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Michelle's March news

I have been all over the place this month (geographically speaking of course) I was in Brussels for the People Development Summit where I was fortunate enough to meet with some of the UK’s top Heads of Learning and leading Training and Development suppliers.  Its a fabulous event, brilliantly organised and an opportunity to network to my hearts delight! As it happened, I over, uber networked and one evening after a full day of back to back meetings, I attempted to get into someone elses hotel room (which I was adamant was mine) The person whose room it was, caught me and just happened to be one of the Suppliers at the Summit!

As you read this months newsletter I will be arriving in Melbourne, Australia, where i’ll be officially launching Talent Dynamics with Roger James Hamilton, (creator of Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics) during his country wide tour of events  (I know, I get all the tough jobs round here!) Jan and I will then be back over in Australia, during the final week of June to run the first ever open TD Accreditation workshop in the country! More details on this and the UK June programme here…

We already have a US resident booked on the Australian Accreditation workshop in June and 3 South Africans heading over for the UK workshop amongst others…

Have a fabulous month ahead!


PS Next month, we will have details of a special webinar, we are hosting in May with one of the UK’s Top HR Directors and experts on Trust in Organisations…

PPS For those that have been asking and cajoling me to action… The affiliate site for the Talent Dynamics Profile Test will go live mid-April. More news on that to follow soon…

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Una's Spotlight: Succession Planning – Replacing Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus?

Not all situations that require thoughtful succession planning will be as extreme as the one potentially facing microcredit pioneer Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus as specified in this article. However it is something that prompted some thought on the topic…

What would happen in your team or your business if you or another significant leader weren’t there? Would everything run like clockwork or would it all fall apart? If the latter then it may be time to give the matter some serious consideration. You never know when somebody may need time off for ill-health, to care for a family member, decides to take early retirement or simply is lured by the competition or finally setting off to the South of France to start that vineyard…

Is there someone (or even better, several someones) being groomed to take leaders’ places? Have you taken into consideration the dynamics of the whole team? Could you be lured by the excitement of somebody from outside the business and forget about the hardworking talent already in your company?

Maybe one of the best ways to consider succession planning – and indeed talent management – within your organisation is as a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Who have you already got at different levels that are interested in progressing their careers?
  • Are they and their teams in flow?
  • If not, why not? (Richard Branson says when a team member isn’t performing, its often a sign they are in the wrong role!)
  • What roles could people progress up to in the jigsaw, that still keep them in flow,with the best accountabilities for their profile?
  • Which is the ideal profile to lead the team at this particular time given the goals and targets?
  •  How can you move the pieces around and still end up with the bigger picture that you desire?

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Jans Corner: May the Flow be with you!

Flow is the guiding principle in Talent Dynamics. Actually, we believe in the principle of Flow so much that we think everyone has a right to experience Flow. 

We have seen again and again that when individuals experience being in their Flow, work becomes a natural expression of who they are and something to enjoy. At the same time, their performance soars to dramatic new levels. Innovation, collaboration and effective action come easily whilst procrastination, politicking, and excuses tend to rapidly disappear. Oftentimes magic happens.

Well, I suspect we have all experienced Flow at one point or another. Even if that was for a short moment. The real benefit though comes from deliberately putting ourselves into Flow on a daily basis. We all deserve it. 

Recently I watched the Star Wars trilogy prequels again – those showing Anakin Skywalker turn into Darth Vader – and couldn’t help but ponder about how we create and obstruct Flow. 

Experiencing Flow comes from Knowing Oneself as well as Leading Oneself, Knowing One’s Team as well as Leading One’s Team.

Flow is like being in a river. When we experience flow, we get effortlessly carried by the flow downstream. Knowing Ourselves allows us to choose to be in the right river, the one that is flowing where we intend to travel, whilst Leading Ourselves allows us to stay in the river rather than end up stuck on the banks. In the movies, Anakin has great power and exceptional talent and he knows it yet he experiences doubt, confusion and inner conflict. Driven by his fear and ambition he turns to the Dark side. He fails to lead himself. 

I noticed that in business – at work and in team interactions, getting stuck in the riverbanks – out of flow – comes from the same attitudes that held Anakin back – from fear and arrogance showing as defensiveness. That’s right. And it happens to all of us more or less often. It is simply part of the journey and the changing landscape and circumstances. Yet those who experience the Flow regularly, like the Jedi Knights, approach circumstances differently and nurture an attitude of gratefulness and acceptance as well as curiosity. As a result there is no resistance and flow occurs naturally despite the bumps on the road. 

It takes deliberate attention to create and maintain Flow but the fruits are well worth it. And it starts simply by choosing our attitudes in the moment. 

So let us be less defensive and more curious, less fearful and arrogant and more grateful and accepting. You’ll notice the difference and so will your team. 

May the Flow be with you.

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Doubling the value, in line with the Australians…

Flow Consultant and Performance Consultant Accreditation Training – Preston

Monday June 13th-Friday June 17th

As we are running this tremendous value opportunity in Australia to celebrate our launch there in June, we felt it only fair to offer the same opportunity to our UK friends as well! So we have decided to add in the additional 2.5 day Performance Consultant Training to our scheduled June programme, for the same price as the 2.5 day Flow Consultant programme and run it over 5 days consecutively.

During these Five days, Participants will learn about:

  • The eight Talent Dynamics Profiles and the different energies of the Profiles
  • The process for conducting and running a high value Profile Debriefing session
  • The subtle differences between the profiles and how to help someone identify their specific path
  • Value and Leverage at the Team, Divisional and Enterprise Level and how to use this to create dramatic changes in results
  • How to shift paradigms with simple, quick, powerfully effective group exercises
  • The process for clients to build ideas that can generate 6 figure results
  • How to run the Talent Dynamics Taster Session to help analyse your client needs
  • Key principles to build powerful Talent Dynamics programmes, that complement your current product offering

The Programme will result in a year-long License to use Talent Dynamics materials in your business,  with your corporate clients. Participants will be assessed and supported over the course of the five days, to ensure a level of competence in handling the data and in running the programme with clients.

Results your clients could achieve

Here are some examples of  the kinds of results our clients achieve when we take them through the kind of programme we will be training and accrediting you to run.

  • A number of 6 figure ideas that are implementable in the next 3 months for an events company following a one day programme
  • £100k idea that was implementable immediately to a group of solicitors, at no additional cost to the company following a one day programme
  • Preventing a Local authority team from being removed due to cost cutting, replacing their ‘cost’ with a profitable plan and team, following a one day programme
  • 50% Increase in productivity in under 6 months for a film production company following a two day programme

What is included in the License

  • Five day intensive training programme with highly experienced Talent Dynamics Performance Consultants Trainers
  • A license to sell Talent Dynamics Team Programmes to your Clients for a year.
  • A quarterly update on new materials, developments and sharing of best practice amongst consultants
  • Access to the global community of Flow and Performance Consultants
  • 50 Talent Dynamics Profile Tokens (Total value of £5,000 for resale by you)
  • Opportunity to purchase additional Profile Tokens throughout the year for resale at 50% discount (GBP £50)
  • Your own Talent Dynamics Test site admin area where you can view your clients profile test results and create team graphs for your clients

Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal if you are a Coach, Trainer, Team Leader or Business Development Consultant, as it equips you with the fundamental skills and knowledge to assist teams to get into flow. Getting into flow can greatly speed up productivity, it increases employee engagement, reduces stress, absence and mistakes and moreover impacts on the bottom line in a very positive way!


The Flow Consultant and Performance Consultant 5 day accreditation training together, normally retails at£4995.

As a one off opportunity and to make sure our UK clients get the same opportunities as our Australian clients, we are offering this powerful 5 day training, with  50 Talent Dynamics profiles included all for only £2797. The 50 profiles alone are valued at a retail price of £5,000

The license is renewable annually upon accreditation at £1497 which includes 15 profiles and enables you to continue accessing the profiles at the discounted price of £50

There are only 12 spaces available on this launch programme, so early booking is recommended to ensure you have a space. Payment plans are available. Please request details on application.

Contact now to reserve a space or click here to book directly

Early Bird Promotion

For those early birds booking before 31.3.11, there is an extra special bonus. The price is only £2397. To reserve your space at this price, contact asap

Monday June 13th-Friday June 17th Tickled Trout hotel – Preston

What others say about this programme

“Fantastic experience which will add tremendous value to myself and my business clients. Really implements what my business is all about – Rapid Transformation” Osmaan Sharif Owner Rapid Transformation

Michelle and her team at Talent Dynamics Ltd have a powerful tool in the Talent Dynamics Profile. They share their knowledge and insight with passion and incisiveness, unlocking the path of least resistance for you so that you experience flow and with your teams more consistently. There is no doubt that properly applied this tool set will significantly increase the performance of your teams and add value to the bottom line. That is why I am delighted to be able to be Accredited to deliver this for my Entrepreneurial clients.” Gavin Preston MD Rising Stars

Click here to watch  video testimonials from previous participants

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