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Michelle’s path to Oz

A Freckleton woman’s business development firm has launched an international division after huge success in Australia. Talent Dynamics, run by Michelle Clarke, has seen demand for its Pathway programme grow following a series of successful meetings on the continent.

Michelle, 38, said: “The reaction we got in Australia was amazing. We decided the best strategy for our own growth was to engage local performance consultants who better understand the local market and are best placed to grow the business down under. They will be licensed to use the Talent Dynamics Pathway, the most popular tool in our suite of products.” The fulwood-based company’s first professional visit to Australia, which took Michelle to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, saw her engage 12 staff.

At the current rate of growth, Michelle expects to have 50 Talent Dynamics consultants throughout the UK, Australia, Japan, the US and South Africa by the end of 2011. Kevin O’Loughlin, director of Altius Growth Strategies in Melbourne, is to become one of the first Talent Dynamics performance consultants in Australia. He said: “My training with the new company will add a new and powerful dimension to my work with leaders and teams.”

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Sales are cash for charities

A business development consultancy is changing lives all over the world. Michelle Clarke, head of Freckleton-based Talent Dynamics, has signed up with Buy One, Give One, to pledge that every time a client buys a product or service from her company, they will make a donation to one of its approved charities.

Before Christmas, 10 children in India received the gift of education for a month as a result of 10 coaches attending Talent Dynamics’ profile accreditation training. Mrs Clarke said: “The concept is simple. Every time a client buys one of our products or services we will give it to a good cause. We have always donated 10 per cent of our profit to charity but this has transformed the way we contribute and how we involve our clients.”


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Charities profit from Fylde sales

A BUSINESS development consultancy is changing lives all over the world after becoming the first firm in the North West to join social change organisation Buy 1 Give 1.

Michelle Clarke, head of Freckleton-based Talent Dynamics, has pledged that every time a client buys a product or service from her company, they will make a donation to one of the approved charities through the groundbreaking organisation.

Before Christmas, 10 children in India received the gift of education for a month as a result of 10 coaches attending Talent Dynamics’ profile accreditation training.

Mrs Clarke said: “The concept is simple. Every time a client buys one of our products or services we will give to a good cause.

“Our clients receive a written pledge and they can go to to see how their contributions make a difference.

“We have always donated 10 per cent of our profit to charity but didn’t think our clients needed to know about it.

“Discovering B1G1 has transformed the way we contribute and how we involve our clients. We want to embed the giving so it becomes an effortless habit.”

Buy 1 Give 1 is a global initiative founded in 2007 in Australia and helps businesses connect their products and services to more than 600 charities and good causes throughout the world.

Hundreds of businesses in scores of countries have signed up but Talent Dynamics is the first in the North West to adopt the scheme.


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Improve your relationship with a significant other – to celebrate the Royal Wedding!

Here at TDHQ we have all caught Royal Wedding Fever! So excited are we by the impending nuptials tomorrow in London and the happy couple, that we have decided to offer a one off opportunity to help you understand how you too can improve your relationships!!

We are offering 2 TD profiles AND debriefs together, for less than the price of 1!!

We often find delegates on our programmes wanting to profile their kids or husband/wife to improve understanding of one another!

This opportunity is only open until Tuesday 3rd May. It allows you and your Partner, husband, wife, children, business partner or colleague to complete a TD profile each and then have a session with one of our expert Performance Consultants, with you both together to look at ways to greatly improve your relationship! (You can book the debrief at a time to suit you both as long as you take action before the 3rd!)

Find ways to improve:
Communication with one another
Your understanding of whats important to your significant other and how they think!
potential challenges in the relationship and how to manage/avoid them
The speed at which you can resolve conflict

A profile and debrief usually retails for £197 and for this opportunity, we are offering 2 profiles and a joint debrief for just £167!!!! (or approx AUS$260)

To take advantage of this offer, in the next few days only, click here. You will be sent a 2nd profile and will be contacted by one of the team to arrange a suitable time and date for the debrief.

Enjoy the celebrations tomorrow wherever you are!!

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Webinar:Building effective teams in General Mills with Sue Swanborough

Building effective teams in General Mills UK & Ireland – Webinar with Sue Swanborough

  • Are you interested to learn how the world’s 6th largest food company builds effective teams across its divisions in the UK & Ireland?
  • Are you a business Leader/CEO/HRD responsible for a significant head count across multiple sites?
  • Do you want to know the top people strategies that have helped General Mills UK & Ireland, sustain a track record of double digit growth during challenging trading times?
  • Would you like to pose a direct question to one of the UK’s leading HRD thought leaders in building Trust in Organisations?

Join Michelle on May 18th, when she will be interviewing Sue Swanborough, UK & Ireland HR Director for General Mills. This is a rare opportunity, to gain an amazing insight, into how one of the world’s largest food companies, builds effective teams and we wanted to give you plenty of notice to be able to attend the live webinar!

Webinar details:

When: May 18th 0800-0845 London/1700-1745 SydneyClick here to check other time zones.

Where: Click here to reserve your place and to ensure you are sent the log in details before the webinar

Who can benefit from this webinar

  • CEO’s/HRD’s in large organisations, looking for value add information and insights
  • Business Leaders who have been considering Talent Dynamics as part of their strategy and are curious over the likely impact  in a large organisation
  • Performance Consultants accredited in Step One on the Talent Dynamics Pathway

General Mills UK & Ireland have been using Step One on the Talent Dynamics Pathway, as part of their strategy for building effective teams. Sue will be sharing why they decided to use Talent Dynamics and what the benefits and impact has been over the past 9 months having profiled the UK & Ireland leadership Teams.

Sue will also be taking questions live from the audience, on the webinar as well, so make sure you have a place booked as this is a great opportunity to get some high value and practical strategies that you can look to implement with your teams.

 Places on this webinar are limited so please click here to book your place now

About Sue Swanborough

Sue, a science graduate, has worked in a number of fmcg businesses, including Boots plc, Mars  and more recently General Mills. During her career she has moved cross functionally through R&D, supply chain, logistics and manufacturing before joining HR. She has held a number of generalist and specialist roles covering the full spectrum of HR. Her passion and expertise lies in cultural and leadership development through building trust to deliver excellent business results.

About General Mills UK & Ireland

General Mills UK & Ireland is one of the fastest growing food companies in the market and has a track record of double digit growth, with a market leading portfolio that includes Häagen-Dazs, Old El Paso, Green Giant, Betty Crocker, Nature Valley and Jus-Rol.

Part of the world’s sixth largest food company, General Mills has been ranked 8th in the Top 50 Best Workplaces UK is also proud to be consistently named in the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For

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Michelle's April News

Greetings everyone.

Please make a note in your diary for a value packed webinar on May 18th. I’m interviewing Sue Swanborough, UK & Irelands HR Director for General Mills, one of the fastest growing food companies in the market. 

Ranked 8th as one of the UKs top 50 best places to work, Sue will be sharing how they build effective teams and how they have used and benefited from Talent Dynamics tools.

My thanks to Roger James Hamilton, who I accompanied on a whistle stop tour of Australia in March, where we found a perfect group of Trainers, Consultants and Coaches who are going to be the first group of Accredited Talent Dynamics Performance Consultants in Australia! The entire June accreditation workshop was filled over the space of 4 cities in just 8 days, so much so we have just released dates for a January workshop as well!  Here are some of the photos from the recent tour 

While I was in Australia, I  was ‘super lucky’  to find 2 perfect individuals to manage the operations! Michelle Kennedy is training to be a Performance Consultant and has taken on the role of Busines Development Manager and Rosalind Abbott has taken on the role of Service Manager in Australia!

I found out on my return that we have been put through to the Finals of the North Wests coveted business awards, the BIBA’s, for the New Business of the Year Award. We will find out in June who has won but we are absolutely thrilled to be in the finals (and I get to buy a new dress for the awards evening, which is a great excuse!)

Have a fabulous month ahead and I really hope we connect with you on our super cool webinar on the 18th.


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Una's Spotlight: Filmmaking in Flow

Last week I had a holiday with a difference. For a start, I didn’t have a very long journey, just in and out of Manchester every day to a filmmaking Boot Camp event so I could have fun, acting. It was a huge amount of fun and I probably learnt as much as I would have done on a year-long film production course!

I met a diverse range of people whose profiles ranged from the highly creative yet detailed (and perfectionist!) Mechanic directors to the Accumulators who were more concerned that everything was done on time. The introverted Lord sound engineers to the Creator musicians composing film scores and soundtracks. Those who created improvised films (extroverted Creators and Stars) to those (introverted Creators) who spent hours poring over scripts to perfect every nuance before filming. Many of the stars were indeed Star profiles, often providing entertainment for the whole group. It was so clear to see in this environment how the different Talent Dynamics profiles can work together to produce such amazing work – around 50 short films in only one week – whilst having a ball! Now that’s what I call flow…

Yet in business that isn’t show business, sometimes people find it hard to grasp the concept of one person being accountable for one thing instead of trying to do everything themselves. I realised one of the reasons for this when I decided to make a film myself too.

I have no clue how to operate a camera and I don’t know how to edit a film. At the start, I didn’t know what went into sorting out locations and planning for a film, let alone the post-production that is often also necessary. Of course I can take photos and do quick videos on my mobile phone but this is kind a completely different game!

So I had no choice but to seek the help and expertise of others and put a team together. I wrote the script and got two great scriptwriters to input to help me make it better. I sought direction on my direction from a great director. I recruited a cameraman, a production co-ordinator, an editor, a musician (for music when the titles and credits are rolling) and a graphic artist (who did an animated title). I’m told the result was the best first film the group has ever seen (it’s been running for around five years) however I don’t think that’s necessarily because I’m so brilliant…

As a Star Profile yes, I am very visual and creative and also have the people skills to be able to connect with my actors. however I truly believe the real reason is because I assembled a diverse team of different skills and talents. Every single person on the team inputted in some really valuable way to the end result. I could not have achieved this on my own as I did not know how to translate the vision in my head onto the screen and indeed just don’t have the talent to do certain roles.

However in business people have often been educated or trained to do everything and aren’t forced to make that choice. So what is the situation in your team or business? Are you being a whole team yourself, or have you spread the accountabilities related to different types of talent to the right people for the job? After all this is much more than simply delegating. It is leveraging each person’s talent, skills and knowledge to transform your results.

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Introducing Michelle Kennedy with a very special Opportunity!

We are really excited to be introducing a super creative, bright and bubbly Creator Profile, in the shape of Michelle Kennedy who joined us in March while Michelle Clarke was in Australia. (yep, seems you have to be called Michelle to work round here) Michelle’s new role is as Business Development Manager for Australia. Michelle is also a Performance Consultant in training and is already very experienced in working with clients using Wealth Dynamics.

Special Opportunity

To celebrate our launch in Australia and Michelle’s new and exciting role, we have created an opportunity for the first 5 companies in Australia who contact Michelle!

When we run our 5 day Accreditation training in Australia in June, Michelle C and Jan will both be staying an extra week to deliver some high impact one day programmes with 5 lucky clients. Understanding Primary Purpose 

Typically clients who have been through this one day programme come away with instantly applicable revenue generating ideas. Often, as much as $100k ideas!

Results we have created recently with clients from this one day Programme 

  • A number of 6 figure ideas that are implementable in the next 3 months for an events company
  • £100k idea that was implementable immediately at no additional cost to a firm of solicitors
  • Replacing a local authority team’s £300k ‘cost’ with a profitable plan and team that became £100k of forward orders
  • 50% Increase in productivity in under 6 months for a film production company
  • 500% increase in retail sales and a smashing of opening sales targets for a Beauty salon

 Outcomes of the One day programme

  • Tremendously increased individual awareness, ownership and effectiveness for the team members in their daily roles
  • A realisation of ‘my value’ in the team and how I can best create and co-create more flow
  • A real understanding of the Purpose of an Organisation and how to accelerate results by improving trust and flow
  • A new way to work together more efficiently and effectively that becomes fun and enjoyable


Your One day programme will be arranged with Michelle for delivery during the week of July 4th 2011 at your venue


This one day programme for up to 12 participants will be priced at $5000 after this launch but for the first 5 companies to respond, you will be eligible for this workshop priced at just $2750 plus incidental expenses

To be considered for this opportunity and for more information, please contact or call her direct on 01418629284

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Jans Corner: Time to Spring Clean your business?

Spring is here – at least here in the northern hemisphere – and it brings not just early experience of warming sun but also a tradition in spring cleaning. 

My Mom always used this time of the year as an opportunity to clean the house and get rid of all old unnecessary stuff. As much as I resisted it as a kid, I think this tradition is extremely valuable not just in our homes but also in our businesses. 

How come? During the year when we focus on getting things done and often put down our head to work as efficiently and as effectively as possible to reach our goals there is little time for reflection and adjustments. While New Year seems to fit as a time for setting goals and getting lost in dreaming big, spring provides a good pitstop for evaluating what serves and is useful along the way…and what can and should be changed and abandoned so that we stay on track to accomplish our goals and honour our intentions. 

Not stopping now to reflect can be like being so busy driving we don’t stop to look at the map and to refill gas. Not a good idea if there are important matters at stake. Especially, if the clock is ticking. 

What does a business spring clean look like? Well, just like the one you do at home. Start looking at the different “things” present in your business, how they work and how well they serve you and other stakeholders. Under things, I mean structures, practices and people engaged at every level of the business. 

Do you have structures – like working space, reporting, meetings or accountabilities – set in a way that supports the flow of business and fulfillment of the intentions that matter most? Or are they just sapping your energy and distracting you? Changing little things can go a long way.  

Do you have as individuals, team and business a set of regular practices – habits – that allow for creativity to flourish, productivity be a norm and joy of work the everyday experience? Or do you indulge in good looking time wasters and collective addictions that feel great and accomplish little? Is the respect of everyones personal rhythm aligned with the business rhythm or do you just try hard and hope for the best? Or is email and the number of unread messages dictating your priorities? 

Finally, are your people doing the work that fits them best and allows them to contribute most whilst developing and showing their natural talents? Or do you have problem finding a big enough carrot and hard enough stick to motivate them? Do your team members understand and are excited about the purpose – the why – of your organisation? Do they bring their passion to work? Or are they sticking around just for the next paycheck? People thrive and whither depending on the environment they have around themselves. Sometimes all that is needed is a little extra water, other times re-plating is required, and in some special cases weeding is the best solution for everyone. 

I suggest you look well in the corners and under the carpet because that’s where both the most dirt and the most treasured valuables tend to hide. And then get the broom and start sweeping. It will take some time and effort. It may even whirl some dust. However, eventually you will benefit from a remarkably clean and clear space to think and act…and renewed energy to deliver the results you care about. 

Simple, isn’t it? And rewarding, too. All you need to do is to start.

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BIBA finalists for new Business of the Year Award!

Dear Michelle


I am delighted to inform you that following your interview with the Judging Panel for New Business of the Year on Monday, Talent Dynamics has reached the finals of the  BIBA’s 2011.

The ceremony will take place on Friday 10th June 2011, commencing 6.30pm in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

Should you wish to take the opportunity of booking your table for the ceremony , please call (01772) 653000 or alternatively, via

Good luck on the evening and should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,



Chief Executive

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