION: Meet Stephen MR Covey at the Trust Conference!

  1. TRUST is the foundation from where we can collaboratively grow globally – socially, environmentally and financially

  2. Michelle Clarke says:

    Great comment Judy. Please make sure you share it on Facebook, linked in or twitter though to be in with a chance of winning 🙂

  3. Hendra Sulistio says:

    While Trust is the foundation, due dilligence, everybody is innocent of their comment until proven otherwise are key also. On the internet, peoples comments without proof. Some of them true, some of them are lying like people jealous of a success of others and put negative comment to shut down competition whether in women/men relationships, in business relationships, in religions interpretations.
    We interpret news based on reactions without facts, based on emotions without fact, and when we don’t correct that, war is the result. Trust, Due Dilligence, Innocent until proven otherwise and intentions of the comment we make and the priority which one to do it first and the gut feeling from your belly are also critical to our evolutions to grow our life to be a leader, our businesses globally. Just like my team, I am as guilty as they are when we are too quick to judge without calm down and evaluate the situations. After calming down from last night situations, I know that my team has partially correct in itself and all of them correct as separate fact.
    Have you heard the story about the blind man who touch different parts of an elephant and he/she describe an elephan wildly different than the other.
    I will make the decisions myself on this one to give everybody an understanding to see the whole pictures instead of separate, individual pictures.

  4. Dr Dominique Dock says:

    When a patient and doctor meet in order to build or rebuild health, ( of course we are talking about a real physician, not someone with eyes glued to a screen and the watch)
    there needs to be mutual trust: the patient must sense and know in her/his heart that he/she is given full attention as much as the doctor must be sure that he/she can trust the “client” to be truthful, and trusting.
    Because without this trust, nothing much will occur, and nothing will be achieved.

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