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Jan’s Corner: success, regardless of where you are at half time

Many eyes excitedly followed the action at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The tournament presented an opportunity for every team to demonstrate their capabilities on a world stage, along with the pressure to perform when it really matters.

I like watching sport because it reminds me of both business and life. We set worthwhile goals, team up with others, plan, prepare and then deal with the challenges along the way presented by circumstances and other factors.

England has fallen in the first knockout stage. Does this indicate an inflexibility in adapting to the circumstances of the tournament? Certainly, in past competitions, teams have started poorly but made changes and rallied to win, as did Italy in 2006.

Watching successful teams playing at the World Cup, I noticed a few things that could make a difference in business as well:

  • Playing as a team – focusing on giving your personal best to the team and creating opportunities for others and making the most of everyone’s position and strengths.
  • Playing fully till the final whistle – especially when you are winning.
  • Enjoying the game – playing with passion and improving by learning from both successes and failures.

So, regardless where you are at an intermediate stage, with the right approach, this year can be as exciting and triumphant for you as for the eventual World Cup-winning nation.

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One size just doesn't fit all…

We’ve all been invited on courses of how to network better/more effectively. They are always run by some outgoing, extroverted individual who has no problem meeting heaps of brand new folks, who then take time to explain to everyone else just how easy it is to do! Of course they do – they all have a natural extroversion in their profile which makes it so much easier for them to do this!! It’s something they are naturally good at and therefore enjoy more.

Everyone has the ability to network successfully. There are different strategies that are more effective for the eight different Talent Dynamics Profile Types. There simply isn’t one size to fit all.

Now, I’m a Supporter Profile: we are natural, face-to-face networkers, great at building relationships quickly. We enjoy meeting new people and don’t enjoy the detail or the data analysis so much. Give me the choice of being in the office at my desk or at an event with 100 strangers – I’ll always choose the 100 strangers! It’s my natural talent.

I was at such an event recently. I had stood up confidently and shared my 60 second update on my company (extroverted profiles are OK with this public speaking as well). During the break I met with an Accumulator Profile. The first thing she said to me was “I wish I could be more like you!”.

I asked her why and she explained that, as a member of the legal profession, she didn’t favour these kind of events but had to do them. Many of her legal clients were expecting more extroverted and naturally-outgoing solicitors to work with! I really felt for her in that instant. I explained, that Accumulator’s make the most risk-averse of all the Profiles and are very well-suited to this role. They are the safest of all of the talent Dynamics Profiles and I assured her that, I for one, would prefer my solicitor to be an Accumulator Profile!

I also discussed with her some specific strategies she might like to employ with her networking that plays to her natural strengths.

So please don’t feel that you have to be this super-duper, over-the-top natural networker, constantly wondering why others are so much better at it than you.

Or the complete opposite, you find you are a natural networker but struggle with the detail in running your organisation. Realise your natural talents, utilise your natural strengths and find a team to support you with the talents that don’t come so naturally to you!

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