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August news

I have so much to share with you on this month’s update!

We launch our new website today and, as clients and friends of ours, you are the first group of people to view it here.

It’s got loads of information about Talent Dynamics Pathway TM which is a name we have coined to describe the concept of accelerating trust and flow in individuals, teams and enterprises. It’s the Talent Dynamics ‘pathway’ to success.

The website also shares what our clients are saying about us, with some initial case studies and our brand new, never-been-shown-before video, plus Getting In Flow, this blog, where we share heaps of tips and ideas on a regular basis.

We would love your feedback and comments! You can post a comment here, using your Facebook Profile to log in.

Michelle in Bali

Back to school for Michelle (Wealth Dynamics Masters Programme in Bali) - comfortable bamboo furniture and open plan walls. If she were going back to school, it would be THIS school!

I had the fantastic opportunity to take Talent Dynamics, the company, through Step 3 of our own Talent Dynamics PathwayTM this month! I spent a week in Bali working with Roger James Hamilton, the creator of Wealth Dynamics, and some business owners from around the world, going through, as a participant, the programme that we run with our clients, for Meaningful, Measurable, Profitable Change.

It was interesting to be on the other side of the fence, so to speak! I believe it’s really important to walk the talk here at Talent Dynamics. It’s no good being a landscape gardener and not tending to the flowers in your own garden now is it?!

I had a new photo taken as well this month: people kept saying the other one didn’t look like me!

Michelle Clarke


Thanks go to USP Creative in Liverpool

Really Bright Media logotype

The video production team

On last month’s update, we shared a potential opportunity for a team of 12-18 people to take advantage of a free Talent Dynamics Pathway in return for letting us film it for our new ‘What is Talent Dynamics’ video.

We had a tremendous response to this opportunity and we short-listed those teams that could run the programme at very short notice (within the month!) and were easy for both Michelle in Preston and the London based film crew to get to.

USP Creative logotype

USP Creative, design and marketing consultants based in Old Hall Street in the heart of Liverpool

USP Creative ticked all our boxes. We had a great day with the team over in Liverpool, making our new video whilst sharing the principles of Talent Dynamics for their business growth.

Thanks go to Really Bright Media for making the video for us and for meeting some very tight deadlines and working the bank holiday weekend!

Let us know what you think!

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