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Michelles May news

Greetings everyone!

Here in the UK it feels like we have had Bank Holiday fever and I dont know about you but after all the long weekends I was ready to get back to a full 5 day week! Still, we have another bank holiday coming up at the end of May…

Last week we were delighted to be hosting our webinar with Sue Swanborough, HR Director of General Mills UK & Ireland. Sue shared about how General Mills create effective teams and how Talent Dynamics has played a role in that strategy over the past 12 months. We had lots of people asking us to see the recording of that interview, so here it is

I noticed this week as I was checking out some articles in HR Magazine, that Sue is a finalist for the HR Director of the year award! ‘Good luck from all of us at TDHQ Sue!’

In the month of June we are excited to be launching our new affiliate and reseller site for Talent Dynamics Profiles! If you want to be amongst the first to hear about the special launch offer, make sure you click here to leave us your details, as it will be a very, very limited offer… Ohh!

Have a fabulous month ahead! Michelle

Ps We had a lovely piece printed in our local paper this week, the Blackpool Gazette about our recent launch in Australia.

PPS I loved this recent blog from Roger on what is the best psychometric tool for business and wanted to share it too

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Recording of interview with HR Director of General Mills 18.5.11

Thanks to so many of you for logging on to this call on wednesday. We have had so many requests to share the recording again, so  Here is a copy of the recording if you missed it.

Sue Swanborough UK & Ireland HR Director for General Mills shared about creating effective teams in General Mills. What their strategy is and how Talent Dynamics has been integral in this strategy.

At times it sounds like I’m just talking right over Sue and that’s because of the delay between us versus the way the recording has played out!

Anyone who would like to book a free one to one with a member of our  team, to find out more about our Accreditation Programme we highlighted, please just click here and we will get back to you in the next few days.

Have a great week ahead, Michelle

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Jans Corner: Selling time v's providing value

Recently I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine, lets call him George, who runs a division in a successful sizeable business. George loves what he does but would like to cut a bit of time he directly spends in running the business and hire a manager who could help him out with the execution. 

When he presented it to his COO Larry, Larry – a numbers driven kind of guy – said ok but immediately added that George needs to cut his pay accordingly. Now this may make sense, right? Less time running the business, less pay. Moreover, the new manager needs to be paid something and there is a limited budget. Conventional logic. Full stop. 

Wait a moment. 

What if we challenged that thinking just a little bit. What are we really paid for in business, as managers or employees? It is more time spent in the office or more value added to the business? 

The answer seems obvious. So obvious we often forget about it, particularly if we’ve been in the business for a long time. 

Why is it so easy to go down the money for time route? Because we don’t see the value we are adding or have a hard time articulating how it would benefit the business. Like a butterfly who doesn’t see his beautiful wings, we rarely see the value we bring to the table. 

Our greatest value is linked to our natural talents and strengths, as we enjoy doing these things and become good at them. Plus, each and everyone brings something else to the table. I talked about it many times before. The trick is to be able to give your talent and skill effectively to others – in minimum possible time. That creates real value. 

For instance:

  • How could the fact that you are creative help others on your team to do their job better or the business to spot and seize new opportunities?
  • How does your buzzing extroverted nature (and the fact you know everyone) allows for better collaboration and accelerated achievement of the whole team?
  • How does your sense of timing and ability to empathise keep your customers and colleagues happy and well served while things get done?
  •  For whom would your analytical mind and eye for detail make most difference? When and where? 

I suggest you ponder your talents and wonder whether you are giving them effectively to others. You may even ask those around you what is the greatest value you give them. 

Now back to my friend. George is extremely fast and creative. He can have five business altering ideas before breakfast and most of his creativity comes when he is not in the office. Spending more time running the business actually diminishes his value. If he instead dedicated a fraction of his time to creating new products and initiating new projects – rather than routine business management and client development some else can do better – he said he could possibly triple or quadruple the business within a year. That would not only easily pay for an extra manager (or even a whole new team) but also paradoxically justify that for reducing his time involvement, he should actually be paid more not less. Now that is unconventional logic, isn’t it? 

What if that unconventional logic could be applied to what you do? How you could double your results in half time, add real value and enjoy the ride all at the same time?


Case Study: Triumphant Events

“After finishing the one day Talent Dynamics workshop in December, we calculated, that as a result, we could add a six figure sum to our bottom line within 6 months and we are on track to achieving this. The team now have a shared language that really adds to the performance of our dynamic, fast-paced environment.”  

Marcus Ubl General Manager Triumphant Events

Why we were asked to work with Triumphant Events

Triumphant Events, one of the UK’s leading Entrepreneur training companies specialising in working with Entrepreneurs to create substantial ROI’s through their high impact, intensive development programmes. Incredibly Creative as a team and with very dynamic leadership, this team were never short of ideas to generate additional revenues but they were keen to find a way to become more focused and grow at an even faster rate. 

Well versed in our sister companies Wealth Dynamics system and with a number of new members in the team, they were also keen to have everyone understand the best way to get into and stay in flow as a newly extended team. 

Having had members of the team in various locations and roles up to December, they also wanted to provide an environment of added cohesion and clarity of accountabilities for the coming months 

What we did

 The Triumphant Events team completed Step One on the Talent Dynamics Pathway – a one-day programme called Understanding Primary Purpose.

On this programme, individuals in the team received their personal Talent Dynamics Profile Reports and began to understand the best way to create value within their team and how to leverage that value with each other. They started to have some real ‘aha’ moments about where individuals were most in and out of flow and how this could be impacting both their results and the level of motivation in the team .

 We took the team through our unique process for creating scalable ideas ‘Rapid Flow’ and showed them how to turn these ideas into clear and focused accountabilities. Ideas that were aimed at growing lead generation and sales. The programme created situations that allowed participants – both as individuals and as a team – to experience together, flow, in a very empowering way.

Whom we worked with in the Enterprise

The leadership and operational team UK 

Programme timings

One day programme.

How the programme has impacted

The main impact of the programme, has been the way in which the team are now better able to leverage the incredible value they were already delivering. This is the key to impacting revenue and profit. They have really prioritised their focus and have individuals with clear accountabilities, motivated to deliver. 

Ideas for revenue generation were already happening through the leadership team and so the programme empowered all levels in the company to get involved in this and to feel more cohesively connected to the organisation. 

6 months ahead of their original schedule, their signature programme KPI Accelerator (Key Person of Influence) is being launched internationally into Australia and negotiations are currently under way for a 3rd country. 

A tremendous amount of promotional content has been created and launched through YouTube and other means, which is having significant impact on both lead generation and also conversion rates – clients watching the content are attending sales meetings already having made a decision and interested in specific questions. The online KPI videos have had over 11,000 views to date. 

The Sales process and lead to conversion time has sped up following intensive focus and additional training support.  The sales team feel more empowered and confident in their roles and clear about their accountabilities within this. 

Powerful products, manuals and speaker cards have been created for the KPI programme, which has dramatically, further increased the value of this programme.

Overall, the team are operating at a significantly higher level of performance than they were in December. They are motivated, excited and connected.

For more case studies, click here

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Down Under to pave bigger way – Local Businesses – Blackpool Gazette

Article Published in the Blackpool Gazette on Wednesday 18 May 2011 09:46

A BUSINESS development firm has launched an international division following huge success in Australia.

Freckleton-based Talent Dynamics, run by Michelle Clarke, has seen demand for its Pathway programme grow following a series of successful meetings on the continent.

The firm calls itself the number one business development pathway for accelerating trust and flow which, Ms Clarke admits, does baffle some people initially.

She said: “Our concept is actually quite simple.

“We believe trust and flow should be the focus of big companies, but too often they concentrate solely on revenue and profit at the expense of what’s occurring in their own organisation.

Read the full article here  Down Under to pave bigger way – Local Businesses – Blackpool Gazette.

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Introducing Linda to the expanding team at TDHQ!

Meet Linda, our UK Service Manager. Initially, Linda stepped in on a temporary basis, a few months ago, to help us set up some Service processes and systems, ready to hand to ‘the whoever’ was going to step up into those shoes but she has been having so much fun, we are delighted to say she has decided to join us permanently! Based in the UK, Linda is accountable for our UK clients and programmes. Making sure Clients have everything they need for a great experience with us.

A very well connected and grounded Deal Maker, Linda is all about the people and loves dealing direct with our clients. Lately, with clients flying in from the USA and Japan to the UK programme, Linda has been connecting with the Performance Consultants in training, to make sure they are fully equipped and ready for the June programmes.

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Exciting new launch offer…. Register today!

We are launching our fantastic new TD Profile Test site in June with a very special and very limited offer, to the first who take advantage!!

The site is all about the TD Profile Test, allowing you to bulk buy profiles at a discounted rate and if you like, you can also sign up as an affilliate to share the profile test with your partners and suppliers.

Details of the launch date and offer will be supplied in advance to those who sign up here showing their interest!!

Just click through here to register in seconds and ensure you are the first to know about it!!

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What is the best psychometric test for Business?

Here’s a great article on the origins of pyschometric testing from creator of Wealth and Talent Dynamics Roger James Hamilton

What are the top 5 tests psychometric tests to choose from? I was recently asked to write an article on this. Obviously, I’m biased. My journey to seek a personality test that was relevant for our modern era led me to create Wealth Dynamics (and the corporate version, Talent Dynamics), so no guesses for which of the 5 is my favourite 🙂 But I have posted this article as it gives some insight into where all psychometric tests come from… Read more

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Unas spotlight: Reaping The Rewards After Restructuring, Redeployment And Redundancy

For some people it must seem like a merry-go-round when they experience the upheaval of round after round of restructuring, redeployment and redundancies. Every few years the company is turned upside down and yet often doesn’t seem to gain the benefits. 

This must cause a lot of confusion to those in charge. They do their best to streamline the organisation, to cut costs and to introduce better ways of working. Why is it that their efforts often don’t seem to work as well as they would like? 

Perhaps these changes would work better if talent were at the centre of strategy. If you take somebody who isn’t as highly productive in one area of the organisation there is no guarantee that that they will do better in another. How can you tell if you will ruin somebody’s high-performance by tweaking their responsibilities? How can you tell who to keep and who to let go? 

At Talent Dynamics we’re talking with some public sector organisations, many of which are facing extreme cuts in funding. Like many organisations in recent years they are faced with having to deliver more, with less and less resources. It is simply not possible to do this by cutting costs alone. In my opinion it requires a change of thinking, yet provides an opportunity to come out of this downturn with a much better and stronger organisation. 

When it comes to redeployment, moving people around like pieces on a chessboard may allow you to keep a few pieces in the short term but can cost the game in the longer term. Like any game of chess, a good strategy and thinking ahead will help all concerned. 

For employees being redeployed, getting to understand how to get and stay in flow can be very enlightening and really change their attitudes about their situation. If there is a suitable position then it’s clear to everybody why they are suited – and perhaps were not suited to previous posts! If there are no suitable positions within the organisation they are probably going to want to go and be in flow somewhere else. Where you do have high performers being redeployed then you can ensure that they are not placed somewhere that will take them out of flow and they can continue to add value. 

This is itself is very powerful. The more an organisation can help its staff to be in the right roles with the right accountabilities, then the more they get to keep staff where they can be in flow and really add value. Not only is this likely to reduce the stress of everybody involved, it’s also likely to reduce the cost of redundancies. In addition, you can watch productivity soar, even with people who may have struggled in the past…

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