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Looking for a Consultant near you to help get your team into Flow? We have trained and accredited Flow and Performance Consultants from all around the world. Just by being here on our database, you can be sure that they have been trained by one of our Master Trainers and accredited to our extremely high standards.

Each Consultant is re-accredited on an annual basis and attends monthly training webinars with our central team, so you can be sure that they are equipped with the latest knowledge, tools and techniques in Talent Dynamics!

Flow Consultants

Accredited Flow Consultants are highly experienced professionals in their own field. Independent Coaches, trainers and business leaders with a wealth of experience between them. They are accredited to administer the Talent Dynamics Profile Test and to conduct personalised debriefs/coaching discussions using the Talent Dynamics Profile Report.

They have been highly trained in understanding all 8 of the Talent Dynamics Profiles and the best way to enable each profile to get into and stay in flow.

Step one Performance Consultants

Our Accredited Performance Consultants have led business teams, worked in a variety of business functions, for some, including large multinationals and have had extensive training, coaching and business development experience: they have walked the talk as well as talked it!

They have undergone a thorough 5 day Accreditation training with our Master Trainers and have reached the standard required to deliver Talent Dynamics Step One of the Talent Dynamics Pathway, with their clients and teams.

This means that they are qualified to administer our one and two day programmes, designed to Introduce Talent Dynamics to your business. They are extremely well versed in our unique principles, including Value and Leverage and can assist you to gain significant growth in your business/team.

Master Trainers

Our Master Trainers are highly skilled Trainers and Consultants, who have been trained and accredited to administer the Flow and Performance Consultant Accreditation training through our central Accreditation programme.

Each Master Trainer has invested in significantly increasing their personal level of skill around using all of the Talent Dynamics material. They are subject to measurement and quality controlling from our central team and invest in continuous learning to maintain the Master Trainer Accreditation standards.

They understand how to train and accredit other Coaches and Trainers to our required standards and are licensed to run programmes in their chosen locations.

Also, as highly skilled Performance Consultants themselves, they are able to run all of the Step programmes on the Talent Dynamics Pathway. They are extremely well versed in all of our unique principles and can assist you to gain significant growth in your business/team.

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