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Talent Dynamics RSS Feed Blog Archive: October 2010

Michelle's October sharing

October’s been a record month for delivering Talent Dynamics Pathway programmes, since we set up last November. It’s been great!

An extra special programme for me this month, was a one day programme that I actually got to participate in, for a change (because Jan was facilitating it), with a small group  who are set to become part of the Talent Dynamics Team over the next few months.  I will be introducing you to these new team members in forthcoming blogs and letting you know more about their roles! It was kind of strange being a participant of the material I deliver all the time and yet it was a fantastic  experience for me to work on my business with my team!

Over the past twelve months, I have been approached by literally scores of coaches/trainers and business leaders asking to be trained in using Talent Dynamics Pathway with their clients and team members! Well — the time has come.  Jan and I are ready to take a pilot group through just this in December.

This is the only such pilot we have scheduled in for the next year. Numbers are limited to ten and some of the places are already filled.  If you want to know more about how to take part in this pilot, which we have seen generate significant increases in income for individuals. then drop me a line at

Here is an example of just such a case where an individual, by understanding their Profile, created really significant results in less than six months

Have a great month ahead, Michelle.

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Jan's Corner: leadership dance

Much has been written and said about leadership and being a leader in business. There are numerous theories and models of leadership and, even now, I can still remember at least a dozen from my organisational behaviour studies and consulting work.

Over the years, what I found useful is a practical approach, one that comes out not as much from a book (even though theory and distinctions are important) but out of a desire to fulfil a specific purpose.

You know…launching that new product, delivering that service better, building that community of clients or improving that process. And, of course, making that contribution and leaving that legacy only you – as business, team and individual – can.

Maybe we could say that leadership is about leading others at the right time, in the right fashion, to fulfil a joint purpose. It is not about control, position or exposure. Actually, it is about assuming leadership and allowing others to lead when it best serves what we are up for in business. It is to create the most flow together.

There is a great opportunity for everyone on your team to lead, whether it is a small task or a large project.

Give it a thought.

Who is best equipped for leading meetings so that they don’t drag endlessly? Who is the most creative in your team? The most connected? The most confident? The most meticulous?

Give them the opportunity to lead and you will see that everyone benefits. And if you see that it is you who can add the most value as a leader, don’t hesitate to step up. It is like a dance – those who know the steps and whose flow connects most with that particular music, lead the way. Enjoy!

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Opportunity for coaches/trainers to take part in an exclusive Talent Dynamics Pilot Programme


The pilots thought the programme was only open to them!

We are running a Pilot Programme on the 15th and 16th December, in Preston, to train and accredit just ten people on Talent Dynamics Profiling.

During these two days, Participants will learn about:

  • The eight Talent Dynamics Profiles in detail and the different energies of the Profiles
  • Interpreting and understanding the Talent Dynamics personal graphs
  • The process for conducting and running a value-based Profile Debriefing session
  • Ensuring your clients understand the value they bring and the best way for them to leverage the Profiles
  • The Talent Dynamics Pathway and how it has helped some of our clients.

The Programme will result in a year-long Licence to use the Talent Dynamics Profiles in your business, with your clients. Participants will be assessed and supported over the course of the two days, and during December, to ensure a level of competence in handling the data and the conversations with clients.

The Licence will run from 1st Jan 2011 until Dec 31st 2011 and can be held in the name of an individual only, not an organisation (if you have several members of your team, only you as participant, will be licensed to do Profile Debriefing).

What is included in the Licence

  • Two days intensive training programme in Preston with Talent Dynamics Performance Consultants
  • A license to sell Talent Dynamics Profiles and debrief sessions to your Individual Clients for a year
  • 2 x supported Profile Debrief sessions with your clients to give feedback on your style and accuracy – we will run these as three-way calls during December/early January
  • 25 Talent Dynamics Profile Tokens (Total value of £2,500 for resale)
  • Opportunity to purchase additional Profile Tokens throughout the year for resale at 50% discount (£50) 

 Requirements from successful participants

  • An agreement in writing to only use this license for individuals, as part of your one to one coaching/development work and not for use with teams
  • Attendance at the two day training
  • Set up 2 x profile debriefs to do with real clients/contacts in December/January to become fully-accredited and receive your Talent Dynamics Licence


£2,497 inclusive of VAT.

A £497 deposit will secure a booking

As this is a Pilot, we don’t have any current plans to run further Programmes in the next twelve months. To check if you can book a place, please email with your details.

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USP Creative find their Talent Dynamic!

I had a great day working with a very creative team over in Liverpool and we used the opportunity to create our What is Talent Dynamics video at the same time. Here’s what they shared on their monthly blog about the day.

USP Creative embarked on a one day training programme with influential speaker, Michelle Clarke as part of the Talent Dynamics Pathway.

The Talent Dynamic programme aims to aid businesses in their growth. The session, which was filmed by Talent Dynamics taught the team about their own strengths and weaknesses and how each individuals talent could be fully utilised in pushing the business forward.

USP Creative’s Managing Director, Jan Peters said “The day was a great success and it was thrilling to be able to watch the team learn more about each other and really pull together. Michelle is an inspirational speaker and I would recommend this programme to anyone looking to push their business further.”

via News from USP Creative Liverpool. Your Marketing and Design Agency.

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Supporter Profile smashes salon-opening targets by 400 percent

Talent Dynamics Pathway has unleashed a potential in me and my business that I never even knew existed. I believed Minola Salons could be a strong brand but I hadn’t guessed we would exceed all our targets by 400% in less than five months! We already have plans in place for the whole team to take part in Talent Dynamics Pathway and are getting ready to extend the Minola Salons brand across the UK!” Michelle Bagshaw, Owner/Director, Minola Salons

Why we were asked to work with Michelle from Minola Salons

Michelle was in the process of setting up in business after several years trading as a beauty therapist in another salon and had very little experience in entrepreneurship. The outcomes she wanted were to develop her leadership skills and to create strategies for successfully opening her first salon. The first Minola Salon was opened in June 2010.

What we did

Michelle undertook Step One and Step Two on Talent Dynamics Pathway at the Individual Level. She started to work with her dedicated Performance Consultant to set and create the Enterprise Vision two months before the Salon opened. Michelle was supported during this time through the creation of a very specific and robust strategy, one that resonated with her Talent Dynamics Supporter Profile and with the enterprise she wanted to create.

Michelle’s Performance Consultant worked with her on a monthly basis, supporting her through the implementation of her strategy, challenging her thinking and ensuring that her Enterprise Vision/KPIs were being delivered consistently.

Whom we worked with in the Enterprise

The owner/director of Minola Salons

Programme timings

Michelle had constant access to a Talent Dynamics Pathway Performance Consultant who also held one-to-one consultations on a monthly basis.

How the programme has impacted

Within one month, Michelle had increased retail sales directly by 500%. The Salon smashed its opening targets by 400%. Repeat business from new customers is running at 95%.

Within three months, the Salon had so much demand for business that they took on three new therapists and two receptionists. Opening hours have extended from five to seven days a week and current plans for Christmas trading include 24 hour opening.

Minola is in the process of launching its e-commerce site which is conservatively estimated to add an additional 100% to retail sales in its first three months.

Michelle has now extended the use of Talent Dynamics Pathway to her entire team. Talent Dynamics is running Step One with them as a team in October and we will share a case study of what happens next in April 2011.

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Are you in the boat or in the water?

Loving this great explanation of how to reach your goals and be all that you can be as explained by one of our clients!

Are you on the boat or in the water?

As we are on the theme of change, I thought I would share something that my own business mentor Michelle enlightened me with last week.

When you are moving towards making your goals and outcomes a reality, you will have to create some changes in your behaviours, thinking & feelings, in order to get from where you currently are to where you want to get to.

Think of it as if you were in a boat. Sometimes the hardest part in creating the change you want is taking that first step and getting off the boat and into the water, don’t you think?

Sometimes, you may look out at the water and see how good it looks and think about how much you want to experience it – yet you may actually never muster up enough courage to take the plunge.

At other times, you may simply dip your toes in to test the water and then not take the next step to fully immersing yourself into it.

You may also sit in the boat and look out at everyone else swimming away and thinking – ‘I wish that was me’! Of course if you are wanting to swim into unfamiliar and uncharted waters, then it will feel a little scary at first, as it may be out of your comfort zone!

“If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything.”

Win Borden

via  weekly dose of inspiration

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Make employees part of the solution

Saw this article in People Management – it surprises me, how many leaders are taken aback at the fact that the best people to unblock flow or continue to create the flow are from within the team! We always see the best ideas for the business coming from the individuals that work within them when they get the opportunity to get into flow – what do you think?

When Nick Clegg and David Cameron agreed to work together in coalition, they announced that “we have found that a combination of our parties’ best ideas and attitudes has produced a programme for government that is more radical and comprehensive than our individual manifestos”.

This concept of sharing ideas seems to have followed through into the way the new government is going about its business. For example, as part of the deficit reduction programme, the minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude, met with the CEOs of the 19 biggest government suppliers to ask them what they could do to help cut the cost of the services they provide to government.

The Treasury also asked public-sector workers to let them know of ways in which money could be saved across the sector. The response was overwhelming, with over 100,000 suggestions made, of which 44,000 came from members of the public. Many of the ideas coming forward have now been published on the Treasury’s website.

via Make employees part of the solution – People Management Magazine Online.

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Mechanic in a Star’s Clothing

Can you learn how to be one of the other profiles?

We get asked this question a lot when running programmes and doing Profile debriefs. The short answer is yes, you can learn how to be any of them.  Your Profile is not designed to be a label but a pathway to a strategy where you can deliver the most value and leverage. A more useful question perhaps, is, where do you choose to spend the majority of your time, in order to get the maximum results, whilst having the most fun?

Recently, one of our clients, a Mechanic Profile, was asked to step into a Star Profile space and do a number of presentations to local businesses about the success of his company.

Mechanics are great natural problem solvers. What they build and create is generally built to last. Endless perfectionists, they are always looking for better ways to improve business and systems.  They are detail orientated and innovative. As a rule the one place Mechanics choose not to be, is in the spotlight! Whilst feeling humbled to be asked to share his story, I know that he was also anxious about being asked to ‘perform’ in a Star type capacity in front of a large audience.

Typical of his profile, he took as many opportunities as he could to innovate,  tweak and improve his presentation.  It was full of very cool stories about substantial problems and challenges that had been overcome in truly systemized ways.

I saw the presentation on the day and it was absolutely fabulous! It was really well thought through, systemized, value packed and very real, even quite emotional in places, delivered professionally and thoroughly.

As I said earlier, it’s definitely possible to learn elements of other profiles that aren’t your natural talent but the question is where do you choose to spend your time in order to have the most fun and be the most productive?

Extremely successful and very popular as the headline speaker that night, the audience were delighted with his sharing. So, I asked him afterwards, did he now want to add the title of professional speaker to his CV? A short simple, smile and a ‘no thanks!’ was his reply…

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